Giveaway: Lo & Sons, Take Two [CLOSED]

Nov 13, 2012


Miss M has owned a few handbags in her time, so when I gifted her an O.M.G. bag from Lo & Sons, I wasn’t expecting much.  Sure, I was in love with mine, but that didn’t mean she would ever use hers.  So imagine my surprise when I discovered that she carries the bag to work every day, recommends it to friends, colleagues and strangers and couldn’t love it more.  But what’s not to love?

The bag is made of a durable lightweight fabric, comes in a variety of colors (the new plum shade is pictured above) and has more pockets and compartments than you could shake a stick at–including a pocket designed just to hold dirty shoes, keeping them away from other items.  Frankly, I think this bag is perfect for travel and a great choice for working women who are ready to move on from their shapeless Longchamp bags but need something utilitarian. (To read a much longer review of the product, click here.)

Given the overwhelming response to the last Lo & Sons giveaway, I am pleased to offer another opportunity to win a Lo & Sons bag–style of your choice, color of your choice.  To enter, leave a comment on this post naming either a) the one trend that you are totally sick of seeing or b) the one trend you can’t get enough of. 

And if you don’t want to roll the wheel with a giveaway, Lo & Sons is offering 30% off their bags for the month of November with the code CAPHILLSTYLE1.  So if you’re looking for a great gift for the ladies in your life, a new college graduate or even yourself, a Lo & Sons bag could be it.

Good Luck!

This is NOT a paid advertisement. In the past, I received a free bag from Lo & Sons, loved it and was glad they could contribute a giveaway item and a promo code.


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  1. Beth says:

    Still loving oxblood! Hoping to find a nice belted wool trench in oxblood for winter – so far it's been harder than I anticipated!

  2. Cayenne says:

    Over: Neon. on anything.
    Can't get enough of: booties and geometric patterns (though not together)

    The discount code is perfectly timed, I was just looking at the Lo & Sons website the other day.

  3. Julia says:

    I can't get enough of riding boots! I want tem in every color and shape!

  4. Angela says:

    I am SO over high-waisted pants. I don't think that they flatter anyone!

  5. Nancy says:

    Really over booties and peplums.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Tired of… My longchamp I use as a carryon! It's great because it fits a lot but awful because the straps dig into your shoulders. I've been looking for a new one or awhile but it is a big investment to make!!

  7. ashley m says:

    I am so over people wearing fake glasses. As someone who needs my specs to function I always appreciated having a few different pairs to accessorize and it was something that made me different (good or bad–depending on which decade we are talking about.) Now that everyone has a pair of plastic tortoise frames I look like just another wanna be hipster.

  8. Bythesea says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Over: exposed zippers, peplum
    Love: riding boots, animal print accents (shoes, scarves)

  9. Sara says:

    Trends I can't get enough of:
    Exposed zippers, lace tops, and chambray.

    Trends That Make Me Want to Vom:
    Vera Bradley and those horrible bubble/bauble necklaces that I think originated with JCrew. I like the idea of a good chunky necklace, but they're ALL over DC and I've been wearing my delicate chains in rebellion.

  10. Marianne says:

    Love the oxblood trend, because it means I can find one of my most flattering colors everywhere.

  11. Sarah L says:

    Sick of: high-low skirts/dresses. I've seen people wear them to the office!

  12. Melody says:

    Sick of the sock bun trend!

  13. SmallFry says:

    I am so sick of seeing women in sweatpants and UGG boots. There are far better ways to do comfy casual!

  14. Tessa says:

    I am LOVING the leather trend, but I'm am so over high-low dresses and skirts. I think they're tacky!

  15. Casey says:

    I'm sick of neon and leggings as pants. I used to work in a place where women wore leggings as pants. totally inappropriate, even on casual Friday! Add neon, and it's like being at a roller derby.

  16. Amy L. says:

    Totally obsessed with nautical style! Cannot get enough stripes!

  17. Kelly says:

    I am honestly SO tired of the patterned jeans/pants trend. While I happen to LOVE colored jeans, floral and animal print jeans just don't look good on anyone.

  18. teresal says:

    i'm so over maxi and hi-lo dresses; i just don't get them!

  19. MNS says:

    Love boots and sweater dresses

  20. Katie says:

    SO sick of chevron! I agree with a pervious follower; I too, blame Pinterest!

  21. Kay says:

    I'm tired of exposed zippers in general but especially on pencil skirts.

  22. Melissa says:

    I can't seem to pull it off myself, but I love socks with heels!

  23. Natalie says:

    Leopard – can't get enough!!!

  24. Kelsey says:

    SICK of sock buns! Pinterest think of all the socks you have ruined!

  25. Trish says:

    Tall flat boots are my favorite! I wear Frye's Paige Tall Riding boot almost everyday during the fall and winter. They're so light-weight, comfortable and super cute!

  26. Sara says:

    Peplum. Tell me it will be over soon!

  27. erin says:

    One trend I can not get enough of is the color burgundy. One of my favorite colors! I am so glad that since fall started we are seeing less of the hi-lo hemline trend that was so popular in the summer. I enjoy a bit of asymmetry when done right, but most of those pieces looked ridiculous.

  28. Hanna says:

    Not a popular opinion, but I am over scarves as part of an outfit. Playing in the snow? Taking a walk on a windy day? Yes, scarf. You're inside and you've already taken your coat off? No, scarf.

  29. sbf says:

    The trend I can't stand is excessively high heels.

  30. MKal says:

    I'm all about flat boots right now!

  31. Sarah says:

    I am loving leather this season. I only wear faux, but I love how it can instantly vamp up a casual outfit!

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I can't get enough of tall boots!

  33. SB says:

    Tired: Vera Bradley. Not sure if I'd ever call them “trendy” in a fashionable sense, but it is time for these bags to go!

  34. Jen says:

    So sick of Maxi dresses. I'm sure they're comfortable, but they look like a tent and don't flatter anyone's body.

  35. CSB says:

    Can't get enough of: leggings and exposed zippers! And booties!

  36. G says:

    I am LOVING leather this season. Previously you would just see it in piping and jackets but now there are shirts, skirts, and dresses. I am amazed at how classy the pieces can look while also adding a bit of bad ass edge!


  37. Chris says:

    Love: fair-isle sweaters! As soon as i figure out how to make them work appropriate…

  38. Liz says:

    This isn't seasonal, but I am tired of maxi dresses and skirts.

  39. r says:

    Great news on the giveaway! I am totally sick of leather “accents” on clothing– especially when the accents are pleather!

  40. Binna says:

    Cannot wait for the Lady-Gagaesque crazy platform heels trend to go away. They are hideous and completely unrealistic to wear in a normal non-circus setting, lol. ๐Ÿ™

  41. S says:

    I'm so tired of booties, I really don't get them.

  42. KateW says:

    So over ombre hair. For every woman out there actually pulling it off, there are 99 who look like they just need to do their roots.

  43. Morgan says:

    I can not get enough of tall boots and cozy sweaters. So cozy, yet chic. This bag would be PERECT for me!

  44. Ali says:

    Cannot get enough of scarves. Year after year, I cannot wait to throw them on any and everything once it becomes cold enough!

  45. Jenni says:

    Can't get enough of bright skirts and patterned tights!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Krista says:

    I'm so over chevron. I blame pinterest.

  47. CAM says:

    Down with flatforms! And thanks Belle!

  48. DB says:

    Tired: Leggings. People, leggings are not pants, and unless everyone can learn to wear them properly I wish they'd go away.

  49. Carol says:

    Sick of high-waisted jean shorts with a short top (in the summer)! flattering on 1/10 people who wear it …

  50. maria b says:


    I would love a new bag for work! It's just the right size.

  51. Sharona says:

    i'm totally sick of high-low skirts and dresses!

  52. Jess says:

    Thanks for another giveaway Belle!
    I'm sick of exposed zippers. I just can't bring myself to like them.

  53. strin012 says:

    I am so over:

    Exposed zippers
    Those bauble necklaces from J. Crew
    High-waisted/blousy pants (it's Hammertime!)

  54. nandeeta says:

    tired of: exposed zippers on dresses! dont look professional enough so cant be worn to work, cuts out versatility.. and will date a dress immediately – so no long term buying. i think its just a cost saving measure for the clothing companies. i can just about tolerate them in clubbing clothes.

  55. Karen says:

    I am tired of two things, the Vera Bradley bags and the hi-lo dresses. They need to go!

  56. eduncan says:

    I'm tired of leggins as pants- wear them under dresses, tunics, etc, but if you're wearing them, cover your bum!

    Thanks for another great giveaway option, Belle!

  57. Tatiana says:

    I'm really liking the tights trend. I've seen all sorts of people wearing really nice black patterned tights.

  58. Britt C says:

    Very over color block shirts

  59. Alli says:

    No more hi-low skirts. Please. They make me think of mulletts.

  60. Karen says:

    As long as it's less than 65 degrees outside, I love opaque tights and tall boots.

  61. Allison says:

    I am so so sick of exposed zippers! Why ruin a perfectly good dress with a big ugly zipper down the back?

  62. Joanne says:

    I'll do both! Can't stand evening wear shorts. Whats up with that?
    On the other hand, I'm digging the teal color of this fall.

  63. Jo says:

    I love seeing color blocking. The perfect balance between stripes and solids.

  64. Rachel says:

    When the time comes that riding/equestrian inspired boots are no longer on trend, I will know that it is time to give up and start wearing sweats. I cannot get enough of them, and although I own two pairs, I always find myself staring at more on Zappos!

  65. Rory says:

    I'm tired of all the nail art. I'll give it a pass for the weekend, but I can't stand it when grown women come into professional meetings with glitter ombre manicures.

  66. Laura T. says:

    Tired of: printed jeans. Who thought these look good? Dark jeans is the way to go. Also, since I work on a college campus, I am tired of students wearing leggings as pants. Not as tights or with something that actually covers their butt, but as PANTS. So annoying.

  67. Emily says:

    A) Big, thick rimmed glasses
    B) Big thick rimmed glasses!!!

    I cant' decide if I love it or hate it, but I wish it would go away to I could stop thinking about whether or not I want some…

  68. BN says:

    Thanks for a second chance to win this bag!!
    Im so over booties. The open toed ones are especially heinous.

  69. Alexis says:

    Seriously, the “high-low” skirts need to go. I've tried some on, hoping I would see the magic, but no. Just no.

  70. Helena says:

    tired of: obligatory pops of color
    can't get enough of: leggings as pants!

  71. Meghan says:

    I live for the fall when I can wear a sweater dress, tights and tall boots. I'll never be over this trend!

  72. Elise says:

    I'm over peplum and maxi dresses. I don't think either looks good on the non-model body type.

  73. LS says:

    Peplum! Just makes me think of tutus

  74. helixy says:

    I hate high-low hems. And pleather. And ombre hair – sure, there are women who get their hair styled that way but the fact that it is a trend is giving women who are growing out their dye job and excuse to have awkward locks that look like their owner doesn't love them. Doesn't look professional, looks sloppy. I hate people who wear leggings as a substitute or pants or slacks (not seasonal, but still in full force INCLUDING in my office! WTF!)

  75. Renee says:

    I love scarves! I wish I could wear them every day of the year! Sometimes it's too hot, even for a summer scarf.

  76. Emily says:

    OVER: shoes NO ONE can walk in. if you look like a baby giraffe learning how to walk, put em back on the rack.

  77. KelW says:

    Done seeing high-waisted shorts. In South Florida they are still all over the place!!

  78. Anne says:

    Love the bag! Hoping rompers are a distant memory by next summer.

  79. Erin P says:

    I am so tired of seeing women walking around dressed like my babysitter was in 1988: high-waisted acid wash jeans or harem pants: two of the least redeeming qualities of 80s fashion.

  80. lindsayvon says:

    I am just loving everything fall right now. Cozy sweaters, cashmere scarves, tall boots, I'm a happy camper.

  81. lisa says:

    I am totally sick of exposed zippers.

  82. EC says:

    Very sick of seeing Toms everywhere, especially for commuting shoes. I understand they're comfortable, but you look like you have bound feet….

  83. Elizabeth says:

    I don't even know where to start: open toed booties, mullet dresses, hoof heels, neon, “formal shorts,” ombre hair.
    I would, however, LOVE one of these bags!

  84. e says:

    Sick of seeing leggings worn as pants!!

  85. Ellie says:

    So sick of ombre hair. It's not fashion, just laziness. Go take care of your roots!

  86. Clara says:

    I can't get enough of leggings with boots and long sweaters.

  87. Michelle says:

    I am loving the oversized cozy sweater trend! Thanks for this giveaway!

  88. GB says:

    I have to echo the “leggings as pants: so over” comments, and add that to me they were “over” before they began.

    However, I love the combination of black leggings, grey sweater dress, and knee-high black boots. There's something “Utilitarian Chic” about it to me. I've been aware of the look for about three fall/winter cycles now but I'm not even remotely sick of it yet. And so comfy!

