Belle's Weekly Favorites–July 23, 2012


1. MSGM Powder Pink Sleeveless Peplum Dress ($282) // 2. Non Je Ne Regrette Rien Print ($83) // 3. we dream in colour Valencia Cuff ($52) // 4. Laura Geller Carribean Kiss Lipstick ($18) and Benefit Dandelion Gloss ($16) // 5. Blythe Dot-Print Silk Blouse ($128) and Zig-Zag Sequin Tee ($138) // 6. Lulu Foldover Lambskin Clutch ($200) and Mini Lulu ($65)

Polyvore Set Here.

One. The problem with pink dresses is that they’re usually too pink.  Too Jackie Kennedy in Dallas.  Too Steel Magnolias.  Too Pepto-Bismol.  Too 1980s electric-neon pink.  But this dress is perfectly pink because it manages to be sophisticated in its pinkness.  

However, if you just want the peplum without the pink, the dress also comes in cobalt.  And if you’d like a peplum dress but can’t justify spending three bills on one, Asos makes a nice sleeveless peplum for just over $100.

Two.  I spotted this print some weeks ago on another website, but $83 for a print that’s not even framed struck me as too steep.  Since I can’t stop thinking about it, and keep staring at the bare wall beside my bed thinking how nice it would look in that space, $83 suddenly sounds like a perfectly reasonable amount to pay.  That’s the definition of obsession.  Hopefully, I’ll have no regrets.

Three.  I plan to buy two of these brass verdigris cuffs, one for each arm.  I just love the colors and textures.  Now I just need a mint-colored chiffon blouse to wear with them.

Four. I’ve made a concerted effort this summer to start wearing lip color.  I searched most of the season for a nearly nude lipstick that complimented my natural lip color, and then the darn thing just showed up in my Birchbox.  

The Laura Geller Carribean Kiss lipstick has two shades, and the pink shade is the perfect color for me.   Also, I love the Dandelion lip gloss from Benefit, which should come as no suprise since I love its pinky blush counterpart as well.

Five.  I had just resolved to be done shopping until September when the J.Crew Pre-Fall catalog arrived in the mail.  I couldn’t resist the sequin zigzag blouse above.  The polka dot and end-on-end shirtdresses also proved to be too much for me.  Though I did draw the line at the polka-dot Blythe blouse, also above.  Here’s hoping none of it fits and it all has to be sent back.  

Six. I have a small obsession with leather pouches and clutches, so these tasseled ones from Blair Ritchey immediately captured my heart.  If you share my affections but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, American Apparel makes some reasonably priced ones that are perfect for keeping you organized when you travel.



  1. CynthiaW says:

    Repeat to self: I already have too many polka dot dresses; I already have too many polka dot dresses; I already have too many polka dot dresses; I already have too many polka dot dresses;

    I think I need to go lie down until the urge to buy that JCrew dress goes away…

    July 23, 2012/Reply
  2. Parker (Boardroom Belles) says:

    This is a fabulous new column, Belle. I forced myself to quickly flip through the J.Crew catalogue while I was only half awake and then instructed my man to forcibly withdraw it from my hands and immediately deposit it in the recycling bin. I also turned off wireless until I was certain I wasn't going to compulsively log on and ruin my credit score.

    July 23, 2012/Reply
  3. e says:

    I just want to say how much I enjoy this new column! Thanks Belle.

    July 23, 2012/Reply