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Happy Hour: Crisp and Comforting


Last week, I did a silly thing and bought a 5lb. bag of grapefruits.  The first six were oh-so delicious, but how many citrus fruits can one person eat before they go bad?  Action had to be taken, so I searched Pinterest for grapefruit recipes and come across this incredible-looking cocktail.

The Blushing Kiss Martini from Bakers Royale combines the crisp, tangy fruit with one of my favorite liqueurs, St. Germain, to create a refreshing any-time cocktail.  The thyme was also a welcome herbal addition, and given my allergy to gin, I swapped in vodka instead.

This cocktail would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, a bridal shower or a wedding.  Or a Tuesday night, if you’re so inclined.


DvF Ruri Jersey Shift ($365)

Because this cocktail is infinitely sippable, I wanted a dress that was equally wearable.  And there is no more wearable dress than a shift.

You can dress it up with heels and jewels or dress it down with tights and boots.  You can wear it on skinny days and days when your body feels like a betrayal.  You can live and move and breathe in a shift full in the knowledge that you not only feel comfortable, but look great.

This printed shift from DvF is fabulous but a bit pricey.  In the $100 to $175 category, I found this copycat printed shift from Eliza J and this solid one from Ann Taylor (in petite and tall).  I also liked this striped Piperlime number for spring and summer.

In the under-$100 category, I like this Eliza J raspberry dress with split sleeves.  WAYF offers this loose-fitting, basic black shift.  I also like the shirt-hem on this black and white Topshop dress.

Plus-size?  Try this basic Joan Vass dress or this awesome Tahari dress in cobalt.  Petite?  Wallis has this versatile shift in black and white stripe.  Tall?  I bought this Old Navy striped shift for myself, it’s the perfect weekend dress for warmer weather.



  1. Stella says:

    Swap champagne for gin–delicious!

    January 24, 2014/Reply
  2. MCW says:

    If you drink rum, I really enjoy the Hemingway cocktail from Zula in Cincinnati – light rum, dark rum, grapefruit and I think lemon peel. Delicious!

    January 25, 2014/Reply