  89. Katherine K says:

    I am so, so, so over ridiculously complicated manicures – I think they are unprofessional and REALLY distracting. Also – who has time for glitter ombre marbleized tie-dye fingernails??

  90. Monica says:

    Can't get enough of leopard. (Even though I feel like it should be “over” by now).

  91. I was JUST preparing to order one! But would love to win one…

    Let's see… it has to be leggings… seriously people, leggings are not pants. I don't care how thin you are. I don't care that they look better in boots than jeans. Wear a shirt that covers your butt completely or wear freaking pants….

  92. Amanda says:

    Love: studded smoking slippers….comfortable and make you look like a rock star!

  93. js says:

    Not a new trend at all, more of a classic, but I love my flat tall boots!

  94. Ashley says:

    I am so over:
    Ankle boots
    Scalloped shorts and skirts

    I can't get enough of:
    Oxford shoes

  95. Bethany says:

    Very over fringe on anything — boots, shirts, etc.

  96. Kristin says:

    I'm really tired of sock buns piled up all the way on top of people's heads. I'm in love with bold manicure colors!

  97. C says:

    Love big chunky sweaters and leggings!!

  98. Shay says:

    I am really sick of both the high-low hem (why why why does it even exist?) and the drop hem. Neither are particularly flattering.

  99. Gina says:

    I am very sick of the “military” trend. I've seen too many perfectly good outfits ruined by those ugly olive green jackets that add nothing to the outfit other than the trend factor.

    Thanks for the great contest, Belle!

  100. mcmc says:

    Totally love anything fall- sweaters, sweater dresses, scarves, and tall flat boots!

  101. Aunt_Pete says:

    This is already mostly done thank goodness but I hate the glittery ring finger nail. No. Just no.

  102. Lawlala says:

    I am sick and tired of purses with the manufacturer's logo all over. So tacky!

  103. HM says:

    I am so sick of top knots. No one looks good in them, you just look ridiculous.

  104. OK says:

    Out: Herve Leger and similar boring bandage dresses
    In: Peter Pan Collars

  105. Ann says:

    Over wackadoodl nail art. Just because it's on Pinterest doesn't make a good idea.

  106. Nat says:

    I'm tired of exposed zippers – they ruin the look of classy dresses and skirts!

  107. Allison says:

    Definitely over shorts over tights. I don't understand it, and it has no place in a professional office.

  108. Elizabeth says:

    Over: oxblood everything, hi-lo dresses. Love: color blocking, booties.

  109. Lauren F. says:

    I'm in love with knee-high riding boots with skinny jeans, a cozy sweater, and scarf. So classic and cozy, it never goes out of style and looks great on all body types.

  110. E says:

    Trend I'm tired of: pastels.

  111. pecanpie says:

    I am over the trend of peep toe booties – don't look good with tights and it doesn't make sense to wear them without tights/socks in winter.

  112. EVT says:

    So over high-low skirts and leather accented shirts. Ugh!

  113. Serena says:

    I'm so over saggy crotched, rolled-cuff jeans, or any drop-crotch pants. They make your legs look 2 feet long. Ugh. Also I wish skinny jeans were not so ubiquitous — not everyone can wear them.

  114. Bree says:

    I am super sick of neon– looks good on so few people and I think the trend is generally better on teens.

  115. Vanessa says:

    Trend I'm loving: BOOTIES.

    Trend I'm over: Burgundy all over.

  116. Megan says:

    I am so over girls wearing jeans and tall brown boots. I know it is a “cute” and easy fall look, but it seriously looks like the DC uniform. I purposefully have NOT worn brown boots yet this season so I don't blend into the masses.

    I am, however, in love with sparkles and sequins. Love Holiday season dresses!!

  117. EA says:

    I am completely sick of camo everywhere (I live in the south…and I mean it's everywhere), but I am loving peplum tops this season!

  118. PrettyPaula says:

    I cannot get enough of colorful scarves and Kenyan earrings.

  119. Kelley B says:

    Neon. Ick. It's fading, by not fast enough

  120. Bekki says:

    Tired of seeing: Uggs

  121. Ellie says:

    I'm tired of professional women wearing see-through blouses with nothing but their bras underneath them.

    The trend I love? Combining mint and red.

  122. Mo says:

    I'm way way over mullet (aka hi-lo) dresses/skirts.

  123. Jewish Girl says:

    Uggs. Please gd, no more Uggs.

  124. DP says:

    Can't get enough of scarves!!

  125. J says:

    Still love: taupe/purple/ grey colored nails.
    Over: fedoras/ other straw summer hats. It looks like you're trying too hard to be trendy.

  126. Shannon says:

    Trend I am over: Nailart. Ohmygod, the nailart has gotten way out of hand. Trend I can't get enough of: scarves with everything. Maybe this isn't even a “trend,” but I love this time of year when I can wear a big scarf with my sweater and boots and be comfortable.

  127. Dianne says:

    So tired of too-tight printed or colored skinny cords/denim/whatever. There's something to be said for a little modesty and figure-flattering clothing!

  128. Maria S says:

    Tired of? Neon ensembles (single pop of color is cute), but I take issue with any outfit that makes me think you were transported here from the 1980's.

  129. Becca says:

    I LOVE these bags! I'm so, so sick of the denim on denim look. It's not 1980! ๐Ÿ™

  130. Christina M says:

    I'm tired of leggings and exposed zippers!

  131. CCW says:

    I adore leggings, tall boots, and long sweaters. So comfortable! And no matter how hard I try, I can't get on board with booties.

  132. Meredith says:

    SO tired of dressed up wedge sneakers. If you're going to wear sneakers, wear sneakers… none of this I-just-want-to-look-sporty-because-it's-cute crap.

  133. MM says:

    Can't get enough of: the collarless blouses that are often rolled to elbow length (transitions from work to casual very easily!)

    Tired of: high-low hemlines (skirts, dresses, tops, etc) It's not flattering! And certainly not work appropriate!

  134. jess says:

    can't get enough of uggs. tall ones, short ones, slippers. sorry, haters! ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. Bre says:

    I'm loving anything gold! Especially into gold buttons!!!!!

  136. KAC says:

    I am absolutely loving the colored tights trend. And I officially want all Vera Bradley to disappear. Thanks for this giveaway again Belle!

  137. E says:

    To my horror, I've noticed cargo pants creeping back into the blogosphere…PLEASE let this be a fluke!

  138. tsampamama says:

    I never liked the the hi-low skirt. Tired of the overly crazy high heels, leggings with short shirts that some are trying to pull off (I don't care how skinny you are, just NOT attractive) and the crazy spikes on some stuff. Studs = love, spikes = not.

    I love the OMG – I've got to win this since I can't even buy it as they don't sell/ship to Canada! ๐Ÿ™

  139. AJL says:

    This morning I was thinking how much I love all different types of rain gear (I just got to wear my Hunter boots for the first time today). Maybe not exactly a trend, but appropriate for any rainy day.

  140. Nancy says:

    I am over exposed zippers, they are just a short cut and really take away from quality. Loving this giveaway though! Thanks Belle!

  141. Anna says:

    I'm probably over much more than I'm into, but at the top of the list would have to be midi skirts (not flattering on anyone), maxi skirts/dresses, flatforms (barf), and old lady florals (the kind you'd see on a couch from 1983)

    Trends I'm loving: all the teal and burgundy and definitely riding boots – classic, comfortable, and flattering.

    Also, to everyone who said leggings as pants, I don't think that's really ever been a trend per se, just a gross byproduct of leggings' popularity. I saw a bunch of teenagers in front of the Capitol the other morning wearing leggings with The North Face type jackets that definitely don't extend past your bum and it just made me sad for these poor girls. They just don't know any better. Not cute ladies, not cute.

  142. jenna says:

    i can't get enough of animal print accessories. need a pair of leopard heels immediately!

  143. Jennifer says:

    There are many things I'm over, but exposed zippers on dresses and skirts need to die. It's so frustrating to find something that looks like exactly what I need until I realize there's a stupid exposed zipper.

  144. Kaitlyn says:

    So sick of ankle boots

  145. Ashley says:

    Over: Rompers. They look cute on children up to age eight. They do not look cute on grown women. And it's just cruel to put them on middle school aged girls, most of whom are feeling insecure about their changing bodies anyway.

    Into: Chambray shirts with jeans. It takes the right shirt (light enough) and the right jeans (dark enough for contrast), but it can look really chic, especially with a chunky (well-fitted!) cardigan.

  146. McO says:

    Over oxblood, especially for lipstick. Still as unflattering as it was in the '90s!

  147. Nora says:

    So sick of combat boots with shorts!

  148. Anna Louisa says:

    So tired of the bauble necklaces!

  149. Truc says:

    Peplum. Works on so few people, and it somehow looks costume-y when I see it in real life.

  150. Jessica says:

    I'm sick of ombre hair…it just looks lazy.

  151. amanda says:

    I am as over flannel shirts as “dresses” as girls who wear them are clearly over wearing real pants.

    Even though you didn't ask for it, one style I miss: HUGE turtleneck sweaters. (ohmygod I am my mother)

  152. Alyson says:

    I'm so sick of Uggs. How are they still a thing?

  153. Lisa E says:

    I pray every night that the lacy tube bra and sheer tank trend dies…

  154. Jessica says:

    I can't get enough of an orangey-red lip with minimal makeup. Instantly perks up every outfit.

  155. Erica says:

    I am still loving the leopard-print trend – can't get enough! (In tastefully small doses, of course.)

  156. Lauren says:

    The trend is a combination of both: The sweaters with the little animals or motifs in them. I think they are totally cute BUT not in any way shape or form appropriate for adult women! J.Crew needs to get over it and stop encouraging us to dress like 7-year olds….even though that puppy dog/hen/heart/fox is cute.

  157. CR says:

    Over: twee polka dots everywhere
    Loving: leather detailing and pointy flats

    Thanks for the giveaway Belle!

  158. s_anne says:

    So over hi-low hems!

  159. Jen says:

    Hate the patterned tights look, can't wait for it to be over.

  160. Theresa says:

    Open toe booties (this trend just confuses me) and shorts with tights. Great giveaway Belle!

  161. Laura says:

    I'm not a huge fan of the leather accent trend and those J Crew bubble necklaces. I'm excited about winter coats!

  162. MBM says:

    So sick of really bright neon colors. Saw a blindingly hot pink “dress shirt” walking the halls of Cannon this morning… really, people? That is so NOT professional chic.

  163. CS says:

    Over: Peplum! So many hit me (and others) at totally unflattering spots. Some trends are not for everyone.

    Can't get enough of sequins in unexpected colors and patterns

  164. Bee says:

    Over bodycon dresses and skirts. They are flattering on so few people, and yet take up space that could be used for cute skirts or dresses. A skirt you can twirl in is so much better than one that leaves nothing to the imagination!

  165. JP says:

    Can't get enough blazers! Love them for work, love them on the weekend, dinner dates, etc. Big fan of the classics (like you posted earlier today) or funkier ones with printed liners and rolled up sleeves. I wish I could afford them all. Le sigh!

  166. Kate says:

    I love that burgundy has been popping up all over! It's one of my favorite colors to wear, so I've been buying pieces like crazy.

  167. Stephanie says:

    I'm over neon and booties – ick.

  168. Megan says:

    I'm over the Cosby-esque sweaters I'm seeing in stores everywhere. Leave it in the 80's.

  169. SE says:

    Totally over peplum. I just don't get it!

  170. Virginia says:

    I'm very over the high-low dresses and skirts. They feel like the fashion version of a mullet haircut.

  171. Alanna says:

    I'm sick of the jumpsuit/onesie trend on adult women. Those always look weird.

  172. KRF says:

    One trend I can't get enough of: Jewel tones! Especially the skirt colors offered at JCrew. I'm obsessed. Thanks again for a fabulous giveaway.

  173. Martha says:

    I'm over the blunt hipster bangs. They look frumpy unless you get a trim every couple of weeks and few people I know that have them take the time to do so.

  174. JB says:

    So over – leggings as pants!
    Thanks Belle!

  175. Liz F says:

    Love: Chunky sweaters! (Mostly because my office is a freezer)

  176. KLC says:

    I know it's terrible but I LOVE pop's of neon. I hope the 80's neon stays forvever!

  177. solsen says:

    So over ombre hair. It is laziness, not fashion at this point.

  178. MA says:

    Still so tired of leggings as pants – it looks so lazy and is certainly not flattering on most. I could also do without booties. They often look like witch shoes and no one wants that.

  179. Elyse G. says:

    I don't think that I will ever tire of my classic trench coat.
    fingers crossed

  180. LKA says:

    I am loving all of the fit and flare dresses this season – they're perfect for accentuating a small top and masking a bigger bottom!

  181. IRMcK says:

    Skinny jeans tucked into boots. It's not that it's a bad style on its own, it is that it just never ends.

  182. Jamie says:

    Love polka dots! I'm sad it's a trend because it means they will become passe.

