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Happy Hour: Sheer and Sparkles


Lela Rose Embellished Yoke Dress ($1,995)

Oh, Lela Rose, why must you be so expensive?  Your ladylike designs never cease to amaze.  For a similar look with sheer embellishments, try this Gothic dress from ASOS with beautiful appliqués.  I also like this Maggy London organza dress and this dot-tiered dress from Ann Taylor (also in petites).

Looking for something more modern?  This French Connection dress has small sheer panels at the shoulders and waist.  If you’re plus-sized, this ABS dress is very similar.  I also love this DvF wrap-style dress with sheer polka-dot sleeves.


I love champagne.  A few bottles of bubbly in the pantry, some things around to mix it with, and you can have a party at any time, for any reason.  Wednesday is a good reason, Friday is a great reason.

This cocktail from The Effortless Chic (photo c/o) contains sparkling, gin, blackberry and time.  It looks like the perfect mix of herbal and fruit.  So if you have a brunch, a bridal shower or a small party on the horizon, consider this pretty drink.



  1. Jillian says:

    Why are all the nice long dresses so EXPENSIVE? All over the runways you see dresses that cover the models’ knees, but is that length ever going to trickle down to the under-$200 dress market? It’s terribly ladylike, as you say, and so much more practical for those of us who have a model’s height (if not a model’s body type)!

    January 18, 2014/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I see midi dresses at ASOS in that price range, but those are the only one’s I’m familiar with. You have to remember that makers of less expensive clothing often maximize profit by using less material. This is why most items at H&M and Forever 21 are short.

      January 18, 2014/Reply
  2. Rachel says:


    I give up. Emailing does not seem to work and neither does messaging in your comments section…which I tried a week or so back…

    January 20, 2014/Reply