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Jul 20, 2012

My parents, being intelligent people, always let me pick out my own birthday present.  This ensures that I receive a gift that I want, and that their money isn’t wasted on something that will either be re-gifted, sold on eBay or shoved in a drawer. 

For my recent 30th birthday, I decided that it was time that I owned (pardon the cutesiness) a Big Girl Watch.  I wore an inexpensive Anne Klein watch through most of college, and then, I just stopped wearing one. 

Like many members of my generation, my primary time-keeping device is my cell phone.  Why do I need a wrist watch if I have an electronic satellite-driven device that always tells me the correct time and automatically adjusts to new time zones?  A wristwatch can’t do that.

What got me thinking about buying a watch–beyond the obvious fashion-accessory component–was that I was recently chastised by a Congressman for glancing at my phone during a lunch meeting.  He thought that I was ignoring him, when really I just didn’t want our meeting to run over its scheduled time limit.  Whoops.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that every man I know wears a watch.  Some wear Breitlings and Rolexes others own watches by Armitron or Kenneth Cole, but they all wear watches, while most of the women I know do not.

Watches seem to hold more importance for a man than they do a woman.  Men seem to wear them as status symbols, proof of their power, wealth and importance.  But women seem to think of them as just another accessory, whether the watch costs $200 or $20,000 doesn’t seem to matter as much.

So today’s question is fairly simple: Do you own a watch?  Do you wear it regularly? Or do you use your cell phone to keep time?  And are the rules different for men than they are for women?

P.S. For those who asked, the watch in the photo is the Philip Stein Small Watch Case in Mother of Pearl ($675).  The leather straps are interchangeable.


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  1. Chloe says:

    This is too timely! I have been wearing my watch since my 21st birthday, as a gift from my parents, and I'll soon be 25. I've been thinking it's time for me to ditch this watch and go for something new. I feel completely lost if I don't have my watch on. I like simple things, thin strapped because I have tiny wrists, silver because I can't stand gold, and can't figure what kind of style I want to go for that won't completely break the bank. Would love some recommendations! My current watch they don't make anymore – it was a silver bangle style from Coach. I love it, but am thinking I need something new that ISN'T the huge Michael Kors watch everyone has.

  2. M says:

    I wear a simple Movado watch that my husband bought for me after my son was born. Although I hadn't wore a watch since college, I'm glad to have it now and appreciate its function.

  3. eduncan says:

    Thanks, Belle! I switched to a wristwatch a year ago for the same reasons. I went through all the options, but ended up with a Skagen, because it was delicate and versatile. Is the watch above what you picked? If not, which one did you decide on?

    Chole- maybe you'll like a Skagen too? https://shop.nordstrom.com/sr?keyword=skagen&origin=keywordsearch#keyword=skagen&type=keyword&page=1&category=s6001105&color=&price=&instoreavailability=false&lastfilter=searchcategory_6001105&sizeFinderId=0&segmentId=0

  4. . says:

    My watch strap broke a couple months ago, and I haven't gotten around to getting it fixed. There don't seem to be a lot of jewelry repair places around here and I dread having to venture into the suburbs. Not having a watch is driving me crazy! I normally wear it everywhere and I thought maybe it would be good for me to take a break and become less dependent on it. But it's tedious pulling my cell phone out all the time, and I've been getting into work later because I'm not obsessively checking the time as I get ready in the morning. It keeps me on track.

  5. Krista says:

    I wear a watch a couple times a week, but as the battery died years ago, it's more of a fashion statement than actual watch.

  6. Jes says:

    I wear a watch – and now have the horrific watch tan line to go with it!I never wore a watch until my boyfriend got me this one for my birthday. I always thought they looked weird on my wrists since or made my hands look awkward.

    I have a simple silver Skagen and I love i t! I have gotten so many compliments on it! I know that using a phone is handy but I felt like wearing a watch would be way more professional.

    I'm not a fan of big, flashy watches on women. I definitely think those giant plastic ones from forever 21 with rhinestones look awful on everywhere. I've seen them on staffers and interns alike.

