Local Giveaway: Sheryl Sandberg @ 6th and I [CLOSED]

Mar 5, 2013

Next week, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook will be at Sixth and I discussing her book Lean In and the new Lean In Foundation that seeks to bring more women to the top-tier of the working world.  While her book has generated a bit of controversy–some call it a one-size-fits-all recipe in a diverse world–you can’t deny that she is one of the most important female leaders in America, if not the world.

From the COO of Facebook comes Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, a riveting book that asks: Why do men still hold the majority of top positions in government and industry, thirty years after women became the majority of college graduates? And why are women’s voices still not heard equally in the decisions that most affect our lives?

Sandberg taps her experience at Facebook, Google, the World Bank and the US Treasury to examine these questions. She uses hard data to dig into the roots of the problem and paint a compelling portrait of working women’s lives. She provides advice for women on negotiating, finding mentors, and building a satisfying career. She shows men how they benefit too when they support women in the workplace and at home. With humor and insight, she recounts her own daily struggles to make the right choices for her career and her family.

Sandberg is ranked among Fortune’s “50 Most Powerful Women in Business” and Time’s “100 Most Influential People in the World.” She will be in conversation with NPR Special Correspondent, Michele Norris.

The event is sold out, but I bought two pairs of tickets to give away before they ran out.  So let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

The event is Thursday, March 14, 2013.  It’s being held at 6th and I Synagogue in Chinatown, so this giveaway is for D.C.-area residents only.  To enter, leave a comment listing your current job title and your dream job.  Don’t forget to include your real e-mail address so I can contact you.

The drawing will be Friday, and tickets will need to be mailed, so owners must claim their prize by the following Monday.


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  1. Erin says:

    Current Job: Strategic Account Executive
    Dream Job: Broadway Singer

  2. Betsy says:

    Current job title: Congressional Affairs Analyst

    Dream job: Intelligence Specialist or Legislative Liaison at a multitude of gov agencies

  3. TA says:

    Current job: Legislative Correspondent

    Dream Job: Foreign Service Officer/Civil Service Officer with the State Department

  4. Sophie says:

    Current Job Title: Marketing Manager
    Dream Job: Marketing/Branding consultant

  5. Emily says:

    Current: Economic Development Associate

    Dream: CEO of Downtown Development Agency

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Current: Public Policy Associate
    Dream: Head Lobbyist… or the next Ina Garten

  7. LS says:

    Current: Technical Officer
    Dream: Not totally sure yet…but moving towards entrepreneur/small business owner

  8. Lexi says:

    Current Job: Press Secretary
    Dream Job: Working at the State Department on Western Hemisphere issues

  9. Lauren M. says:

    Current Job: Capitol Hill Committee Intern/Full-Time Job-Seeker
    Dream Job: Photojournalist

  10. M says:

    Current Job: legal assistant
    Dream Job: Supreme Court Justice

  11. CAM says:

    Current Job: Research Associate
    Dream Job: Public Health Advocate

  12. Alex says:

    Current Job: Public Affairs Associate
    Dream Title: CJ Cregg

  13. Paige Helling says:

    Current Job: Advocacy Account Executive
    Dream Job: Food and/or Film Critic

  14. Kimberly says:

    Current: unemployed
    Dream job: trying to figure that one out!

  15. Jessica says:

    Current Job: Financial Analyst
    Dream Job: CFO

  16. Katelyn says:

    current job: management & program analyst (HR)
    dream job: chief of staff to flotus

  17. Maria says:

    Current title: Analyst (federal agency)
    Dream title: Madam Secretary!

    Dream big, right?

    Sheryl Sandberg starts great conversations, and I would love to see her at 6th & I. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  18. SCS says:

    Current Job: consultant
    Dream Job: TBD

  19. Stacia says:

    Current: Early Childhood site manager
    Dream: Secretary of Education

  20. Alexandra says:

    Current title: employment lawyer
    Dream title: US Attorney

  21. Amber says:

    Current Job: Staff Assistant
    Dream Job: Foreign Service Officer

  22. brenna says:

    current job : marketing associate
    dream job: marketing manager or creative director for an ad agency

  23. Maya says:

    Current: Student at American University studying Public Communication with a minor in Computer Science

    Dream Job: Strategic Communication Firm

  24. Maren says:

    Current: Attorney
    Dream: Tina Fey

  25. Hayley says:

    Current job: Scheduler for US Representative
    Dream job: Pastry chef and baking book author

  26. Natalie says:

    Current title: Development Associate
    Dream job: starting up the next Georgetown Cupcake/Sprinkles empire (not cupcakes…more patisserie/corner bakery style)

  27. Lady Lawyer says:

    Current Job: Associate Attorney at a Law Firm
    Dream Job: Virginia’s First Female U.S. Senator

  28. Eleanor says:

    Current Job: Account Manager for Political Consulting Firm
    Dream Job: Communications Director for the White House

  29. SQC says:

    Thanks so much for saving tickets for a give away!