  183. J says:

    No more exposed zippers, please!

  184. Kacy says:

    I'm over the belting everything trend. I don't know if it's necessarily a trend, but it's something that simply does not work on my figure and I get tired of trying to find dresses or outfits that don't require belts.

  185. Nina says:

    Totally sick of: people acting like wearing burgundy/oxblood for fall is totally new and cutting edge.

  186. Elle says:

    Over: Leggings as pants, hi-lo anything

    Can't get enough: Knee-high boots (wish I could own more than my one black pair),

  187. R says:

    I'm so OVER: Colorblocking. Terrible.

  188. Jen R says:

    i'm so over booties!

  189. c. says:

    Rompers are the worst forever.

  190. Lesley says:

    I'm very very over exposed zippers on dresses/shirts/skirts. It looks so cheap!

  191. Meg K says:

    Love button downs and thin turtle necks under sheath dresses! 100% over exposed zippers.

  192. I hate hate hate seeing girls in head-to-toe trends. It's like peplum + leather + oxblood + leopard + mixed media trench… TOO MUCH! It might be a more specific style blogger thing than a normal person trend, but you do see it sporadically out in the wild. There's a quote I've always liked (and can't remember who said it), but the gist is that people shouldn't remember your clothes. They should just remember how nice you looked. I think trends can be embraced and enjoyed, but when I see girls who are swayed by every wind of fashion–it starts to veer from style savvy to fashion victim.

    Oh man–I feel totally negative with this comment. Haha. I can be positive though! I love when the clothes I'm wearing become trendy again. Specifically nautical colors/styles and leopard print. It makes shopping so much more fun!

    Also, those camera bags are legit. I've been jonesing for one for ages, but never pulled the trigger. Great giveaway!

  193. LB says:

    Still loving see-through tops and cutouts!

  194. Jessica says:

    So over glitter/sequins on everything. Very few people can wear glitter appropriately.

  195. TH says:

    bangs a la Zooey Deschanel –
    black thick rimmed faux Ray Ban non-prescription glasses – please just stop

    Loving –
    Oversized sweaters
    classic trenches

  196. Kathy says:

    Sick of: booties! Particularly high heeled, open toe booties. What is that?

  197. eer says:

    Can't get enough of chunky knits, fair isle sweaters, and jewel tones! Tired of crop tops and neon.

  198. KB says:

    I'm tired of seeing jean shorts over tights. Up until this weekend I had only seen this a handful of times, but after a weekend in Atlanta I'd say the number is hovering around 100. It looks ridiculous. However, this bag is fabulous and I'd love one!

  199. aec says:

    I love leather accents in fashion this winter.

  200. Sam W says:

    I am so tired of peplum!!

  201. b23 says:

    Love patterned tights and chevrons – I need to combine those two and find a pair of chevron tights!!

  202. Shannon says:

    I am so tired of ombre hair (its just bad roots in my opinion) and I can't get enough of animal prints.

  203. Cecilia says:

    Peplum: Is it over yet?

  204. EmilyS says:

    I love blouses with contrasting cuffs/peter pan collars (specifically, black and white!)

  205. JB says:

    I can't get enough of good quality black wool tights (I also can't seem to find them anywhere!)

  206. Audra says:

    Tired: Leggings as pants with nothing covering their behinds!

  207. K says:

    Formal shorts make me laugh.

  208. espie says:

    Thank you Belle!

    b) I am loving the lace trend. I can't get enough of the great lace accented blouses and dresses this season. So feminine.

  209. Colleen says:

    Printed jeans are particularly heinous.

  210. MH says:

    SO over open toed booties. If you want to wear booties, then fine. But WHY the open toe!? Also, leggings as pants. Just… wrong.

  211. CML says:

    totally sick of ombre hair!

  212. Shannon says:

    I'm SO over the high-low dress/skirt trend!

  213. Sarah says:

    I'm so over chevron. I know so many women that think just because something features a chevron print, it is automatically cute, and that is just not the case!

  214. Liz says:

    Can't get enough of tights, boots, and dresses for work or play this time of year!

    So sick of jeggings. Whose thighs look good in those?

  215. Maura says:

    I'm tired of leather/pleather accents on everything… Is that even comfortable?

  216. alicia says:

    As a Jersey girl, I am so sick of seeing leopard/animal print. I associate it with the very worst stereotypes of my state and I cannot get past any attempt to class it up, because it just screams tacky to me.

  217. Lindsay says:

    I'm so over those awful skinny jeans with flower prints all over them. They look like my grandmother's curtains.

  218. Kelley K says:

    Still into: scarves, exposed zippers…
    So over: hi-lo hemlines, Pandora bracelets…

    Would love the OMG bag in Plum!

  219. Liz says:

    I'm ready for winter so the neon color trend will fade out. This bag would be great for packing gym clothes without it being too obvious.

  220. Margaret says:

    I'm sooooo over huge slouchy sweaters and leggings. It makes 99% of the population look obese and/or homeless. Please stop. In the words of my boyfriend “no one wants to tap a pile of knitting.”

  221. Bonnie says:

    I hope jeggings stay around for a while. I love wearing them wtih boots in the winter

  222. Rachel Bee says:

    I can keep color-blocking until the cows come home, but bubble hems have go. to. go.

  223. Lauren L says:

    I am beyond sick of crop tops. They look good on so few women – make it stop.

    I adore the oxblood trend. Nails, pants, bags, shoes. It's a problem.

  224. AJS says:

    So sick of cropped shirts!

  225. Molly says:

    Tired of platform / sky-high heels — fewer shoe options for tall ladies!

  226. Joy says:

    I LOVE Fair Isle sweaters

  227. bamamegs says:

    Can't get enough of riding boots!

  228. Judy says:

    Okay, this is a new trend but I hope it dies quickly. I shudder at those jean boots/shoes where the appeal I guess is you can now have pockets around your ankle to store items. Just stop!

  229. Danielle I. says:

    I can't get enough of leather jackets in the fall! They're such a fun way to make my outfits more sassy after being confined to business-wear all week long!
    PS: Love the bag and see it as a great gym back!

  230. Janessa says:

    Neon gym apparel needs to go! Tired of seeing girls looking like they are going to a dayglow concert on their morning jog!

  231. LilaLou says:

    So over leggings as pants!

  232. Melanie says:

    I am loving tights and boots!

  233. Chelsey says:

    Can't get enough leopard print!!

  234. Stefanie R. says:

    Fashion trend that should die an ugly death – super skinny jeans.

  235. TXAttyJen says:

    So tired of the J Crew bauble necklace and the seemingly infinite number of knock-offs.

  236. Pamela says:

    I'm over seeing women commute to work in Uggs. True, you're not wearing them while at work but they're still not appropriate on the metro!

  237. ErinC says:

    I LOVE sweater tights this season. Especially cashmere and cable-knits.

  238. Lauren says:

    I am not sure if this is still “trendy” but I love anything peplum.

  239. Mel says:

    So over maxi dresses and leather/ studded accents. Maxi dresses make even my skinniest friends look pregnant and when it comes to accents, it always just looks cheap.

  240. AK says:

    So over faux fur – if you want fur, just buy the real thing.

  241. Katherine says:

    I'm so tired of skinny jeans. They are not the most flattering choice for the majority of women who wear them.

  242. Hillary says:

    I cannot get enough leather/faux leather this season! Be it pants, dresses, tops, I want it all.

  243. Sushu says:

    The trend I'm sick of seeing is the camo print.

  244. Lilz says:

    I'm sick of platform heels – they make so many people look clunky when they walk. Thanks for the second giveaway!

  245. Shirlynn Brownell says:

    I can't get enough of leather leggings this Fall! Especially the ones with the panels on the side. Definitely one of my favorite Fall trends in a long time.

  246. MOH says:

    Peep toe booties have got to go. Not only are they ugly, but terribly impractical for any season.

  247. M says:

    I am loving booties, ala Katie Holmes, and metallic points on heels and flats.

  248. Hannah says:

    So tired : top knots. With a sock, without a sock- I'm done with it.

  249. N says:

    Still love riding boots, hope they never fade out.

  250. Michelle says:

    Trend I love: the peplum dress; It's very chic, very classic, very urban, and very professional.

  251. Emily says:

    The pointed toe heel…instantly adds a punch of 'chic-ness' to every outfit. Love that it is back and hope it's here to stay!

  252. CE says:

    Over: Wedge sneakers.

    The entire point of sneakers is comfort, so why would I want to wear a pair that also has a 3″ wedge heel? Maybe I'm not over the trend; I thought it was ridiculous from the beginning.

    Loving: Riding boots.
    I never want these to go out of style. I can wear warm hiking socks underneath and stay warm in my freezing office and lab space!

  253. cs says:

    i HATE booties! so tired of them. they have yet to look good on anyone!

  254. HJ says:

    I am loving polka dots and animal prints!

  255. Kat says:

    I'm loving that scarves are back in style- my chunky infinity scarf is my favorite new purchase.

  256. Katie says:

    Rompers should die.

  257. Emily says:

    Crop tops need to die. They are ugly and unflattering. Sorry, but I don't want to have my stomach hanging out all day everyday.

  258. SJ says:

    Cutoffs with tights have to go! I can't even count how many college girls I see running around in this ensemble.

  259. Meredith says:

    Tired of: asymmetrical hemmed skirts and dresses. Not flattering.

  260. Sarah says:

    I am sick of sheer clothing. It's nearly impossible to wear at work, and on the weekends I'm not pulling it off without a cami underneath.

  261. HM says:

    I'm sick of oversized glasses the “hipsters” wear constantly. I thought we left those huge frames behind in the 90's.

  262. Lindsey says:

    I never understood the high-low dress/skirt trend. It's like a mullet in dress form.

  263. JRS says:

    I can't get enough of the big gold watches! I am a huge watch fan and have been for years so it's totally my style!

  264. pam says:

    i'm tired of high-low dresses, never got the appeal. i'd love to win one of these bags.

  265. SD says:

    Death to the maxidress — I don't see how anyone but a tall modelesque person can pull them off. I love knee high flat boots, though.

  266. KJ says:

    High-waisted short-shorts. The rise of your shorts should NOT be longer than the inseam. Also, high-low hemlines on skirts. They look like mullets!

  267. JCC says:

    Dolman sleeves, exposed zippers, gladiator sandal-booties, hi-lo hemlines, neon = sick of these.

  268. Rachel says:

    I look forward to the day when my future children will walk down the street and nary an accent nail graces any hand.

  269. Marielle says:

    Cant get enough of nautical stripes!!

  270. Eden says:

    I am sick and tired of leggings … and especially on people who have no clue about how they really look in them!

  271. Ali says:

    I'm tired of colored tights. I hate when tights dont match one's shoes.

  272. J says:

    I am still really into brightly colored pants and skirts. I also love horizontal stripes, but I can't really pull them off.

  273. Kristen says:

    I am over the color blocking trend!

  274. jennifer says:

    I'm tired of hi-low dress hem lines. It's not flattering on anyone.
    Still loving the skinny jeans with booties or tall boots.

  275. Meredith says:

    Tired of 5+ inch heels…you just look uncomfortable, not chic. Loving leather.

  276. Chelsea says:

    I'm tired of sweaters without buttons! Please, bring back the buttons.

  277. Lyell says:

    I am sick of the micro-ballerina-bun perched on the crown of the head that is sweeping university campuses. It looks good on exactly no one. The best it can appear is that you have made your head into a bobble hat, and at least a hat would keep your ears warm.

    I am loving the simpler riding boots everywhere, because they're classic, and also because it's nice to have low-heeled options on trend.

  278. Maddie J says:

    I'm tired of peplum tops but in love with leopard print!

  279. Eleni says:

    Opened-Toe Booties…. They just look a mess.

  280. Mal Z. says:

    I can't stand the waterfall hem, hopefully it was a one-hit wonder this past season.

  281. I'm tired of seeing leggings worn as pants with no coverage of the crotch or bum area. TMI.

  282. Nancy says:

    I am sick of brightly colored and obnoxiously patterned rain boots on professional women commuting to work.

  283. Merabella says:

    Trend I can't get enough of: tights tights and more tights.
    Trends I can't stand: JCrew Bubble Necklaces, everyone and their mom has one. It was cute at first, but now it is just done.

  284. Jane says:

    My favorite trend right now is sheer straps and sleeves on tops and dresses. As someone who is always self conscious about her arms, sheer and lace overlay make me feel ultra feminine and pretty. I also love the way it looks to contrast delicate sheer with chunky sweaters or a leather jacket.

  285. Rachel Ng says:

    Can't get enough of tweed clothing

  286. Lyndsi says:

    I'm stick of leggings being worn as pants, too.

  287. liz says:

    I'll never be sick of animal print!

  288. AJ says:

    a) Booties…they look weird, no?

    b) Can't get enough holiday sparkles!

  289. Amber B. says:

    So tired of black in the winter. It is dark enough outside people – wear some color!!!