  7. Heatherskib says:

    I wear my nano on a nice wrist strap as a daily watch, if I need to go nicer I have a stainless steel and diamond one that's a timex. For casual just in case I get wet or something I have a cheapo timex.
    I'm debating this one
    For an in between watch.

  8. shilpi says:

    i think watches have definitely re-entered the collective consciousness! I see them all over the place now, and my mother-in-law just gifted me one that I've started wearing all the time (a skinny Cartier). I like it; i feel put together, and i think it is more subtle to glance at your wrist than at a phone.

  9. Nora says:

    I picked up a simple stainless Burberry watch at the outlet mall in Woodbridge; it has served me incredibly well. I started religiously wearing a watch when I was in college admissions for the same reason you mention. Our days were blocked into hour-long increments, and if any part of that went over or under an hour, it threw off the entire schedule. And I couldn't pull my phone out in the middle of giving an interview!

    Now I'm in a more casual office and occasionally swap out my Burberry for a fun multicolored Swatch I got a few Christmases ago, but the stainless steel is my go-to for looking like a grown-up.

  10. Lindsay says:

    I tend not to spend money on “fancy” things… Until last year when I decided to buy myself a Big Girl Watch. I got a two-tone TAG Heuer with diamonds for the hour markers. It cost me a pretty penny, but it's classic and will last forever, goes with everything, and perks up my mood whenever I wear it. If you're going to spend money on fashion items- they should be practical and stylish. I get compliments on it all the time- for being understated, yet elegant.


  11. caroline says:

    I bought my boyfriend a new skagen for his graduation and I couldn't resist but get a matching one for myself–its thin, lightweight, simple yet elegant.


  12. MM says:

    I do wear a watch and have for as long as I can remember. I have recently been thinking about upgrading (I currently wear a Citizen Ecodrive which I love) but am not sure how motivated I am to spend the $$ given that I am happy with my current watch. At any rate, I hate to say this but I think I subconsciously do judge those who don't wear a watch in a professional setting. I know that there are clocks and cell phones everywhere but there is something to be said about not being attached to that device and I think it's a lot easier to inconspicuously check the time or whatever with my watch versus checking my phone, etc. (I like to think I have mastered the inconspicuous watch check) I have had colleagues ask me for the time (they don't wear a watch and didn't have access to their phone for whatever reason) and it for whatever reason, I find it a minor annoyance. I am 32 and I know this makes me sound like an old fogey/grade A B**** but I'm just being totally and anonymously honest!

  13. MidwestChic says:

    I wear a watch nearly every day. I think I wear a larger one that most women, because I feel the over-sized face looks better on my wrists. For some reason, I can't stand wearing skinny watches… I still check my cell phone from time to time just in case my watch battery has died.

  14. Meg says:

    I wear a watch every single day and have sine I was a teenager. In the rare instances where I forget to put one on (in a rush out the door) I feel absolutely naked, like I forgot my pants! I do use my watch thought both functionally to tell time and as an accessory – I probably have about 10 watches and sometime use these as inspiration for my outfits : )

  15. You're right; to me, whether the watch costs $200 or $20,000 just doesn't matter. I don't see an expensive watch as a symbol of power or status.

    In fact, amongst my circle of friends, those with LV bags and Rolex watches complain more about finances than others. Yes, I understand you speak differently around friends and would not say the same things around clients or coworkers, but if you're wearing a $15,000 watch on your wrist and carrying a $3,000 bag and saying how you just don't have any money in your savings account, I'm going to judge you a whole lot more than someone carrying a $50 bag and wearing a $200 watch.

  16. Em says:

    Happy Friday! What's the watch in the picture? I too am in the market for a big girl watch.

  17. MG says:

    I bought a grown-up watch when I was 22, still wear it today, and it's classic enough to wear through my forties. I consider it a business (and interview) essential. The watch shows that one is focused, cares about another's time, and is professional. A must-have for every woman.