    Current: Counsel
    Dream: General Counsel

  30. AMac says:

    Current job: Associate at Law Firm
    Dream Job: General Counsel at Google

  31. GoGoGo says:

    Hi Belle,

    I would not be able to attend, but I am jumping in with a comment here because I would love to hear from fellow political professionals about a DC-related anecdote Sandberg tells that has always bothered me.

    In her original popular Ted Talk, and many times since, Sandberg states as one of her principles that women should “Sit at the Table.” She tells the following story:

    “Just a couple weeks ago at Facebook, we hosted a very senior government official, and he came in to meet with senior execs from around Silicon Valley. And everyone kind of sat at the table. He had these two women who were traveling with him who were pretty senior in his department, and I kind of said to them, ‘Sit at the table! Come on, sit at the table!’ And they sat on the side of the room.”

    I think Sandberg misread the situation here. Depending on the meeting, when political aides are “staffing” an official, even very senior ones, they’ll sit against the wall behind him or her rather than joining the group. By lining the wall, they can confer quietly, pass papers to the boss, or stay tuned to a device if needed. Male staff would do the same. Sometimes we’re co-negoitators at the table; sometimes we’re “staffers.” It’s a relatinoship that might not have a parallel in the corporate world.

    I don’t want to get too deep into the Great Sheryl Sandberg Backlash debate here, but just wanted to say it always bugged me on behalf of those two women that Sandberg mistook an unfamiliar piece of professional ettiquette for a personal lack of confidence and drive. If I could go to Sixth and I on Thursday, I would love the chance to confidently tell her that in person. 🙂 Tell me if I’m wrong, ladies.

    • Belle says:

      I think you’re right. I always sat behind my Boss, not because he was a man, but because that’s normal for a staffer. We sit behind them in committee, in meetings, etc. They sit at the table because they’re the focus.

  32. Sandra says:

    Current job: Online Marketing Coordinator
    Dream Job: VP of Marketing at a Non-Profit

    Thanks for snatching up those tickets- I’ve been searching for a way to get into this event!

  33. TrC says:

    Current Job: Consultant
    Dream Job: CEO of Big Pharma firm

  34. Allison says:

    Current Job: Project Manager
    Dream Job: Run my own consulting firm

  35. kate says:

    Current job: attorney for government
    Dream job: to be a famous artist

  36. Anna says:

    Current job: healthcare lawyer
    Dream job: Hospital CEO or law school clinic director

  37. IRMcK says:

    Current Job: House Legislative Assistant
    Dream Job: Senator/Senate Approps Chairman

  38. DW says:

    Current Job: Program Specialist
    Dream Job: Foreign Service Officer

  39. Kelsey says:

    Current Job: House Legislative/Press Assistant
    Dream Job: To be C.J. Cregg, or to own a breakfast taco truck

  40. AR says:

    Current Job: Associate at law firm
    Dream Job: general counsel at LVMH or Gucci Group

  41. Elizabeth H. says:

    Current Job: Legal Assistant
    Dream Job: Director/Editor-in-Chief of a my own media outlet, bakery owner

  42. Laura says:

    Current Job: Legislative Correspondent
    Dream Job: Civil Service Officer with the State Department

  43. Katherine says:

    Current Job: Program Evaluator Department of Justice
    Dream Job: Own my own brand management consulting firm.

  44. Rachel says:

    Current job: Political Communications Associate
    Dream job: Foundation or Museum Communications Director

  45. SL says:

    Current Job: Federal Consultant
    Dream Job: Run a private school

  46. Jennifer says:

    Current Job: Administrative Coordinator
    Dream Job: President of my company….. or Tina Fey.

  47. Beth says:

    Current job: Regulatory Affairs Manager
    Dream job: Novelist, Elementary school volunteer

  48. T says:

    Current Job: Foreign Service Officer
    Dream Job: Foreign Service Officer in Rome!

    For those of you who listed this, I have to say it’s a great job! Take the test!