  290. kristiina says:

    booties….HATE that look! Shew, that felt good to get off my chest LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  291. Elise C says:

    Loving patterned tights!

  292. Katie says:

    I am over the ombre hair look

  293. Miriam says:

    a) thick, oversized eyeglasses – especially on people who don't need glasses!

  294. S says:

    I'm loving silk shirts and leopard print flats. Effortless and so cute.

  295. west says:

    I am over high-low dresses and skirts

  296. VKR says:

    Please go away: nail art on anyone over 16 years old.
    Loving: flats that are more grown up than ballet shoes. Not all of us can wear heels and I'm loving having some options that are chic and professional.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  297. Leslie says:

    I am sick to death of dropped hems. It seems like every time I pick up a hanger with a promising cut, the bottom ruins it for me.

  298. Rache Fauber says:

    I know I may be in the minority of women on this one, but I would be the happiest woman in Washington if I never saw another peplum again. Thanks for the giveaway Belle!

  299. Kelsey says:

    I'm loving patterned tights. A fun yet discreet way to mix it up at work.

  300. Maggie says:

    Trend I hate: women who wear their hair up in a messy bun extremely high up– almost on their foreheads. Top knots are chic but the lack of good placement and neatness makes it sloppy.

  301. balletgirl1980 says:

    I love leggings and tunic sweaters! I finally figured out how to wear them together without looking like I fell out of Flashdance!

  302. Kristen says:

    One trend I'm tired of seeing is painting one nail (usually the ring finger) a different color than the rest.

  303. sarah says:

    Over: Nail Art and massive platforms that no one can walk in
    Loving: everything fall, thick tights, riding boots, oversized comfy sweaters

  304. Stephanie says:

    I am sick of girls only wearing riding boots for the cold. Spice it up! Get some low cut booties, or a pair of high-tops!

  305. Erica says:

    Oooohhh – what a pretty bag! Pick me! I'm tired of any trend that I can't pull off…e.g. maxi dresses for us shorter, larger-reared girls (it just never works), booties with skirts (it confuses my brain), I could go on… Great giveaway, Belle!

  306. H says:

    I'm completely sick of patterned skinny jeans/leggings. Doesn't even look good on supermodels.

  307. Lexi says:

    Trend still loving: the dark nail polish trend. Still loving black, and all the close-to-blacks that are trending. Am currently wearing Essie Stylenomics. Also loving the nail art trend, but it's not really work appropriate.

  308. Isabel says:

    Booties with cropped jeans leaving the ankles exposed. It may look great on bloggers, but it doesn't translate well to real life.

  309. Katrina says:

    I hate the sneaker/wedge trend. I also really wish the thick platform heel would go away, even an expensive shoe looks cheap in that style.

  310. Elizabeth says:

    Great giveaway!
    I cannot get enough of new nail polish colors – navy blue, gray, dark red. LOVE IT

  311. RV says:

    Can't get enough of polka dots… but I love them all the time, and am just lucky they've been trendy lately.

  312. Anonymous says:

    Belle, I am so excited for this giveaway. I just love the versatility of the Lo & Sons bags, the perfect everywhere, everyday bag. Thanks

    I am so tired of the Harem pants. I wouldn't mind if they never come back into fashion. They are so hard for most people to wear and rock style.

  313. Cory says:

    Over: Brightly colored denim pants. Sure it looks good on some people, but for the rest of us… why do I want my hips to be neon orange?

  314. Lea says:

    Ugh, so over polka dots. At first they were fun, but now they're beginning to read twee to me.

    However, absolutely in love with bright skinnies for weekends.

    Great timing on the giveaway – I've been eyeing a Cobalt Lo & Sons this past week!

  315. Davi says:

    I am in love with the menswear trend, particularly sleek loafers!

  316. LG says:

    Definitely over the peplum trend. Loving the new Lo & Sons plum color!

  317. mcf says:

    I am so over: Peter Pan collars – ladies, we are no longer 4 years old.

    I can't get enough of: tights!

  318. e says:

    I am SO sick of seeing poor quality, cheap, transparent leggings everywhere!

  319. petitesq says:

    Very over the 80s resurgence.

  320. Katie says:

    I'm loving the trend towards gold jewelry!

  321. Lindsay says:

    Peplums. If I never see another hip flap it would be too soon.

  322. Laura says:

    I am so sick of those horrible, impossibly high platform heels. They look ridiculous!

  323. Vicky says:

    The leather trend…it's good in theory but in reality just look strange to me

  324. Beth says:

    Answering both questions in one comment. The trend I love: patterned tights, they're adorable and make winter a lot less boring in D.C. The trend I hate: patterned tights as pants. As if wearing leggings as pants wasn't bad enough, I've definitely seen some ladies around the city with tights and a t-shirt that leaves nothing below the waist to the imagination.

  325. J says:

    So tired of exposed metal zippers. They always make me think you're asking for someone to tug on them.

  326. Mallory says:

    I'm SO sick of the “blog-chic-Pinterest” look(s): shorts with tights, high-low hems, chevron EVERYTHING….your attempt to look “unique” has actually landed you in lock-step with everyone else.

  327. SarahT says:

    Trend that needs to go away: Open-toe booties!! Ick!

  328. Laura says:

    I'm happy that lady-like styles are returning to fashion. I will take a pencil skirt any day over neon ripped jeans.

  329. A says:

    Over crop top sweaters and the women I hear complaining they are cold when wearing one. Buy a real sweater for crying out loud! Also, neon is never acceptable.

  330. Andrea says:

    One trend I am really loving this fall is berry lip color. So pretty, cheap, and seasonally appropriate!

  331. Whitney says:

    Still loving my brown equestrian boots over jeans or black leggings even though this is now their third or fourth season!

  332. Jess says:

    I work with high schoolers, so my view on trends may be skewed, but I am WAY over neon Doc Martens, high-waisted pants, and stacked shoes (I think you've called them flatforms).

  333. J says:

    Loving leather, that is done right.

  334. Anna says:

    I am so over flat-forms, and booties. Neither makes any sense at all to me!

  335. JT says:

    I am over Mr. Magoo-like oversized 'ironic' glasses.

  336. SD says:

    I am most definitely over the fur vest trend. Any look that Kesha adopts into her daily wear routine gets a firm 'no' vote from me.

  337. KW says:

    I love brown leather boots for fall ๐Ÿ™‚

  338. I'm tired of fake leather trims! And I freaking love lo and sons. ๐Ÿ™‚

  339. Lindsay says:

    trend i can't get enough of: sweater dresses, tights, and booties.

  340. AJ says:

    I am tired of Ombre hair, looks a bit sloppy on most, only a few can really make it work.

  341. Emily says:

    I'm tired of pretending that random bright colors and patterns go together in one outfit. They don't.

  342. Suzanne says:

    Love the tall boots! So warm – I hope they stay in style forever!

  343. mkbrod2 says:

    having just moved to the Pacific Northwest, i can now whole-heartily agree with your stance on UGGs! blech!

  344. SW says:

    High-low skirts/dresses need to go!

  345. alex says:

    I love colorblock dresses! I just love the bright colors! Also, these bags seem amazing!

  346. Meg says:

    I can't get enough of dark navy nail polish! Paired with an army-green top or accessories and red lippy? Swoon.

  347. EJI says:

    I am so sick of seeing women in 5+ inch heals with huge platforms. Even wearing high-end designers make so many women look like hookers. Even at 5'1″, I wouldn't dare wear shoes like that, particularly to work in DC where relatively conservative attire is the norm (what happened to professional attire?). And most women who wear those shoes can barely walk in them!

  348. JW says:

    I am loving the chunky sweater trend. So cozy for comfy weekends.

  349. Grace says:

    I'm really liking the colored denim trend this fall/winter.

  350. vamermaid says:

    Can't get enough tights with everything and will be happy to see capped-toe flats and smoking slippers for women trend out!

  351. Em says:

    I'm just over booties. This girl needs a little more height for those chilly winter mornings on the metro.. Protect those calf muscles from chill bumps and put the booties down ladies. Thanks Belle!

  352. LSavory says:

    I'm really tired of people stuffing themselves into lace dresses.

  353. SDV says:

    I just can't get into peplum – cute in theory, but not on my body. But I'm thrilled that it's cozy sweater season!

  354. LC says:

    I agree with someone else on here.. so tired of chevron… but the latest “trend”? I want to check out… I just saw some tights that looked like a sweater… I think they would be so cute with a black skirt for the holidays!

  355. Emily says:

    Can't stand mullet dresses!

  356. meg says:

    I hope we don't see neon crop tops again next summer… yuck.

    So glad you're promoting Lo & Sons again. I got the OMG this summer and I love it. It's a great bag that's even better if you fly a lot. Having it secure on the handles of my rolling suitcase makes a mad dash to the gate much easier!

  357. Anne says:

    LOVE all the burgundy. Tired of peplum.

  358. Lolo says:

    I'm going to be honest… I'm so sick of circle/infinity scarves. What's wrong with a real scarf with two ends?

  359. Cora says:

    Tired: I am so tired of Uggs, they were never ok and the trend won't pass. They're especially awful worn with leggings.

  360. Linda says:

    No more leggings! More tights!

  361. Hallie says:

    I still can't get enough of Alex and Ani bangles. Even though I can't wear a million gajillion bangles stacked on my arms in my office. Even though everyone has them. Even though I know they are a passing fad. I. Love. Alex and Ani bangles

  362. Mel says:

    Can't get enough of: skinny jeans. Maybe because I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant and am just dreaming of wearing them at this point.

  363. Jez says:

    Harem pants. GO AWAY.

  364. Tori K says:

    SO over “booties”, ombre, and cheap Fair Isle. The booties are pretty hideous looking, “ombre” is just code for “I can't be bothered to take care of my roots”, and cheap Fair Isle is obviously cheap and poor quality. Give me a J. Press Fair Isle sweater any day but J. Crew's version is horrible.

  365. Kimberly says:

    I'm totally over super long maxi dresses. I thought they would be gone a looong time ago. But I'm loving burgundy nail polish!

  366. Anita says:

    So very sick of neon.

  367. adrienne says:

    i'm so over leggings as pants in the workplace. i don't want to see your butt. and it's also inappropriate at work!

  368. Annabelle says:

    I'm loving oxblood and winter whites this season!

  369. Lauren says:

    I am ready for booties to go away. There is something about them that I find to be so unflattering.

  370. EET says:

    I'm incredibly sick of hi-lo dresses and skirts. It's like wearing a mullet on your body… not ok.

  371. Amber says:

    Can't get enough of jewel tones in the winter season. So beautiful and flattering on so many different color wheels! And coincidentally this bag is a gorgeous jewel tone….

  372. Erin says:

    So tired of ankle booties being styled inappropriately. They do not go with everything ladies, so please look in a full length mirror before stepping outside.

  373. Melissa says:

    Peplums need to stop. Right now.

  374. Nicole says:

    mullet dresses and/or skirts…gross!

  375. duchessbelle says:

    So over bubble necklaces. Still loving stripes.

  376. Karly says:

    I dislike the bootie trend. It makes your feet look like horses' hooves.

  377. Sarah says:

    Four words: leggings are not pants.

  378. Hannah says:

    So, so, so over peplum. But then again… I never liked it in the first place!

  379. Natalie says:

    Loving: Scarfs and boots, everything fall for that matter. Thanks for the giveway, Belle!

  380. Shelen says:

    Leggings as pants. NOT okay!

  381. CH says:

    I'm not tired of the look, but I am so tired of the phrase “pop of color.”

    I can't, and will never, get enough of cashmere sweaters with jeans and boots, LBDs with a statement necklace for holiday parties, or dark dark dark nail polish.

  382. Colleen says:

    So sick of seeing fingernails painted different colors! Or black!

  383. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway. I don't think I will ever tire of sweater dresses with tall boots – It's the perfect combination for Seattle weather.

  384. Michelle says:

    Can't get enough of … leather leggings! Obsessed!

  385. MidWestChic says:

    I reallly dispise a)ombre hair and b)ombre tights/leggings. Other ombres I love, but these two have got to go!!

  386. Amber R says:

    Can't get enough of OXBLOOD! I love it on everything – nails, shoes, accessories… so perfect for the season.

  387. Liz says:

    I am beyond tired of people wearing tights as pants. Please wear a long(!!) shirt or sweater to cover your behind.

  388. Carrie says:

    Uggs (say no to elephant feet!
    Mustaches on things other than a man's face (why are they on sunglasses and necklaces?
    hi-low skirts (it's a skirt, not a mullet)

    In love with:
    tie-front blouses
    penny loafers (they're making a comeback!)
    the mad-men style (god bless that show and the miracles it has done for dressing my figure)

  389. Joan says:

    I cannot get enough of flats. They seem to be everywhere and are perfect for those long days on my feet!

  390. Katherine says:

    I live in Boston, land of the college student, and see quite a lot of trends word to varying degrees of success. I am so over mullet skirts, especially for fall/winter wear. However, I am loving bright nail polish (i.e. corals, teals, and metallics) for fall!