  18. L says:

    I wear a watch everyday because I always found it more professional in a work setting then my phone. I also have a tattoo that it covers, I love it but not all employers do, totally fine. I recently bought a nice burberry watch and I love it. its chunkier but not overly trendy so I plan to wear it for a long time. I think watches make great investment pieces if you shop right.

  19. JMK0316 says:

    As a fan of the near-daily arm party, I always wear a watch – a simple silver Timex from Target that I think is a man's watch. I feel it makes my stack of assorted bangles and cuffs look slightly more serious and professional. Additionally, I wear a hot pink double wrap rubbery watch for running and yoga. I guess I like knowing what time it is. As for using my phone as my chief time-telling device, I keep both my watches (as well as any clock I can control) approximately ten minutes fast as a means of staying punctual.

  20. Gabriela says:

    I bought myself a medium-sized gold Kate Spade watch a few months ago and love it- it's subtle enough to be worn as a practical timepiece when need be, and pretty enough to be worn as an accessory with other gold accents. I think it's important to have a nice watch, but not so nice that losing it would put you in the poorhouse. There are lots of great options under $500!

  21. I think they are a power/status symbol for women too. Especially in male dominated professions. Sort of a way of saying, “hey 60 year old partner I'm wearing a Cartier too.” I never really wore a watch until I got a nice one as a gift and now I always wear it (at least to meetings) and live in total fear of losing it.

  22. K says:

    I used to always wear a watch until it got damaged about a decade ago. I never bothered to replace it and probably won't. They look nice but I don't mind just checking my phone, the corner of my computer screen, or the clocks in my office's meeting rooms. With my current routine, a watch wouldn't help me and I enjoy the feeling of bare wrists.

  23. SK says:

    I do wear a watch, and although I own several inexpensive ones (which were supposed to go with different kinds of outfits), I almost always wear the Rolex my parents gave me for a big birthday. I consider it part of my daily jewelry, and I love the fact that it has both silver and gold tones, so I can wear bracelets and necklaces of either type with it. I rarely use my cell phone to check the time, because it is so much more obtrusive to look at it than at my watch (or someone else's watch!). I do own a very nice Movado, also, which I tend to wear for fancier evening events.

  24. Tsampamama says:

    I have worn a watch most since I was nine and feel naked without it. When I landed my current job, which was a significant vertical move for me, I treated myself to a grown-up time piece – a silver toned Citizen Eco-Drive tank with some cz detailing on two sides. Six years later, I still love it.

    To me, a watch is one of the few functional pieces of jewelry. There's something that says grown up when you wear a watch. Almost like it seems to indicate that one understand the value of time.

  25. MM says:

    I started wearing a watch again when I got annoyed that there was no way to know what time it was when I had to power off my phone during take-off and landing of flights – not normally a big deal, but if you're running to catch a connection, it's nice to know exactly what time it is. The point about not seeming rude by checking your phone is well taken too.

  26. CS says:

    I fully agree that a watch is essential for professional attire, especially when timeliness is crucial in meetings or projects. I invested in a classic silver ESQ a few years ago and consider it one of my best purchases ever- and it keeps me on schedule since I have no concept of how fast or slow time is actually moving!

  27. Catherine says:

    I never ever wore a watch until technically recently. I received the Nike Fuel Band as a gift and a watch is among its features. It's handy, I'll say that.
    I have a vintage Omega watch with an octagonal face (that was also a gift) that, according to my jeweler family friend, needs a trip to Omega hospital to fully fix. Until a few hundred dollars appear to fix that beauty the Fuel Band works just fine…though I do sometimes question whether it's worth it to repair the Omega….

    For reference, the octagonal Omega kind of resembles a mix of these two (but obviously Omega)

  28. L says:

    I think I'm alone among the women in my very professional govt office in that I always wear a watch. I got an $100 Fossil watch for high school graduation and continue to wear it in the work place — I have very small wrists, but it has a masculine, large face. I love that it balances out my very feminine clothing style. It's silver and doesn't have any of the typical lower-priced watch bling around the edges, and I get compliments on it all the time (seriously, about 3-4 times a week). Many people have asked whether it's made by various designers, and I'm always thrilled to tell them that it was Fossil. If you have the patience, I recommend that anyone who's not willing to spend more than $150 spend their time waiting for something classic to come from a cheaper option.