  49. Lauren says:

    Current job: Associate Attorney at a firm
    Dream job: General counsel/VP of an academic medical center

  50. Lauren T says:

    Current job: production assistant
    Dream job: international correspondent

  51. KLB says:

    Current Job: Advocacy and Grassroots Manager
    Dream Job: President of a nonprofit or university

  52. Holly says:

    Current Job: Government Technology Consultant
    Dream Job: Open my own bakery

  53. Lizzie says:

    Current Job: Paralegal
    Dream Job: First Female Supreme Court Chief Justice

  54. HBM says:

    Current job: Project manager for voter contact firm.
    President: President of a strategic communications firm.

  55. Kate says:

    Current Job: Paralegal
    Dream Job: Attorney for ACLU

  56. Emily says:

    Currently: Grad student in International Commerce and Policy (with graduation in May) spending hours each day looking for work.
    Dream Job: Working for the trade and investment division of any embassy.

  57. AT says:

    Current Job: Administrative Assistant at a retail giant’s government affairs office
    Dream Job: White House Chief of Staff

  58. Molly says:

    Current Job: Marketing and Events Specialist
    Dream Job: CMO or Head of Communications for a nature or animal-related nonprofi, not-for-profit, lobbying firm, or zoo.

  59. RMM says:

    Current job: Senate Staff Assistant

    Dream Job: White House Press Secretary.

  60. IC says:

    Current Job: Executive Assistant
    Dream Job: First Female President 🙂

  61. Emily says:

    Current Job: Policy Manager
    Dream Job: Food critic with some policy on the side

  62. AJB says:

    Current Job: Program Analyst/Contracts Auditor
    Dream Job: Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy

    I think this is a great activity for women to see how “BIG” we all are dreaming, and I find it encouraging that so many women have such big aspirations. Good work, ladies!!!

  63. Dana says:

    Current Job: Law firm associate
    Dream Job: Wine buyer

  64. Nina says:

    Current Job: Higher Education Associate
    Dream Job: Deputy Director

  65. Allison says:

    Current Job: Litigation Associate
    Dream Job: US Attorney

  66. BN says:

    Current Job: Law Firm Associate
    Dream Job: Heiress (or In-House Counsel for a Defense Contractor, whichever comes first)

  67. Blair says:

    Current Job: Project Coordinator
    Dream Job: Pastry Chef and Foreign Policy Consultant

  68. Amber says:

    Current Job: Exec Assistant
    Dream Job: VP Government Affairs

  69. Amelia says:

    Current Job: Law Firm Associate
    Dream Job: International Tax Counsel at Treasury

  70. Vie says:

    Current Job: HR Coordinator
    Dream Job: Gynaecologist, then Community Health Worker Trainer

  71. Heather says:

    Current Job: Senior Public Affairs Analyst
    Dream Job: Lobbyist for the University of North Carolina (one of only a handful of public universities to have lobbyists!)

  72. CM says:

    Current: Fellow
    Dream: Chief Counsel

  73. Victoria says:

    Current Job: Marketing Manager
    Dream Job: Marketing/Social Media for City Travel Bureau

  74. Catherine says:

    Current Job: Attorney
    Dream Job: Hedge Fund Manager

  75. Sarah says:

    Current Job: Associate Blog Editor
    Dream Job: Senior Health Care Policy Editor, Politico

  76. Amelia says:

    Current job: Research Assistant
    Dream Job: White House COS

  77. Brittany M says:

    Current Job: Attorney w/ a federal agency
    Dream Job: Public policy leader (read: Head of an agency or organization that addresses important societal issues, education, housing, etc.)

  78. Kate says:

    Current: Assistant Program Officer
    Dream: President of a private charitable fund

  79. Meghan Marek says:

    Current Title: Associate attorney (ERISA).
    Dream Title: General Counsel at major labor union.

  80. Leanne says:

    Current: Student-Alumni Programming Coordinator
    Dream: HR/Talent Development Director for a fashion/cosmetics company (with a yoga business on the side!)

  81. Clare says:

    Current: associate at a speechwriting firm
    Dream: Toby Ziegler (less bearded, better clothes, same power of prose)

  82. Palak says:

    Current Job: Associate/Legal Fellow
    Dream Job: Associate General Counsel or General Counsel

  83. CS says:

    Current: Office Manager
    Dream: CEO

  84. psparul says:

    Current job: Financial Analyst
    Dream job: U.S. Secretary of the Treasury / Chairwoman of the CFTC

  85. JS says:

    Current Job: Manager, Client Services at a digital agency
    Dream Job: Director of Online Marketing and Communication at an organization focused on women and girls

  86. Tanya says:

    Current job: Research Associate
    Dream Job: Nordstrom CEO

  87. Lori says:

    Current Job: 3D Artist and Animator
    Dream Job: Elephant Trainer

  88. Sarah R. says:

    Current Job: HR Specialist

    Dream job: Human Capital Vp/Director

  89. sdeichman@gmail.com says:

    Current Job: Federal Management Consultant
    Dream Job: Real Estate Developer in the western U.S.