  391. Molly says:

    Sick of leggings as pants. This should never have been a thing in the first place.

  392. Lauren T says:

    I can't get enough of a sapphire blue and black combo! I can't wait to see any Vera Bradley bag gone, and Uggs – why are they even still around?

  393. ETD says:

    I can't get enough of leopard this fall!

  394. Liz says:

    I'm OVER the peplum… I don't care what you say, it's not flattering on anyone!

  395. AG says:

    I'm tired of the crazy platform heels and too-tight everything.

  396. Elizabeth Dooley says:

    I LOVE exposed zippers right now.

  397. Laura says:

    I am tired of the “grunge” looks! No more unbrushed hair or ripped jeans and shirts please!

  398. Michelle Z says:

    I love the fun/funky nail polish trends! Caviar nails are really cool, although I am not sure if I would rock them. I love all of the cool colors and textures.

  399. Susannah says:

    Designer signature prints: I've been waiting eons for this to die. It's not style, it's impressionability.

  400. Leah says:

    I am so over peep-towed shoes… one would think they would go away when scarves are worn for warmth. A girl can dream!

  401. Sally says:

    Harem pants — why are some retailers still trying to make these happen? Over it.

  402. psparul says:

    I wouldn't mind never seeing a high-low skirt or dress again. Hopefully the cold winter weather will grant me some kind of reprieve from this trend.

  403. Rachel says:

    I'm tired of high-waisted anything!

  404. Sue says:

    I love leggings with tunics. So easy and comfortable.

  405. Elizabeth says:

    Trend I love- Ankle Boots!!

  406. Katie says:

    Love the bangs/fringe hairstyles I'm seeing all over this season.

  407. Melissa says:

    I'm really sick of the leather trend. I just can't get behind the idea of a leather skirt.

  408. Elizabeth says:

    I'll never get tired of winter white outfits with a touch of black!!

    Trend that needs to die already- White jeans in the fall. Retire them for the winter with your white shoes!

  409. Cheng says:

    Can't get enough of cozy sweaters and flat riding boots.

  410. Katie says:

    Over: super tall heels. No one can walk in 5 inch heels! And hi-lo hems.

  411. Rebecca says:

    I'm not loving the start of the winter trend of girls thinking as long as they are wearing black tights,they can wear whatever booty shorts or mini-skirts they want, no matter how much of their butt is hanging out! see through tights do NOT make it better!

  412. rbh says:

    I am so tired of ombre hairstyles and leggings as pants. But definitely can't get over the Peter Pan collar (in moderation, of course!) and beautiful scarves with simple sweaters. Kind of my lifeline on most winter days for class.

  413. Caitlin says:

    Trend I'm sick of: sheer blouses over black bras. No one can pull this off in everyday life.

  414. Kathleen M says:

    HATING loudly patterned pants/leggings! Just…..ugh. Why are people still wearing these?

  415. Kelsey S says:

    I'm tired of peplum. I really don't think it looks good on anyone who isn't model-thin. Love the bags, though!

  416. ECM says:

    I am loving chunky knit sweaters right now! I think they're so versatile – you can dress them up or down!

  417. Hannah says:

    I'm loving neons in the fall and winter paired with cozy sweaters and cardigans.
    High-low skirts and dresses need to go and…Uggs. Don't even get me started…

  418. VCS says:

    Over: bare midriffs. I see this on hipster children non-stop. I'm glad you're healthy/fit, but a little modesty, please.

    Love: Fair isle sweaters and leather trim/details

  419. lindsay says:

    I'm done with neon. Just done with it.

  420. Katherine says:

    I love the lace trend. I have been trying for weeks to find a winter-white lace dress.

  421. Ashley says:

    Tired: high-low dresses/skirts

    Can't get enough: colored skinny cords with dark brown riding boots and chunky cable knit sweaters

  422. Mary says:

    Over peplum, and can't get enough of riding boots!

  423. Lynn says:

    I am so sick of ombre. Every time I think the madness is finally over, i see it again. Hair, nails, dresses…ugh.

  424. JulieDC says:

    The mullet skirt MUST GO.

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway, Belle!

  425. sas says:

    I am totally over itchy sweaters.

  426. Rachel says:

    I am loving colored denim!

  427. Amanda says:

    I am tired of short dresses with long hems in the back.

    When was that ever flattering?!?

  428. Kate says:

    So over high-low skirts and midi-length skirts. Just not flattering on most people.

  429. Jocelyn says:

    Mullet dresses need to end ASAP! Somebody please end the “business in the front, party in the back” trend…

  430. Amy says:

    Over (and never understood) Uggs with shorts or skirts!

  431. Jennifer says:

    Not only am I over this look, I was never into it in the first place — the mullet dress/skirt. Short in the front, long in the back. I have yet to see one that I think looks good/uncheap. I'll get excited about a garment on the rack and pull it out only to find is has an awkward trailing back hem line. Unfortunate. Sorry to the fans of this style, but I want a Lo & Sons bag and free would be my favorite way to get one. Actually, it would be my second L & S bag. I purchased during the last give away and LOVE it! Pick me. Pick me.

  432. Victoria says:

    I love the metallic-cap shoe trend – still looking for a pair of pointy flats with a metallic cap.

  433. SA says:

    So tired of the hi-low skirts and dresses!

  434. Katie says:

    Looks like I'm one of the few still loving peplum!
    I don't know if this counts as a trend, but I've never liked those Longchamp totes and I'm so tired of seeing them around campus!

  435. Sam says:

    I love the colored denim trend. The more colors the better!

  436. Sylvia says:

    I despise nail art! So very unprofessional, tacky, unrefined! Love the bag!

  437. Allison says:

    I was never a huge fan of peplum, or seeing women tottering around on ridiculous platform heels but I love love love the Lo & Sons bags (my roommate has one and I've been lusting after it for a while). Thanks for the giveaway!

  438. lhh says:

    Good riddens to Chevron.

  439. SRF says:

    So tired of OTT nail art. If you can't use your hands, what good is it?

  440. SP says:

    Can't get enough of the power flat. Stylish and comfortable… what's not to love?!

  441. Katie says:

    I think we can all agree that leggings need to disappear. People can have them back when they stop treating them as pants.

  442. I can't get enough of lace this season!! Timeless and girly! …And i love these bags for work and travel!! If i don't win I may need to get one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  443. marit100 says:

    Vera Bradley and leggings as pants be gone! They are the worst!

  444. kmb says:

    Can't get enough of tall boots and sweaters this time of year!

  445. CR says:

    I'm really over neon.

  446. Mrs. Type A says:

    I am so over the exposed zipper. I love the slipper shoe trend and hope they stay around as a rival to ballet flats for a couple years!

  447. Emma says:

    I'm so over neon (anything) and nail art – it just look so unprofessional!

  448. Liz says:

    Can't get enough of leopard print shoes and accessories!

  449. aclearcutsign says:

    Stripes! can't get enough of 'em! Such a classic print.

  450. CarlyRM says:

    I'm over booties worn with dresses. They just look so clunky!

  451. Angela says:

    I'm sick of exposed zippers. They cheapen/de-classic-fy the look of everything they're on.

  452. kwcarlso says:

    High wasted, obnoxiously short, cut off “jorts.”

  453. kjb says:

    I am so over the graphic/tribal/Native print thing. It reminds me of the late 80's early 90's and not in a good way!

  454. Stephanie says:

    I'm sick of the ubiquitous Tory Burch flat

  455. Kate says:

    I hate little booties but I can never get enough of tortoise shell!

  456. Kathryn S says:

    I can't get enough of arm parties! Fancy, rocker, hippie.. love them all!

  457. Christina says:

    uggs with skirts. why hasn't that died yet?!

    i'm loving all the lace that's in right now. keep it coming.

  458. Kate says:

    LOVING the leather accents trend – leather sleeves, leather shoulders, even just leather piping, it adds such a luxurious quality to everything from tshirts to sweaters to blazers.

    Just not sure about the leather pants/leggings trend – at least for those of us who are pear shaped and/or not perfectly toned on the bottom. talk about a garment that shows every imperfection – and then makes them shiny!

  459. Raquel says:

    cannot stand leather leggings
    also living in chicago I hate longchamps and Vera Bradley

  460. Morgan says:

    So tired of nail art! If you really think about it, its a bizarre trend. Not only is it impracticable and impossible for most women to actually do– the finished results are usually tacky.

  461. Adrien says:

    Tall boots forever! I hope they never go away.

  462. Kady says:

    Tired of: synthetic natural mix fabrics in the place of all natural. I don't mind the occasional piece but it is getting so hard to find pure wool, cotton, silk fabrics!!

  463. Jessica says:

    I am so sick of Vera Bradley! They're hideous!

  464. Amanda says:

    I'm am SO OVER hi-low dresses and skirts. I just don't get it.

  465. ella says:

    love peplum – so flattering, i wish it would really take off for longer than just a seasonal trend.

  466. cia says:

    So tired: Jeggings/leggings + (of course) UGGs

  467. Brittnie says:

    I'm so sick of peplum everything and hi-low skirts. They each can be cute in their own way, but when every girl I know is wearing one or the other and are all together…it's just wayyyyy to much!

  468. Kath says:

    Nail art. I'm over it. Can't we just stick to normal manicures?

  469. Susan says:

    I am SO SICK OF DOLMAN sleeves!! (the giant blousy sleeves that seem to be on everything from sweaters to tees, to blazers!)
    Why on earth would you want to wear a top that makes your arms look fat and your boobs look saggy?

  470. Elyse says:

    I cannot stand nail art… fun colors? yes. Nail stickers? no.

    love the bag!

  471. K says:

    I hate the high-low skirt trend. Why wear a mullet on your waist? Don't understand.

  472. Emily says:

    Loving leopard print. Don't think I'll ever get enough.

  473. Emily says:

    Tired: Shorts over tights. I thought the trend was gone, but apparently I was wrong.

  474. Deena says:

    I'm tired of people wearing leggings as pants without covering their nether regions. This look reminds me of elementary school gym class and seems inappropriate.

    I can't get enough of large purses, hence why I would so love to win a Lo & Sons O.M.G bag!

  475. Mags says:

    The one trend I can't get enough of: neutrals + neon.

  476. Jessica R. says:

    I'm sick of ankle booties, specifically with leggings. When worn under jeans they're fine, but with leggings, they are flattering on exactly no one.

  477. Ms. T says:

    I can't get enough of skinny jeans/leggings and boots. And Peter Pan collars – I hope they stick around.

  478. Kim C says:

    I detest the high heels with a super high platform. They make your feet look like hooves!

  479. EFM says:

    “Bubble” necklaces have (very) quickly worn out their welcome with me. They are everywhere…combine them with a short dress and cowboy boots and you have the college girl's football Saturday uniform. Why do you all want to look alike?

  480. Chele says:

    Booties! I'd love to find a pair that fits me and is comfortable.

  481. PW says:

    Still so in love with peplum! On everything, but especially tops so the look can reach maximum versatility ๐Ÿ™‚

  482. Paula says:

    Over: hi-low skirts/dresses!

  483. Sam says:

    I'm so dunzo with bird prints.

    I've been using my shapeless Longchamp for too long now as a gym bag. I need the OMG bag in plum!

    Thanks Belle!

  484. nelle says:

    thank you for a wonderful and generous give away!! been lusting after lo & sons for eons
    over: high-low hems and platform heels
    can't get enough of: infinity scarves and slouchy sweaters

  485. Becca says:

    Super skinny jeans. I'm mostly just jealous that my pear-shaped self would look awful in them! (I'm wanting the OMG bag so badly!!)

  486. ASC says:

    This isn't a trend per se, but I'm sick of seeing LV bags (checkered and monogrammed) everywhere.

  487. Dakota says:

    Totally over high-low skirts and ombre-dyed hair. UGH!

  488. Kay says:

    I am way tired of the hi-lo hem trend. On shirts, skirts, whatever… it looks good on about 2 women ever, and they are both in professionally shot magazine spreads.

  489. Sarah R. says:

    I am very into leather at the moment.

  490. mo says:

    i am over jeggings and skinny jeans! i <3 lo & sons!

  491. Moira says:

    Sick of neon and booties!

  492. Stephanie says:

    I'm getting sick of sheer illusion panels. Can they please go away now?

  493. K says:

    shorts and heels. mlech. what real human of average/normal proportions can pull that off? Looks dumb on those with great figures and tragic on those with a more huggable shape…

  494. Lisa says:

    I am tired of Vera Bradley. I never got into the printed quilted trend. I love the leather bags, especially patent leather. I'll have to give myself a Lo & Sons bag if I don't win this!

  495. Christina says:

    I still love gold jewelry.

  496. Jan says:

    I'm enjoying the patterned tights trend–so nice to get a bit of texture relieving the basic black.

  497. Nancy says:

    I'm completely over the peplum skirt…although that might be because I actually like it but it's just not flattering on my body shape.