  29. C says:

    I've worn a watch for 10 years (since I was a junior in high school) and I feel naked without it. Every member in my family wears a watch so I didn't think much of it at the time I started wearing one, but now I find watches sophisticated and more professional than using a cell phone. Both of my parents have always worn watches but, oddly enough, I think my mom wears hers more for the utility and my dad wears his because he thinks it's “cool.” My dad will geek out over a watch in a matter of seconds.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    I do wear a watch – a clunky, men's-style stainless steel Kenneth Cole that I picked up on clearance at Dillards for something like $65. Trouble now is I mostly wear gold jewelry, plus, I can't bring myself to wear bracelets on the same arm as my watch. It feels tacky – although I'm sure if I saw it on someone else I would never notice/care.

  31. C says:

    I own a watch, and I can't leave the house without wearing it. I find that I actually look at the watch for the time more than my phone, something I never thought I would do three years ago when I started wearing it. I prefer big faced watches, rather than the tiny faced ones that seemed to be heavily marketed towards women. You can actually see the thing to tell the time!

  32. SK says:

    I wear a skagen! Personally, I think checking your phone to see what time it is makes you look young since the older generation doesn't do that.

  33. Ms. B says:

    Wouldn't go anywhere without my TAG on my wrist. While it's nearly 25 years old, it is the only accessory to which I have an emotional attachment and feel undressed wtihout it.

  34. carrie says:

    always. it is unbelievably unprofessional to check a cellphone in the midst of business meetings, and there is always the slight risk that you forgot to turn the sound off. nothing like the sound of a text message when you're with clients to destroy professional credibility. i never bring my phone into meetings for that reason, so a wristwatch is critical. i have a gold and silver Kors, bought strategically to match both gold and silver jewelry and purse accents.

  35. CB says:

    I am also in love with Skagen watches. I own three. They're perfect because they fall in the $100-250 price range, meaning that they are not cheap teenager watches, but they are reasonably enough priced that I own one in silver, one in gold and one with a leather strap and swarovski crystals. They're the perfect mix of interesting but classic. And as I am first year out of law school, I feel that I need every edge I can get to seem a bit more authoritative and I feel like the professional watch definitelty helps – especially if it is not some trendy, huge faced, rose gold monstrosity.

  36. M-C says:

    I wear a watch. Because I don't want to be rude with my phone. Because I work with men, and besides I'm not much of a jewelry kind of woman. I have a skagen, which says perfectly what I mean it – discreet but elegant, excellent design.

  37. Kate says:

    I always wear a watch, and have 3, each for different situations. I am a nurse and wear a Timex Ironman to work – can be washed and wiped with sanitizer and keeps on going. For non-work I have a beautiful Bulova that my dad picked out – stainless steel with a white face and goes with everything. For formal outings, I have a beautiful Omega that belonged to my grandmother, given to her by my grandfather on their 25th wedding anniversary. I consider a watch a necessity and almost never use my cell phone to tell time. I don't think the rules should be different for men or women – any adult should have a watch. Doesn't matter how fancy as long as it fits, is in good repair, and you like it.

  38. CH says:

    I don't wear a watch daily but I have a rose-gold menswear-style watch that I wear for fashion. It makes a good statement piece, dresses up or down, and looks good alone or with a mix of other bracelets.

    Belle, do you still wear your Pixel Moda watch? I got one for my niece as a gift after seeing it on your blog and she still loves it.

  39. Jes says:

    i love my skagen! I got it for my birthday from my boyfriend and haven't stopped wearing it since. I think its much more professional to wear a nice watch than to rely on a phone. Plus, now that I have an awful watch tan line I feel like I don't have a choice but to keep wearing the watch.