  90. E says:

    Current Job: Legislative Staff Assistant
    Dream Job: President of the United States

  91. Lynn says:

    Current Job: Consultant
    Dream Job: Chief of Staff in a Democratic Administration

  92. B says:

    current: China Analyst
    dream: Secretary of State!

  93. Rae says:

    Current Job: Program Assistant
    Dream Job: UN WMD Disarmament Chief

  94. JMW says:

    Current job: Program Analyst
    Dream job: Foreign Service Management Officer (posted in Thailand.. but I’ll take what I can get)

  95. Katie says:

    Current Job: Small Business Owner
    Dream Job: Large Business Owner

  96. JH says:

    Current Job: Manager, Facilities Planning at DC-area hospital
    Dream Job: Chief Strategy Officer for a non-profit health system

  97. Jane says:

    Current Job: Senior Federal Pursuit Specialist
    Dream Job: Chief Creative Officer

  98. Sara says:

    Current Job: Exempt Organization Tax Specialist
    Dream Job: COO, same company

  99. Sara says:

    Current Job:Renewable Energy Research Associate
    Dream Job: Public Office

  100. Liz says:

    Current Job: Foster Care Social Worker
    Dream Job: Astronaut

  101. juana says:

    current job: defense reporter
    dream job: embedded combat reporter.

  102. SS says:

    Current job: Grants Manager
    Dream job: Professional philanthropist!

    Who doesn’t want to have a ton of money and then spend all their time giving it away to worthwhile organizations?

  103. H says:

    Current job: unemployed law student
    Dream job (which I’m so lucky to be starting in the fall): Assistant District Attorney

  104. Elizabeth V says:

    Current Job: Consultant
    Dream Job: Lobbyist

  105. SC says:

    Current: executive assistant
    Dream: head a corporate foundation

  106. VC says:

    Current Job: Director of Public Relations/Public Affairs
    Dream Job: Director of Media Relations at the FCC

  107. MWA says:

    Current job: Congressional Scheduler
    Dream job: Josh Lyman from The West Wing

  108. Naomi says:

    Current: Senate Staff Assistant
    Dream: to be continued…

  109. Caroline says:

    Current Job: Executive/ Communications Assistant
    Dream Job: GMA News Anchor

  110. MG says:

    Current Job: Independent Contractor, Public Affairs
    Dream Job: FEC Commissioner

  111. Sarah Joy says:

    Current Job: Finance Director with a boutique fundraising firm
    Dream Job: White House Social Secretary

  112. Katherine says:

    Current: attorney
    Dream: Supreme Court Justice

  113. Holly says:

    Current job: Exec. Assistant
    Dream job: FLOTUS

  114. LK says:

    Current: Economist
    Dream: International Climate Policy Negotiator

  115. E says:

    Current: Policy Adviser
    Dream: Writer for a television show

  116. XF says:

    Current: Policy Associate
    Dream: Florida’s first female U.S. Senator

  117. R says:

    Current: Office Administrator
    Dream: Senate Committee Chief Clerk

  118. SS says:

    Current: Reading Specialist
    Dream: Wow–a toughie! Perhaps an award-winning novelist, who does author visits at schools and tutors in her free time?

  119. Jennifer says:

    Current: Scheduler
    Dream: CEO of a Fundraising Firm for Political, Non-Profit, and Corporate Clients

  120. KT says:

    Current Job: Policy Analyst
    Dream Job: Chief of Staff

  121. Lexi says:

    Current Title: Legislative Policy Analyst
    Dream Title: Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense

  122. cartascartas says:

    Current Title: Associate (attorney at a firm)
    Dream Job: Supreme Court Justice

  123. KC says:

    Current Job: Corporate Partnerships Associate Manager
    Dream Job: President of the Washington Redskins Foundation

  124. YM says:

    current: Executive Assistant
    dream: tbd

  125. JS says:

    Current Job: Analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton
    Dream Job: To be discovered

  126. Carissa says:

    Current Job: Consultant
    Dream Job; Foreign Service Office, Public Diplomacy

  127. Amanda says:

    Current Job: Real Estate Analyst
    Dream Job: Executive Managing Director

  128. Hi Belle!
    Current Job: Government Contractor: Current client site is the Department of Homeland Security
    Dream Job: Owning my own consulting firm specializing in writing and copy editing.