  498. Laura S. says:

    I'm tired of jeggings! Even if you are skinny enough to be able to wear them, they often make your legs look like pipe cleaners!

  499. MMarek says:

    LOVE cigarette pant with suit!

  500. Virginia says:

    I'm SO over: When people scrunch up their jacket sleeves to show a sleeve underneath, ombre hair, hair chalking, denim on denim, mullet dresses and skirts, shorts in the winter, and pattern clashing.

    Still loving: Dark lips, maxi dresses/skirts, military style coats, lace-up boots, faux fur, scarves, and statement necklaces.

  501. CW says:

    I'm tired of handkerchief hems – they look messy!

  502. jas says:

    So tired of high-low skirts and dresses. The trend should be gone!

  503. Michele says:

    Love, love the Peter Pan collar. They're so demure and such a nice change of pace from regular button-downs.
    Thanks for another chance at this give-away!! Love your blog!

  504. Rose says:

    I know brown leather riding boots are in style. I like them and even own a pair, but I'm SO over their complete domination of winter fashion. It's gotten to the point that every time it dips below 60 degrees, almost every single female is wearing the exact same tall brown leather riding boots.

  505. Rae says:

    I am so over patterned tights on anyone over 13. They just look like awful tattoos from afar and so few people wear them well!

  506. Devon says:

    So sick of neon…it's impossible to make it look classy or work appropriate, and yet women still try. Leave it in the 80s, please!

    Thanks for the give away!

  507. Katie says:

    Leggings as pants drive me crazy!

  508. SD says:

    I am sick of booties–they chop the leg line and make most women look dumpier.

  509. Mae says:

    Tired: sock buns! In need of a new gym bag… Pick me!

  510. MRE says:

    So sick of the bubble necklace from JCrew — everybody has one!!!!

  511. Rachel says:

    I am sick of so many trends – Longchamp bags, hi-low hems, neon, Vera Bradley anything, Tory Burch anything, ombre hair, shorts with tights, leggings as pants, flip flops in general, oxford shoes…I can keep going, trust me.

  512. JB says:

    Peplums. WHO are they flattering on?!

  513. MultifariousM says:

    I'm completely over chevrons.

  514. therachel says:

    I am so over mullet skirts. That needs to end. Or tights under shorts.

  515. Consultant says:

    Can't get enough of — flannel shirts, leggings and boots!

  516. estelle says:

    sick of ombre!

    great giveaway. thanks!

  517. Samantha says:

    I love love love this bag! I am crossing my fingers!!!!

  518. Lisa says:

    Tired of Uggs. Love the new leather trend.

  519. Jessica says:

    Hating: Maxi dresses/skirts, patterned jeans and rompers. No one looks good in any of these!

    Loving: Cozy sweaters, riding boots and infinity scarves!

    I bought the O.M.G. bag because of your previous post and use it for work everyday. I would LOVE to get O.G. for traveling!

  520. Emily says:

    I'm still loving a hint of leather and animal print … both in moderation!

  521. Cat says:

    I'm sick of peplum. Can't wear it, so I hate it.

  522. K says:

    So tired of thick rimmed hipster glasses. There are really a lot of folks who would look much better with a more discrete, simple frame than a big black frame hiding his/her face.

    Thanks for the great giveaway Belle!

  523. Jade says:

    I'm so sick of neon colors on everything. It's nearly winter– bright pink is not exactly the most fitting color for the colder seasons! Loving leather, though. A light leather jacket is perfect for chilly nights out.

  524. DSL says:

    I am so over mullet dresses!!!

  525. Tara M. says:

    I am sick of the neon trend – I much prefer neutrals in my wardrobe.

  526. Linda L says:

    i love the leggings trend. With fall being way too short this year, it gives me a chance to continue to wear skirts. Like others, definitely not a fan of people wearing them as pants.

  527. ChristinaH says:

    Loving scarves! Although I miss summer already..

  528. JeanieMK says:

    Simply can't get enough of exposed zippers or leopard/cheetah print. They keep finding their ways into my closet and I'm not quite sure how…

  529. Anna says:

    I am loving studs as accents – on shirt collars, flats, lapels! It gives a fun and stylish edge to more muted items.

  530. SP says:

    I kind of hope this doesn't count as a trend, but I work at a university and have seen a ton of female students walking around in short shorts with tights under them. It isn't flattering and doesn't make it ok to wear booty shorts in the cold.

  531. Erika says:

    I'm over Hi low skirts/dresses. Still loving riding boots, leather, and polka dots (in moderation)

  532. MS says:

    I love the trend (and would actually want to try) oxblood items – they seem to be a beautifully autumn-y color.

  533. Mackenzie says:

    I'm completely sick of belly-baring shirts. They remind me of the 90s and only look cute on a select few body types. Not to mention that I've seen someone wear one to work – granted it was a business casual workplace, but still. So inappropriate!

  534. An says:

    So sick of jeggings. Mainly because too many people forget that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS and they still need to cover their butts while wearing them. I do not need to see that.

    Awesome giveaway!!!!

    Has anyone gotten the man bag? DId you like it? Thinking of giving one as a gift.

  535. Dena says:

    High-low skirts and dresses need to go away!

  536. Carrie says:

    I'm tired of high-low dresses. There are too few situations where they work.

  537. Marisa says:

    I am so over bizarre tailoring details… specifically, peplum on evening dresses and pick-ups on wedding gowns.

  538. Sally says:

    I am tired of wide stripes. They are not flattering to anyone except boys under the age of 8.

  539. Lynn says:

    Loving booties. I feel like it adds a bit of sass to my style.

  540. Leah says:

    I am loving statement necklaces paired with a monogrammed necklace!

  541. Andi says:

    sheer dresses that show too much- ie: Kristen Stewart at the LA at the premiere of Breaking Dawn. Entirely inappropriate.

    Totally want this bag! Good offer, Belle!

  542. Rosie says:

    I'm sick of the messy top-knot hair style. It takes me back to late-night study sessions in college.

  543. Rhi says:

    I'm loving tights. Especially since I travel to cold weather from Florida for work. They make the transition easier.

  544. Gabrielle says:

    I can't get enough of the feminine high waist pencil skirts. (mainly because they actually fit and flatter my body)

    I can't stand the 80's coming back.

  545. Katy says:

    Sick of bangs. They fill me with rage.

  546. An says:

    I can't wait for graphic pull overs to be gone. Gone!!

    Thanks for the give away!

  547. Melissa says:

    i'm really over neon, and particularly chartreuse.

  548. LAG says:

    I'm over peplum. I know, I know…. everyone seems to love it. But I can't help but feel that it's one of those things that will look ridiculous when looking back at photos 5-10 years from now.

  549. tx says:

    The short in the front long in the back dresses and skirts have got to go! I'm also over chevron but I think I'm in the minority with that one.

  550. Stephanie says:

    Totally loving leather jackets and anything with studs

  551. Bpalaz says:

    I'm so over hi-lo skirts and dresses!

  552. A says:

    More cape coats for fall!

  553. elz says:

    So sick of peep toe booties. If you need boots, they should cover your toes!

  554. Allison says:

    I am so sick of the wedge sneaker trend!!! Ready for the sneakers to be flat on the ground again :).

  555. M says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway. A trend I have loved before it was a trend, love now and will always love: the smoking slipper. Less twee and more chic than any ballet flat and they go with everything.

  556. Sanja says:

    Absolutely loathe exposed zippers, especially on delicate tops. Ruins the look (and they frequently aren't properly supported, so ruins the top, too!)

  557. Agnes says:

    Loving the leather trend, whether it's in accents or entire pieces of clothing.

  558. Kel says:

    Tired of gym shorts with leggings and uggs (yes, that's a thing in the college town I live in, and no I've never worn this)

  559. ayellowrose says:

    Good NIGHT… if I never see a buttoned-up-to-the-neck-cutting-off-the-blood-to-someones-brain collar again, it will be too soon. On a much lighter note I bought my first pair of commando tights and Im in LOVE!!!!

  560. Elizabeth says:

    I'm loving everything oxblood! Such a rich color.

  561. trilliz says:

    Loving: oxblood everything. It's a flattering color for me, and it's nice to have a stylish excuse!

  562. Jessica says:

    a) Uggs need to go. Especially worn in public with what are obvsly the leggings slept in the night before. Peeptoe boots. They make no sense. If I want boots, it's because the weather's cold enough/bad enough to wear them. If it's not cold/bad outside, why would you wear any form of boot? Totes ridiculous.

  563. enox says:

    I'm loving on the mixed pattern trend, I can't get enough!

  564. Gina says:

    NEON. Please just GO AWAY. It's not the 1980s anymore.

  565. Shanycole says:

    I'm sick of sweaters with a fox on the front.

  566. CR says:

    I live near a college campus and when it gets cold, you start to see packs of sorority girls wearing the same black leggings with cognac boots. It's like they're wearing a uniform! I'm definitely over the legging trend, they are not pants!

  567. Sophia says:

    LOVE the leggings trend. So comfortable!

  568. BethC says:

    Pajamas as clothes to wear outside the house, usually in combination with bed head and Uggs. (We're in a college town…)

  569. Causlander says:

    Loving: Flat boots. I always thought petites couldn't wear them but it's all about proportions.

    Hating: Hi-lo dresses. Especially when worn in a professional environment.

  570. Justine says:

    At first I thought Peplums would be awful, but now that more stores are doing them, there's a lot of nice ones out there!

  571. DRF says:

    leggings! ugh!

  572. Cathy says:

    Love: the colour oxblood

    Hate: that the colour is called oxblood! (whatever happened to burgundy?)

  573. Jen says:

    The day bow blouses are wrong- I won't want to be right! Love their balance of feminine and masculine and their versatility to dress up or down.

  574. Gaby says:

    I am so sick of nail art! totally wishing everyone would just be classic and paint their nails a solid color.

  575. B says:

    A) Leggings are not pants and should not be worn as such!
    B) Booties are growing on me for fall.

  576. Wendy T says:

    I'm tired of the cutesy animal (French hen, bulldog, owl, etc.) sweaters.

  577. Kayla says:

    I'm so sick of the bubble necklaces.

  578. Amy D. says:

    WOW – that is a great bag – thank you so much for the giveaway!! The trend that I am loving this season are the embellished/sparkly/shiny/dotted/patterned/etc. jeans and pants. Pants are usually so boring (well, tailoring and fit aside) I am just loving seeing all the gorgeous colors, textures, and light-catching awesomeness out there right now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  579. Amy says:

    Loving velvet, deep red lips, and clashing patterns.

  580. Karen says:

    I'm loving the tall boots and sweater dress trend. I can't stand the exposed zipper trend – when are they going to start putting zippers on the inside of garments where they belong?!

  581. Elizabeth says:

    I'm so tired of:
    -the smoking slippers (only works with a really avant-garde/fashion-forward outfit– otherwise, you just look like you got out of bed)
    -sparkly Toms
    -shapeless tops
    -flatforms. Ugh.

  582. InfoDiva says:

    Booties must go.

  583. Amy says:

    Sick of: exposed zippers

    Loving: all the greens, deep blues, oxblood and rich colors I'm seeing this fall

  584. Erika says:

    Curious about peplum…sick of hi-lo skirts.

  585. Kat says:

    Time to go: stacking a zillion mismatched and all too often cheap bracelets…or what is being used as such….with the oversized watch…. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  586. Lucy says:

    I am sick of cropped pants. They look terrible on my skinny legs, but they are EVERYWHERE. Can we please move on?

  587. Debbie says:

    I'm so tired of leggings as pants (trust me, they aren't), those J.Crew bubble necklaces that everyone wears (and all the copycat versions), huge platforms and tall boots with bare legs.

  588. Sarah says:

    Over: leggings as pants.
    Love: colorful winter coats.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  589. Marcy says:

    I love the burgundy (“oxblood”? really?) trend for fall. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  590. A.R.L. says:

    I hate extreme platforms. They're totally impractical, and am I the only one who thinks they look like horse hooves?
    I love chunky sweaters. So warm, so wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, I'm happy to see you doing another giveaway from Lo & Sons! I'm drooling over these bags!

  591. Rose says:

    Broken record: leggings are not pants. So over it.

  592. Kaelyn says:

    Things that are not pants: leggings. Also I'm about ready for neon to be done. Thanks for posting this giveaway!

  593. Ateka says:

    Can't get enough of the belted drape cardigan sweater. I personally like to wear them with leggings, soft cotton top, hoop earrings, and flats with my hair half up half down .thanks for a great giveaway.

  594. Katelyn says:

    i am over shorts worn in the winter with tights. what gives??

    I hope to win! the plum is amazing!

  595. Christine says:

    I'm totally sick of seeing neon. It was awful when I was 8; it is awful now. I didn't wear it the first time and I won't know. It just needs to disappear like every other awful 80's trend.

  596. kenna says:

    I am tired of seeing women wear mixed seasons – as in, cut off jean shorts and their wool jackets and scarves! If it's cold enough to put on a wool jacket- put some pants or tights on!
    Something I can't get enough of: the slight glitter and shimmer you can get away with during the winter months ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the opportunity Belle!