  40. Eleanor says:

    @ the poster who was asking about this watch–it's a Philip Stein. Turns out I have the same taste as my parents, since they bought a couple of these on the cruise we took recently, and here I was thinking it was pretty!

    I regularly wear a gold Kate Spade watch that came out recently (the Waldorf) and also a Fossil watch.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Interesting question. I don't wear a watch because it irritates the skin on my wrist, especially in the summer. I can wear other jewelry without this problem. Although I use my phone to tell time pretty much, I rarely look at it, as I tend to have a “general” sense of time for most occasions. I do miss wearing a watch sometimes but then I become much more reliant on time and look at my watch too often.

  42. DG says:

    “Men seem to wear them as status symbols, proof of their power, wealth and importance”

    This statement is very true. My boyfriend owns an expensive watch. His justification was as follows – “you can't drive your car into the boardroom.”

  43. cginnyc says:

    I had a period of a few years in my mid twenties when I didn't wear a watch. But now I wear one every day and feel naked without it. I have a no-name, stainless steel round dial for everyday and a Movado for important meetings or special occasions

  44. EK says:

    I wear a gold Skagen, and I second the person who said she feels naked without a watch – I wear mine constantly. There are so many places where cell phones must be turned off or are verboten (the Senate floor comes to mind), and it's so much easier to glance at my wrist than to fish out my phone.

  45. Christine says:

    I'm 25 and working at a technology consulting firm in NYC. Every woman (and man of course) in my office wears a watch daily. My go-to watch is this lovely Invicta – its a silver watch with a mother-of-pearl face, and it has tiny diamonds in the bezel. https://www.amazon.com/Invicta-Collection-Limited-Edition-Chronograph/dp/B000UEP6FU . I own 5 other watches, but this is the one I wear most often (as I usually wear silver accessories). Wouldn't want to leave the house without it!

  46. Erica says:

    I started to wear a watch last summer because I liked the professional look of it and was tired of constantly checking my phone. I went with a gold watch from Fossil that I'm really happy with – it's men's inspired so it has the bigger face, but is still simple and feminine. I think it adds a lot to my outfits, and I've started to feel uncomfortable on days when I'm running out the door and forget to put it on!

  47. posey says:

    I wear the watch my parents gave me for my college graduation every day, and love it! It is a simple style (plain bracelet, simple face, roman numeral markers) that is a high-end brand (the $1,000-$2,000 range).

    In my profession watches are a requirement. I have found that for those who notice watches, they often comment on my “classic” timepiece, which in turn begins a dialogue. Additionally, it is extremely frowned upon to look at your blackberry during a client meeting – so a watch is a necessity.

  48. Christina says:

    I wear my watch everyday. It's a two-tone Timex that I bought for under $50, but I've had for 5-7 years. It's durable, and when the battery dies, I just get a new one. Small jewelry stores will often replace watch batteries and links- there's one above the Rosslyn metro that has become my go-to spot.

  49. von says:

    My husband is a huge fan of watches and started my interest in then as well. It's actually been a topic of conversation with several of the senior staff, largely older and male who notice I wear a watch and comment on it in a positive way.

    My go to/every day watch is actually a Bulova I purchased at Costco and I get a ton of compliments on it. It's similar to this one but without the diamonds on the face.


    I found I was super particular about what I ended up getting and spent several afternoons trying on watches and checking out styles.

  50. J says:

    I don't really see too many people in my office wearing watches but I think it might be because we are typing all the time. I usually don't even wear bracelets because they get in the way of typing comfortably.

    I cant really think of an instance in my current job where i would need a watch. all of the office meeting rooms have clocks. Most people bring their phones and laptops with them to meetings to send emails or type things up. If I go to a conference or meeting outside of the office there is usually a meeting facilitator or someone in charge of logistics who tells us to move to the next session.

    In your situation or for others on the Hill, a member of Congress has a tightly organized schedule so it's important to keep those meetings on time and it would be a good idea to wear a watch. But in my office, most people work flexible hours and it's really easy to work remotely, so the meeting schedules are frequently changing and it's not a big deal if meetings run over.