  129. Cait says:

    Current Job:Associate Attorney
    Dream Job: Travel Writer

  130. EB says:

    Current: Legislative Assistant
    Dream Job: Anchor for Good Morning America or Entertainment Correspondent

  131. what an amazing (and valuable) idea for a give away. love it.

    Current job- higher ed development
    Dream job- owner of a furniture store (a la Good Wood

    Thanks Belle!

  132. Elise says:

    Current job: Senate intern/grad student
    Dream Job: Samantha Brown’s job 🙂

  133. MKall says:

    Current job: Quality Analyst
    Dream job: Run my own coffee shop/music venue

  134. JS says:

    Current job: Government Proposal Analyst
    Dream Job: Director of Communications

  135. Liz H. says:

    Current job: law student/legal intern
    Dream job: Supreme Court justice

  136. RS says:

    Current Job: Associate attorney at law firm
    Dream Job: Art gallery owner

    Great idea – thanks!

  137. Emily says:

    Current: research analyst
    Dream: Secretary of State

  138. SDW says:

    Current: Development Manager at a nonprofit
    Dream: Chief Development Officer

    Awesome giveaway!

  139. Eleanor says:

    Current: Law Firm Associate
    Dream: General Counsel of Merck or Supreme Court Justice, preferably both, seriatim.

  140. Raeefa says:

    Current: Research Associate at an international market research firm

    Dream: Running my own consulting/lobbying firm

  141. Amanda says:

    Current Job: Office Administrator
    Dream Job: Senior Policy Analyst

    Great giveaway! 🙂

  142. Blair says:

    Current job: Management consultant
    Dream job: Commercia real estate developer

  143. S says:

    Current Job: Program Asssociate
    Dream Job: Director of Development or Major Gifts Director

  144. Michelle says:

    Current job: Financial Analyst
    Dream job: Artist (Painter) and/or run an at-home pet sitting service

  145. Megan says:

    Current Job: Production Assistant at local TV Studio Space
    Dream Job: International Correspondent for a Major Network

  146. Sonia says:

    Current job: Foreign Service Officer
    Dream job: Secretary of State! Or, more realistically, U.S. Ambassador to Russia

  147. Kelly says:

    Current Job: Account Representative
    Dream Job: Chair, White House Council on Women and Girls

  148. Megan A says:

    Current: Program Analyst for the DoD
    Dream: Foreign Policy Consultant

  149. Jill says:

    Current: Stay at home mom
    Dream: White House Domestic Policy Council Director

    I am loving this list of current/dream jobs!

  150. Colli says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, Belle!

    Current Job: Health policy consultant
    Dream Job: Senior staff member at HHS OR director of visiting collections for a major art museum

  151. W says:

    Current Job: Committee Staff Associate
    Dream Job: Running an NGO for refugees in the Jordan

  152. Laura says:

    Current: Research Analyst
    Dream: still figuring that out..

  153. Current: Newly Unemployed
    dream job: An United States House Representative

  154. Britt says:

    Current job: Law student
    Dream job: Environmental Protection Agency General Counsel

  155. er says:

    Current job: Director of Federal Government Affairs
    Dream job: Martha Stewart

  156. Lynn says:

    Current job: Program officer for a journalism non-profit
    Dream job: Attorney practicing international law and media advocacy

  157. Dana says:

    Current Job: Environmental Protection Specialist
    Dream Job: EPA Administrator

  158. Vicky Bass says:

    Current Job: Program analyst in chronic disease
    Dream Job: CEO or Executive Director of a hospital system or health organization.

  159. Jessica says:

    Current job: House LD
    Dream job: White House Social Secretary

  160. Lindsey says:

    Current job: Intelligence Analyst
    Dream Job: Special Agent and Mom

  161. Stephanie says:

    Current Job – job-searching attorney, trying to work on the Hill:)
    Dream Job – Good question – I used to think it was the Hill but my automatic first thought is Adoption Attorney.

  162. Sophie says:

    Current job: Paralegal
    Dream job: Director of a legal aid organization

  163. Meagan says:

    Current: Director of Government Affairs
    Dream: Chief of Staff to a Governor, then COS to POTUS.

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