  597. Jess says:

    I'm in love with tall riding boots! And I'm so glad it's finally scarf weather!

  598. Courtney says:

    I'm over leopard prints and clingy jersey knit shirts that have no shape (seem to be very popular at Banana Republic)

  599. Jennifer says:

    I am sick of the crazy nail polish–chevron patterned nails, extra sequin-y things on them, crazy stuff like that. Some of the ones I've seen on Pinterest are terrible! I'd be thrilled to see those go!

  600. Phoebe says:

    I really like the bold lip color trend! Anything from bright corals to deep burgundies…

  601. MX says:

    Trend I can't get enough of: metallic nail polish.
    Only downside – it's a weekend look, which takes me back to my grade school days where we couldn't wear nail polish to school due to a dress code.

  602. Jessica says:

    Shamefully cannot get enough of the ring finger glitter.

  603. Sheena says:

    I am sick of peplum. It breaks up the figure and it just doesn't add anything to an outfit.

    I will never get tired of legging and Knee high boots. When executed properly it looks good on almost everyone.

  604. Anna says:

    I still think waxed jeans are so cool. I bought my first pair last week – and they are a comfy as stretchy jeans – and I feel so cool wearing them!!

    I'm so over oxfords – a high-vamp does not work for me…

  605. Liz H. says:

    Tired of seeing people where leggings as pants.

  606. Milena says:

    I am so totally over platform pumps… they make everyone's feet look like horse hooves! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  607. Charlene says:

    So over anything high waisted, does not look good on anyone.

    Love this bag!

  608. angela says:

    Loving the trend toward smaller purses. Big bags are great for work but who wants to lug one around outside of work.

  609. Melissa says:

    Dislike: Really baggy coats on men or women, not flattering, and generally also makes the person look like an insensitive jerk going for a 'homeless' aesthetic

    Like: Henleys! little bit of detailing at the neck make them cute : )

  610. Amelia says:

    I'm currently loving: neon, leather, spiked shoes, the orange/pink combination, and herringbone.

  611. Emily says:

    Oxblood is definitely growing on me….

  612. Timsy says:

    Hipsters! As a whole, stinking, group of people.

  613. M-C says:

    I'm totally on the woven silk loose t-shirt trend. Perhaps not great for mid-winter, although you can always use a silk underlayer. But expect to see me in these for at least 9 month of next season!

  614. Choco says:

    Iร‚ยดm tired of exposed zippers. A dress looks nice on the from you turn it around and it looks more casual and cheaper looking. Can be really annoying.

  615. Susan says:

    I'm so sick of the high-low dress trend. Why on earth do people want to wear a dress that resembles a muilet??

  616. tiaracara says:

    I am SO DONE with: IKAT pattern everything!! flowered jeans, high-waisted shorts, platform heels, crop tops, tube dresses, LONGCHAMP BAGS, peep toe booties/cage shoes

    I am so in LOVE with: stacked bracelets, scarves, lace, chevron, polka dots, booties, animal print shoes, silky/flowey blouses, DENIM SHIRTS!

  617. Anita says:

    It's always during this time of year, I'm loving tall boots and comfy sweaters. It's too bad I just moved from DC to Florida!

  618. JB says:

    Belle – you're the best!! Thanks for another great give away.

    Can't get enough of: ponte everything, riding boots, burgundy, and leather details!

  619. Karin says:

    Chevron is not a good look for anyone IMHO.

  620. Michelle says:

    I'm so ready for hi-low skirts and printed jeans to stop existing. Loving dark nails for fall and pops of leopard print though!

  621. Lindsey says:

    So over black leggings over neon panties at work. I see London, I see France, I see the reason why LEGGINGS ARE NOT WORK PANTS.

  622. star says:

    Trend that I never understood indeed: Longchamp bags! It's nylon, with one compartment, no structure, but still cost an arm and leg.

    Basically, a poor man's version of this Lo & Son's bag!

  623. JulieY says:

    Tired of color blocking. Too many retailers doing it now, no longer fresh. And I think it may look dated next year or so.

  624. Judy says:

    So sick of – Maxi dresses and skinny jeans!

  625. liana says:

    I still can't get enough polka dots!

  626. Caro says:

    Thanks Belle! I'm so over Toms… I caved and bought a pair just as commute shoes but not only did they fall apart in a matter of a few months, I don't like how the name is splashed all over four times.

  627. Kristen says:

    I am loving tall boots with long cozy sweaters for weekends. I am really sick of maxi dresses and skirts- they look cute on stick thin girls, but they really aren't flattering on the 98% of us that have some curves!

  628. Em says:

    I know you've been tempted recently, but I HATE HATE HATE the long fur/hair vest trend that has emerged. Even the classiest ladies kind of look like they've time traveled from cave man days in those things. I also feel like people might just start walking up and petting people that wear them.

    Haha rant over, that's a nice bag and I'd love to be a lucky recipient! You're the best!

  629. CTW says:

    I am definitely over the belted cardigan look. Throw a belt around your blouse, but stuffing your cardigan under it looks bunchy and plain unprofessional.

  630. Sara Willis (swegl) says:

    I live in a college town, and I am exhausted with the girls' favorite outfit here: nike shorts and an oversized t-shirt. These are cute girls with cute clothes, but they won't wear anything else to class! Since the temp has gone down, it's now leggings with oversized t-shirts!

  631. jmg says:

    Love patterned tights!

  632. Christina says:

    I cannot get enough of leopard print – it has gotten to a point where i think of it more as a neutral because it goes with so much! A great way to add some sassy, while still looking polished. Leo-pardon me for my love for this pattern.

  633. MM says:

    Still can't get enough of polka dots!

  634. Meridith says:

    Obsessed with riding boots. They look fantastic on everyone!! I'm also obsessed with these bags!

  635. Joie says:

    I am pretty much OVER chevron.

  636. Laura says:

    High-low skirts are the WORST. They're the fashion equivalent to a mullet.

    (I love the O.M.G. bag in blue!)

  637. Laura says:

    I'm so tired of those bubble necklaces and all their iterations. It's not a statement piece if everyone is making the same statement!

  638. Kristen says:

    I am over painting your ring finger a different color than the rest of your nails. Who decided that looked cute?

  639. Brittany says:

    I am in love with gold glitzy dresses!! Seriously the blingy the better! They tend to brighten up a dull and (hopefully) cold fall evening or weekend night out.

  640. Heather says:

    sick of booties! They flatter no one.

  641. Rebecca says:

    Trend I am tired of: super high heels/platforms.

  642. Shannon R. says:

    I work on a college campus. I am over leggings and Ugg boots. It is a trend that WILL NOT DIE.

  643. KC says:

    I am tired of bright colored skinny jeans. I think it's poised to be to 2010s what the wide-necked sweatshirt and legwarmers were to the 1980s.

  644. C says:

    So tired of: Vera Bradley bags (those overly-loud prints are so obnoxious) and leggings as pants. If you really just came from the gym in those tights/leggings, you wouldn't look that put together.

    Can't get enough of the short western booties (a couple inches above the ankle height) over skinny jeans.

  645. Beth says:

    I'm soooo sick of seeing fishtail dresses, especially when it's cut really short in the front. It's a mullet made of fabric

  646. AK says:

    I am so over high-low dresses (though to be honest I didn't like them much in the first place) but loving that flats are more acceptable as work shoes. My feet are over wearing heels all day…

  647. Kristina says:

    So interested to try these bags…thanks for the discount code!

    I, for one, have had enough peplum in my life. I think it's like hearing a great song so many times on the radio that you start to hate it. What initially was a fun little flounce now feels so overdone that it just looks like gratuitous fabric adding bulk to the hips. So ready for a new silhouette-of-the-moment!

  648. Sarah says:

    I am totally guilty of loving every minute of this colored skinny jeans trend… but I'd be happy to see chevron die a slow death.

  649. cathy says:

    I am tired of ultra low rise everything!

  650. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! The one trend I am sick of is high-low skirts.

  651. Amanda says:

    I'm a big fan of the color blocking that's showing up more this year. It's especially a nice way to change up basic skirts and sweaters to have one with a yellow strip or blocking in different patterns.

  652. Katherine says:

    The oxford shoe trend should die a slow painful death.

  653. Patricia says:

    I love the blue with black trend. Completely over tights and shorts, especially jean shorts.

  654. Carly says:

    I am SO tired of the high-low shirts, skirts and dresses. And I know that the people that are investing their lives in them are going to wear them for years to come!

  655. Nancy says:

    sick of Vera Bradley and high low skirts. Give me more of the equistrian style – nice to know that my simple leather purse and winter boots are still in style.

  656. Erin says:

    I'm loving all of the burgundy this fall!

  657. Samantha says:

    I am tired of booties. They look funny and I don't understand why you wouldn't just stick with a normal high heel or boot. Just pick one!

  658. amandal says:

    I absolutely cannot get enough of knee-high boots and sweaters. The boots are the perfect way to pull together an outfit while still remaining comfortable for the insane amount of walking I do!

  659. Kerry K says:

    I'm sick of opentoed boots (or booties). If you are wearing boots, it's more than likely cold outside and odd to see bare toes.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  660. KL says:

    Over high-low skirts, the “I accidentally stepped on the front of my skirt” look is growing old.

  661. Kim says:

    Can't get enough of fisherman sweaters and leggings with tall boots.

  662. Kelly says:

    I can't get enough riding boots! Love them!

    Over: exposed zippers on dresses!


  663. Kelly says:

    I can't get enough riding boots! Love them!

    Over: exposed zippers on dresses!


  664. KC says:

    Please make the uggs stop. I see women wearing them with suits into our office. No!

  665. angela says:

    Please, no more neon.

  666. Leah S. says:

    So Over It: Mullet shirts. Those short in the front and long in the back monstrosities. To stay a hair positive, I can't get enough of chunky scarves, statement necklaces and chunky sweaters with skinny jeans and boots.

  667. krc says:

    HATE: the zoey d haircut

    LOVE: collared button ups under dresses

  668. LR says:

    Fingers crossed for this bag! It looks amazing. I am still loving the (faux) fur trend – so cozy.

  669. JB says:

    So tired of exposed zippers – i think it started with the Project Runway folks who couldn't sew and has turned into a lazy manufacturers dream. Enough!

  670. Michelle says:

    I am so over everything having spikes on it, bags, purses, etc. The last time I walked through the Nordstrom's shoe dept, I just had to shake my head. Where would you EVER where those?

  671. Sarah says:

    I am can't get enough of anything wine/plum/burgendy in color. It is just works so well for the fall and my complexion.

  672. Anna says:

    Tired of: sheer polyester button-downs — especially the 'high-low' cut ones!

    Fortunately, I am loving burgundy (such a flattering shade!) and the increasing availability of eco-friendly beauty products and packaging.

  673. Sam says:

    Mullet dresses/skirts. UGH.

  674. LB says:

    I cannot get enough of riding boots with cozy sweater socks!

  675. Em says:

    So sick of sock buns. Ugh.

  676. Camilla says:

    I love the Lo & Sons bags! I hope this give-away is open to international readers ๐Ÿ˜‰

    One trend that I've had enough of is legging. Enough already! Especially when people mistake them for pants. Grr!

  677. Laura says:

    I am tired of seeing tights with jean shorts- especially tights which are not opaque!

  678. Lauren says:

    I cannot get enough of leather this season.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  679. MC says:

    I LOVE the sweater dress trend. Whether they are layered with legging, long cardigans or fun jewelry I think they are an essential in any wardrobe especially as we move into cold weather season.

  680. R says:

    Trend I am over: Leggings as pants (ESPECIALLY when they are see-through! Ladies, no one in public needs to know which panties you are wearing.)

    Would like the O.G. bag in plum please ๐Ÿ™‚

  681. ann says:

    really over exposed zippers. but I am loving the animal prints this season!

  682. Sarah V. says:

    Pro – sweater weather, boots, and skinny jeans. Con – high heeled sneakers (seriously, what are they). Thanks, Belle!

  683. Whitley says:

    One trend I'm loving is neutral vest (think J Crew's camel puffer vest) over a fun colored button up (solid or plaid)

  684. Meg says:

    So very, very tired of flatforms. How were they ever considered stylish?!

  685. Tierra says:

    I'm all-the-way tired of peplum skirts. It could be cute if more folks read this blog and could do it correctly.

  686. ADL says:

    Not necessarily a trend but I'm tired of seeing women wearing inappropriate clothing to the workplace/office. Tunics and tights/leggings do not make an appropriate outfit for the workplace. For the weekend, yes. Office, no. *end rant.

  687. Christiana says:

    Loving the oxblood color for this season. It is so pretty in everything from tops, bottoms, nail polish, shoes and many others (not all together, of course).

