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10th Commandment: July 12


Oh La La Graphic Tee ($55)

Expect to see a lot of “designer” graphic tees in stores over the next few months.  This t-shirt is from Zoe Karssen, who seems to be the standard bearer of the graphic tee trend.  Her kitschy t-shirts and sweatshirts are everywhere, I think I’ve seen her bat print shirt on half of the bloggers I know.

While I like graphic tees, you have to style them well.  I like them tucked into full skirts or snug-fitting pencil skirts to amp up the femininity.  They also look nice with skinny jeans under a cool jacket.  Or you can just wear them with leggings around the house.

As for the tees themselves, you’ll find a few ft. the Eiffel Tower, like this Tresco tee or this Kenzo shirt (one of my favorites).  I also like this charcoal grey tee with a line drawing from lingerie maker Kiki de Montparnasse.  On the less expensive side, try this crown-printed tee or you can support a good cause with this Feed tee from Target.

Plus size ladies, I like this screen print tee.  I also like this cheeky petite t-shirt.

As for work appropriateness, there are some offices where you can style a graphic tee and wear it to work.  I once wore a t-shirt that had a cursive swirl on the front with a pencil skirt underneath a colored jacket for casual Monday.  Some offices would never allow it, others would be fine with it as long as it’s styled properly.


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  1. Holly O says:

    I admit, I spent a few minutes wondering why you’d want a t-shirt saying Oh Ice Ice.

    July 12, 2013/Reply