  51. SM says:

    I am definitely a watch fan. My favorite is the Citizen Eco-Drive which runs on motions and doesn't have a battery. I am especially loving the new trend of masculine watches worn by women. It brings a little androgeny into an otherwise feminine outfit.

  52. CynthiaW says:

    Hmmm… I almost always wear a watch and feel “off” all day if I forget to put it on. Probably the only time that I don't wear it is when I'm going grubby work or at yoga.

    I have a few decent watches that go with various things, but am thinking about getting a Big Girl Watch finally. I probably wouldn't have thought about it, except that my husband just went through a big period of research before deciding on his nice watch. And they absolutely are status symbols for men – and other high powered men apparently notice these things. So are nice pens.

    Maybe it's a generational thing, but I think that checking your phone for the time makes you look immature and it seems tacky – especially during a meeting.

  53. LACP says:

    I do wear a watch, but never did until my husband bought me a nice David Yurman one a few years ago for my birthday. I often wore a running watch through high school and college as we were expected to bring one to practice for Track and Cross-Country. But, when I graduated from college, I always thought the rubber Timex looked funny and unprofessional with business attire. I now wear my watch everyday and my wrist feels naked without it. I do think of a watch on a woman as more of an accessory and men as a statement or status symbol and I think this might be due to the size of a men's watch. They can be so incredibly large and obvious, whereas a woman's watch may be much smaller and could be paired with bracelets.

  54. CH says:

    Ha, I just saw CB's comment about a rose-gold monstrosity and that's exactly what mine is 🙂 I love it, though, and I work in a fairly creative industry so I can get away with an arm party at the office. I understand wanting something more subtle if you're a lawyer or a government employee.

  55. Katherine says:

    I always wear a watch. I always have actually. It has gotten to the point where if I'm not wearing one I feel as though I'm incomplete. I blame or should I say thank, my mother. She always said that being late is unacceptable and the only reason you should be late is because you don't know the time and the remedy for that is a watch. From my very first Timex, yes that Timex watch I got at the young age of 6, to my Citizen Eco Drive, I believe it's a simple way to always be on time and prepared.

  56. XF says:

    I picked up my love for beautiful watches from my father. An elegant, simple watch really can communicate in ways other accessories cant. I myself prefer vintage tank-style watches with alligator or lizard straps. Many watch repair places in DC also sell some pretty reasonable vintage pieces from Cartier and Hermes. They may not be brand spankin new, but they are classic.

  57. Diana says:

    Very interesting points! I haven't worn a watch in over a year. I used to wear a sports watch because I needed to know the time when I was teaching Zumba and didn't want to tote my phone around in the couple minutes just before class. After my sports watch broke, I just didn't get another one. I really didn't want one of the oversized ones that are so trendy, and like you, I figured the phone would work. But, as a consultant who often visits cilent sites, I'm thinking that a watch could be a good investment for the same point you make about the client seeing you check your phone. In more traditional environments, I don't think using the phone for time looks professional. Now, I just need to find a watch I like! lol 🙂

  58. CBK says:

    I wore a watch everyday from the age of 9 to 18 . Then for my 18th birthday I was gifted a two-tone Rolex (yes, I know it's a ridiculous gift to give a teenagers, but the giver wanted me to have something that would never grow old and always briing me joy). I lived in the watch for ten years and once I became engaged stopped wearing it because I thought it was too much jewelry on my left hand. Flash forward four years and I'm back in the watch game! As I advanced in my career I noticed that all the people in the positions I want (men and women alike) wore a watch. Now, as an everyday watch wearer I find that people I deal with perceive me in a different way. A watch carries professionalism; I never have to pull my phone out for the time during a meeting, it is still the standard among executives, and it gives you knowledge. That last part may sound silly, but when I first started wearing my watch again I quickly noticed how any people at my level or directly above me dont wear a watch and how frequently they all asked me for the time. Somehow it set an image that they could ask me other questions as well, and changed the dynamics of some relationships. I find no coincidence in the fact that my career has rocketed in the last year and that it was only in the last year that I began wearing my watch again! Dress AND accessorize for the position you want…

