Belle Buys Her First Pair of Spring Shoes

Last year, I made a huge mistake.  I waited to shop for spring/summer footwear until I was ready to wear them in April.  Consequently, the shoes that I wanted were mostly sold out. 

I have vowed not to let this happen again.

Anne Klein Traven Sandal ($89)

I spotted these on Piperlime and purchased them immediately.  I love the mix of bronze and tan.  They’ll look great with sundresses and skirts and can even be worn to a casual wedding. 

Other shoes I’m looking at include these gorgeous coral sandals to wear with navy, white and grey.  I also like these flat sandals with gold shield plate.  I’m still searching for a pair of comfortable flesh-toned heels, since I ruined mine over three years of constant wear.  I’d like a 3.5″ to 4″ heel with a small platform, so we’ll see what I find.

What shoes are you dying to buy for the next season?



  1. giggling gourmand says:

    I've gone from wearing 4 inch heels everywhere to embracing flats in my couple years in DC. At the moment I'm obsessed with the nude Valentino rockstuds, but they seem too pricy for a commuting shoe/weekend shoe and I still wear heels in the office so I'm considering:


    Still on the hunt for some wedges and (non-stiletto) pumps for the season. These don't have a platform but they look like a classic nude work pump:

    January 28, 2013/Reply
  2. patent nerd says:

    I'd love something similar but in with a wedge. usually much more comfortable for me to walk in. Do you like wedges? Or are they too clunky for your tastes?

    January 28, 2013/Reply
  3. KC says:

    I have these nude pumps:,cat20006,dsw12cat1290018

    I've found them to be easy to walk in, comfortable to wear all day, the perfect heel height, and the perfect price. I've had mine 2 or 3 summers and they've held up well aside from normal scuffing that shows up on light shoes.

    January 28, 2013/Reply
  4. E says:

    The Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps in roud toe nude are AMAZING. Truly the most comfortable and versatile pair of heels I have. Highly recommend. They also wear very well (and you can get scuffs out of them with a dab of nail polish remover on a Q tip!)

    January 28, 2013/Reply
  5. Kristin says:

    My favorite nude pumps are the Pinkish by Ivanka Trump in light beige patent. I got them on Piperlime and I love them. They are comfortable for around the office, but I drive to work and have a short walk into the office.

    January 29, 2013/Reply
  6. Meghan says:

    Indigo by Clarks has the EXACT shoe you're looking for if you don't mind a peeptoe and their shoes are SO comfy.

    January 29, 2013/Reply
  7. Aunt_Pete says:

    My nude pumps are Kate Spade Karolinas. Love them. I'm hoping I can snatch up another pair next time there's a surprise sale.

    January 29, 2013/Reply