+ Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Frozen Margarita Popsicles


Creamy Margarita Popsicles…truly a work of evil genius.

The evil geniuses (muhahahah!) behind this boozy frozen treat are the folks at Host the Toast.  And not only does the lime slice make the popsicle prettier, it also stabilizes the stick and limits dripping.  So this Memorial Day Weekend, skip the dessert and offer your barbecue guests a treat they will truly appreciate.


Splendid Eiffel Melange Dress ($118)

Hello, breezy, sleeveless jersey dress.  This frock is perfect for a post-pool, outdoor dinner consisting of grilled meats and side dishes whose primary ingredient is mayonnaise.  Unless you intend to play some kind of outdoor sport at your Memorial Day events.  For that, I recommend shorts.

If you like the style but aren’t crazy about the brick-red, the dress also comes in aqua.  This hot pink dress and this striped jersey dress also have a similar cut.

Want a sleeve? I love, LOVE, this 3/4 striped dress with fun details.  I also like this short sleeve swing dress ($37!) and this block print Boden dress with short sleeves.

Plus size? I love this flirty black and white print dress and this inexpensive Target frock.  Petite? This dress is very similar to the one above and this Dillard’s short sleeve dress could also be worn on casual Friday.