  59. I now wear my watch daily. I didn't in college, but for this past Christmas (my first one as a post-grad) I asked for a watch for Christmas and have worn it every day since. My wrist feels bare without it and I look like a dork trying to check time on a wrist that has no watch if ever I forget it. Its not expensive, it's the tortoise shell fossil watch and is around $100. I am always complimented on it and told it looks more expensive than it is from people who cannot tell the brand. It was the best decision I could make for my professional life, to have a watch and not a cell phone to refer to in meetings. It's also nice when on a plane for travel to know what time it is. I agree men wear watches more often than women do these days, but I hope that changes soon. Watches can be classic or funky depending on your style, and I truly feel they are a wardrobe essential.

  60. Amanda says:

    I definitely wear a watch. As others have said, I feel naked without one. I recently invested in (what was to me) a “big girl” watch: a Citizen Eco-drive. For me, it was a sizeable investment, but one which I've not regretted. It's classic, does it's job, and I love it.

  61. Christine says:

    I wear a vintage gold Raymond Weil watch that I love, absolutely love. I find it easier to glance and check the time on it than my phone. Plus it has the numerical date, which I never seem to know. I feel like it fits me, as well as being both stylish and practical.

  62. marketing girl says:

    I wear a watch daily and love it. I had wanted a TAG aquaracer for years and bought one for myself for a milestone birthday. That was almost 5 years ago and I still love it. I always feel like it does suggest some measure of success and for me, it was money well spent.

  63. An says:

    I adore the look of Skagen and the ease of the Citizen Eco-Drive. I own both and highly, highly recommend them for what I would consider “mid-level” watches — more expensive than the water-resistant rubber Timex from Walmart, less expensive than a prestige watch. I haven't felt the need to upgrade from this bracket (even tho 30 looms in 6 months), but I don't think a flashy watch would sit very well in government work, either. These two brands are excellent starting points for women in their 20s looking to upgrade to something more professional than the sport watches of their youth. Groupon Goods even had a Skagen Deal the other day for $59-$79, and Rue La La and some of the other deal sites frequently offer Skagen.

  64. kj says:

    I never wore a watch until I received a TAG aquaracer as a gift several years ago. Now I feel undressed without it. It's a classic style that goes with everything and will never look dated – I adore it.

    I think once you start wearing a watch, you'd be surprised how much you actually use it. It's much easier (and more discrete) to glance at your wrist that it is to fish the cell phone out of your bag.

  65. Suzanne says:

    I've worn the same watch everyday for 10 years. My now- husband bought me a Tag with a mother of pearl face for my college graduation. It is a classic and is still in excellent condition.

  66. J says:

    I've always worn watches, most likely because I got my first watch at around 12 and my first phone at 25 so I had to live quite a span of years having to tell time w/o a phone. (I also had a beeper before the advent of cell phones, but still wore a watch.) In college, it was all about the Swatch. Then a thin Gucci my then boyfriend and now husband bought me. Then, in 1997, after the birth of my first son, after much reflection, I bought myself a Cartier Tank with $2000 cash during a business trip to Singapore. That was my primary watch until last year – so with Belle's divide-the-price-by-the-number-of-times-you-use formula, it wasn't that expensive :). Last year I got into the big watch trend and have been wearing the Michael Kors versions. I feel naked w/o a watch.

    For my son's 14th birthday I got him a sturdy Timex with both digital and analogue hands. He, of course, insisted that he had his phone and I told him that a watch is the difference between a boy and a man.

  67. MM says:

    I came back to check the comments b/c I was really curious about how others felt about this topic. It's really nice to hear that there are many like-minded women who feel that watches ARE an asset to a professional setting!