  688. Liz says:

    Trends I love: peplum, peter pan collars and (real) leather

    Ready to say goodbye to: smoking slippers

  689. Em says:

    The cut out trend – whether it be the upper stomach, or the sleeves, or whatever. It is not cute, and you have to be super skinny to pull it off. ๐Ÿ™

  690. Shaunta says:

    UGG boots just have to go!!!

  691. Sarah B says:

    No more brown riding boots. Stop it.

  692. Jessica says:

    A trend I'm TOTALLY sick of seeing is a blouse buttoned all the way to the neck with a huge layered necklace over it. Thanks, JCrew.

  693. mino says:

    Can't get enough of – leopard and snakeskin as the new neutral.
    Can't wait to see – high-low hem line – be gone.

    Thanks for a great give away and discount code!

  694. Diane says:

    Tired of everything being ombre!

  695. Lindsay says:

    I cannot get enough of (faux) fur vests!

  696. E says:

    Like some other posters I have to say I am tired of leggings as pants. cover your butt. It does not look as good as you think it does.

    I am loving the oxblood trend.

  697. K says:

    I feel like the biggest stick in the mud about it, but I just can't get behind the cropped pants trend. Maybe it is because I live somewhere with real seasons and realities like snow, mud and wet which make cropped pants less than practical for many months of the year.

    But I do love a utilitarian bag…

  698. jpo says:

    I can't get enough faux fur!

  699. Jay says:

    I'm both loving and over scarves. On the one hand, I love it when it gets cold enough to bring out my favorite pale pink cashmere one. On the other hand, I can think of two ladies at my office who wear one religiously in quite dreadful colors.

  700. Laura says:

    ombre, particularly with hair. it's just a french-sounding way of your roots showing.

  701. Rosy says:

    HATE cropped tops! They are flattering on no one and have no practical place in the real world.

  702. Jennifer H. says:

    Vera Bradley bags, and not sure how popular this trend is, but last week I witnessed a late-20s professional in full business suit attire sporting WHITE IRIDESCENT SEQUINED UGGS in Starbucks at an informal business meeting! I'm still speechless.

  703. Carissa says:

    Over (well actually never really got it in the first place) high low dresses. They're the mullet of the dress world!

  704. Aggie says:

    I can't get enough of riding boots. Perfect for fall and winter commutes to grad school!

  705. Sarah says:

    I'm over hi-low dresses/skirts. I love the leather trend, but have yet to successfully incorporate it.

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway! I've coveted these bags since your last review!

  706. Whitney says:

    I'm over the manicure with the ring fingernail painted a different color.

  707. Irene says:

    Love the color oxblood. And would love to see the hi-low hem trend go away…I do not understand the look at all.

  708. kme says:

    Sick of the high-low skirts and dresses. I pretty much loathe them and have a friend who refers to them as “mullet” dresses – which maybe the best term ever.

  709. Sara says:

    I'm tired of peplum!

  710. Caro says:

    So sick of peep-toe booties!

  711. HT says:

    I am so over neon.

  712. Jessica says:

    I am sick of seeing dresses with exposed zippers.

  713. Holly says:

    Trend I wish would go away: bedazzled Peter Pan collars.

  714. Jessica says:

    I absolutely love the oxblood trend this season. I am all about deep colors in the fall, and I love that it is not black!

  715. Sansanee says:

    So tired of leggings being worn without proper layers. Leggings are not the same as pants!

  716. JS says:

    Since I first saw them last year, I have been obsessed with navy nails for cold weather. Picked up Butter's Royal Navy a few weeks ago and it's one of my all time favorites.

  717. Is glitter a proper trend?
    I think so.
    I can't seem to get enough of it. If done subtly, and done right, I think glittler (a little shine here and there; nails, earrlings, a cami peaking through my blazer, or a full blown glitter/sqequin dress for the holidays) is a trend that can stay.
    At least until I get sick of surrounding myself with glitter 24/7.

  718. Whitney says:

    Loathing: nail art, crop tops, high-low hemlines, and (not that it's still a trend per se) graphic tees. Loving: jewel tones especially teal and burgundy.

  719. Charleigh London says:

    Can't stand flip flops. I come from San Diego where the beach is five minutes away, and even San Diegans don't wear flip flops unless specifically partying on the beach. But here in three-hours-from-the-nearest-beach D.C.? They're EVERYwhere. Specifically can't stand seeing men's feet in flip flops at the club, at night. My rules are, flip flops should not be worn past 6pm unless going to the grocery store, or doing one's laundry. The rule extends to women too. Flip flops are defined for women as maybe just being one color, no backing, and no baubles or bows on them. Sandals are acceptable, but again, must be markedly different looking than a flip flop.

  720. Alex says:

    Tired of/Never understood the mohawk, high-low skirts. They're just not flattering.

    Cannot get enough of equestrian boots – tis the season!

  721. ktvorwald says:

    Boots with fur. No. Just no.

  722. Hillary says:

    I was over neon the moment it “came back!”

  723. Ashley says:

    I am over mullet skirts, especially the ones that have such drastic lengths.

  724. Sarah says:

    LOVING over-sized cozy sweaters!!!

  725. Anna says:

    Oooh, I'm tired of high-low skirts and dresses. But I'm in looovvvve with Lo & Sons bags! Especially the OMG in black.

  726. Sara says:

    Can't get enough of shirtwaist dresses! I think they're flattering on most figures (if they fit right), are feminine but not girly, and can be incredibly versatile. They're also really comfortable.

  727. Katie says:

    I can't get enough of the colored jeans trend!

  728. m says:

    I'm over the neon trend. Honestly, I don't think it was ever a good idea!

  729. Sweetpea says:

    Dislike: Distressed Jean. The style is very tacky to me and it baffles my mind why people would intentionally WANT holes in their clothes.

  730. Britt says:

    Shorts with tights. Can't stand it anymore!

  731. mb says:

    I can't get enough of leopard print!!

  732. ecdoc says:

    if i see another pair of dropped-crotch pants…

  733. Um I love the one finger-different polish trend. Sorry!

    I hate the visible thigh high trend. Leave it in the 90s and wherever else it came from.

  734. Beth says:

    I love everything oxblood this year!

  735. Tina C. says:

    LOVE: Leopard print
    HATE: Cut out dresses…YUCK!

  736. Carolyn L. says:

    I can't get enough of fall colors! Mustard yellow and burgundy (or oxblood as it is referred to this season…) are my favorites.

  737. Heidi says:

    Love the layered necklaces trend!

  738. Jae_Jae says:

    Love the O.G. bag! No longer loving the leggings + tees trend.

  739. Courtney says:

    I've been obsessing over this bag forever!! I love the OG in PLUM! Done and done.

  740. Amy says:

    Sick of: leggings as pants. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!

  741. Megan A says:

    I can't get enough leather this season!

  742. Sarah K. says:

    I'm loving chambray shirts. They are so versatile!

  743. Lexi says:

    Ugg Boots… I'm in college and girls wear them with nike tempo shorts. It is awful. They need to go away!

  744. Lianne says:

    I am so tired of Longchamp Le Pliage bags (and digging through the abyss to find anything). That's why this giveaway is PERFECT!

  745. Jennifer says:

    I love the chambray shirt trend.

  746. marissac says:

    I am still loving all of the oxblood/burgundy/wine that has been shown this fall/winter. On the flip side, I'm definitely over neon and high/low hem skirts and dresses.

    Thanks for another great giveaway, Belle!

  747. Christine says:

    OMG in plum

  748. min says:

    i hate shorts in the winter trend. isn't it too cold for shorts?

  749. Laura says:

    I'm so over high-low skirts and dresses! I just don't get it.

  750. Emily says:

    I am tired if split sleeves on dresses and tops.

  751. Charlie says:

    I'd like to win this bag for my girlfriend. This is her favorite blog and this seems to be her kind of bag. Oh, and for the trend, I along with the majority of guys are ready for uggs to end. Just because Tom Brady endorses them doesn't make em cool

  752. Celeste says:

    Totally over neons! (never really into it, actually).

  753. Kristy says:

    I love the scarf trend. All kinds, all year round, perfect practical and stylish accessory.

  754. KC says:

    Why leggings as pants became a trend, I'll never know. Hoping it will run its course soon enough.

  755. Jessica says:

    I'm a bit over Chevron as well… Too much!! Fingers crossed for the OMG bag!!

  756. BizBee says:

    Totally sick of peplum. It looks great on some people but makes me look like a cupcake.

  757. Cait says:

    I hate exposed zippers. I have always hated expose zippers. I still hate exposed zippers. They look so cheap and poorly constructed!. UGH.

    Oh the other hand, I love that everyone is finally with me on polka dots. They are the greatest.

  758. niki says:

    I am so sick of the “high low” / mullet dresses, but I am loving the “oxblood” burgundy color thats popular right now- beautiful!

  759. Jade says:

    Can't get enough of: scarves! They go with almost anything and can be worn year round.

  760. B says:

    I am so sick of skirts with uggs. YUCK.

  761. Brittany says:

    I love patterned tights with skirts.

  762. Angie says:

    Trend I love – anything ethnic print!

  763. ColleenMarie says:

    I'm loving the leather and lace combination, a little bit of bad ass with a little bit of sweet and sophisticated!

  764. Grace says:

    I love the trend of structured/classic handbags. Wearing one makes me feel so much more put together and getting a classic shape makes it an investment piece that will last.

    Trends I'm ready to say goodbye to: wedge sneakers.

  765. aarosen says:

    Will never get enough of vests of any kind– fur, fleece, puffy are all wonderful

  766. Anne says:

    really into: wearing multiple, colorful bracelets with my watch. also polka dots.

  767. Jacquelyn says:

    So tired of my Longchamp bag that I've been carrying since college. It's time to find a worthy replacement!

  768. LCP says:

    Tired: Sock buns, mullet dresses & the bubble necklace!

  769. Shelley says:

    I've noticed a lot of women wearing flats in DC lately.and I think it's Belle's fault! I like wearing flats, but I think it's getting a little out of control. : )

  770. jWm says:

    SO not cool with kitten heels! Flats or heels, both are cool in my book. But make up your mind!

  771. Brm says:

    I love the oxblood trend! I can't get enough of that beautiful color.

  772. jlo87 says:

    So tired of TOMS–do not understand the appeal of the shoe in terms of structure / appearance.

  773. Lady Harriet says:

    I am so tired of these quasi-Flashdance giant droopy tops I keep seeing. They're unflattering even on gorgeous women.

  774. Stacey D says:

    The hipster look. It makes me stabby when I see an otherwise lovely young woman dressing like an extra on the set of “Girls”

  775. Elizabeth says:

    Can't get enough animal print… in a tasteful manner, of course!

  776. Christie says:

    I'm tired of nail art. Give me a lovely nude polish any day of the week.

  777. ww says:

    Sick of high-low dresses!

  778. Alex says:

    I'm completely obsessed with the peplum trend. I need more of it in my life constantly ๐Ÿ™‚

  779. Ambriss R. says:

    I really like Chevron & Ikat print when done correctly.

  780. Logan says:

    Still in love with color blocking. I'm so sick of tights being worn as pants!

  781. the gelt says:

    i am VERY over skinny jeans. i know that they'll never die, but can we get some variation in denim, please?

    black is forever, though – hence coveting a black o.g. bag.

  782. Belle says:


  783. anth says:

    Leggings as pants with ugg boots or ugg slippers worn in public.

  784. Laura says:

    So over leggings, open toed booties Yuck!, Foulard print shirts I don't get them:)

  785. Morgan says:

    So over high-low dresses and ombre hair. Pinterest is keeping them alive and it's not cute.

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Ask the Editor: Swimwear for Your 40s

The unofficial start of summer means that pools across the country are opening and beach trips are on the horizon, and that means swimwear. And the older you get, the tougher it can be to find the right suit.



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Ask the Editor: Vol. IV, No. Twenty-One

This week, the reader mail bag was full of little things. Pajama advice. Jewelry cleaning tips. Small things, but ones you might also be curious about, so let’s get started.



Bag Week: The Statement Bag

Sometimes your outfit just needs something. Some color. Some sparkle. Something bold, something impactful, a statement. These bags bring that extra.




Ask the Edit, Style, Top Posts | May 28, 2024

Ask the Editor: Swimwear for Your 40s

The unofficial start of summer means that pools across the country are opening and beach trips are on the horizon, and that means swimwear. And the older you get, the tougher it can be to find the right suit.



Ask the Edit, Posts, Style | May 23, 2024

Ask the Editor: Vol. IV, No. Twenty-One

This week, the reader mail bag was full of little things. Pajama advice. Jewelry cleaning tips. Small things, but ones you might also be curious about, so let’s get started.



Fantastic Finds, Posts, Style | May 23, 2024

Bag Week: The Statement Bag

Sometimes your outfit just needs something. Some color. Some sparkle. Something bold, something impactful, a statement. These bags bring that extra.



Add to Cart, Features, Posts | May 22, 2024

Add to Cart: Recent Amazon Finds

Bette Midler once famously said, “I want it all, and I want it delivered.” She is my soul sister.