  68. kme says:

    I was given a beautiful large-faced dual-tone Michael Kors watch at Christmas (after directing my father to the exact one I wanted — my parents also subscribe to notion of letting me pick out my own gifts) and I now feel naked without it. I know that everyone and their mother has one of these watches, but after doing a lot of shopping, I found that following the trends was the best choice for me. The large face works on my frame and the dual-tone goes with whatever jewelry I want to wear. Plus, I spend a fair amount of time on construction sites and tramping around holes in the ground, and would not weep with abandon over the loss of my watch based on cost should something happen. (Damaging the TAG Heuer that my dad had originally suggested might kill me.)

  69. Maharani says:

    I wear a watch daily, a Cartier Tank. It is much more discreet than a cel when checking timeliness in meetings-and there are high level meetings when you have to play bad guy and keep high ranking folks on track discreetly. It is a professional necessity. A celphone just doesnt cut it. I work with a lot of aerospace engineers, among others, and they always notice I wear a Cartier. They invariably comment in conspiratorial tones, “nice engineering”, which I love, because good watches are just that-superbly engineered. Nobody says that about an iPhone. My iPhone may do “more” but none of what it does is really essential and a lot of it is rapidly becoming unbearably intrusive. The watch tells the time and it looks great with everything I wear and is discreet too.

  70. L says:

    I wear a watch everyday. As a summer associate for a law firm, I am constantly in and out of the courthouse. Having to either check your phone or turn it off, I needed a back up for meetings to remain timely.

  71. girlie, guy's gal says:

    I am completely surprised to read how many other fans of this blog wear watches. I stopped wearing a watch after high school, and, like you, Belle, rely on my cell phones for the time. To the extent it is relevant, I work in a male dominated profession; about half of the men wear watches. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but, I notice watches moreso if people are not very put together yet wear a very nice watch… somehow they seem to stick out like sore thumbs.

    No plans to get a Big Girl Watch any time soon. Just spent my work/play discretionary income on a golf club membership which, to me (and in my profession), is much more of a status symbol, proof of power, etc. Who knows, though, the watch you show is very cute… would be interested to see pics of some of the watches worn by some of the other commentators 🙂

  72. KH says:

    I wear a 2-tone Kate Spade watch (this one: https://www.katespade.com/gramercy/1YRU0005,default,pd.html?dwvar_1YRU0005_color=713&start=13&cgid=watches)

    It's functional and I feel like it elevates my outfits!

  73. gingerr says:

    I must be the only person who works in the bowels of a building that cuts me off from cell service. A watch is must for me. I own several. I like one with an illuminated face when I travel so I can see the time in rooms where I can't see the clock.

  74. Beth says:

    I have a Baume and Mercier Diamant that I wear every time I leave the house (unless I am going for a bike ride or a hike). It is probably more like jewelry to me because I typically will rely on the car, computer, or cell phone for time – not always on purpose, you just glance and know – and I tend to be a good guestimater at time passage, too. IE I have an idea what time it is before I even look at a timepiece.

    I haven't seen the need to get another watch (jewelry) yet, because this goes with everything, but I may one day.

  75. AR says:

    Funny enough, I wear a watch religiously and my boyfriend is the one who doesn't like wearing one and keeps time through his cell phone. I've always loved watches as a fashion/jewelery piece but I couldn't imagine not using one to tell time! Even if i forget to wear it on occasion I'm always glancing at my wrist automatically.

  76. Carolyn says:

    I've always worn a watch since sophomore year of college when I started interviewing for internships. I remember hearing or reading somewhere that watches demonstrate your commitment to punctuality and such, but it was a dual decision between that and seeing my friend wear a super cute watch that looked like a classy bracelet. Anyway I like having the convenience of just looking at my wrist instead of having to dig through my bag for my phone or press any buttons 🙂

  77. Spiritmom says:

    My husband got me a TAG for my 40th birthday, all silver with small diamonds for hour markers. I love it's simplicity, and every time I look at it I'm reminded that he loves me!

  78. after graduating from college,I started wearing a watch when I got annoyed that there was no way to know what time it was when I had to power off my phone during take-off and landing of flights – not normally a big deal, but if you're running to catch a connection, it's nice to know exactly what time it is.

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Depending on who you ask, Gen Z has cancelled skinny jeans or perhaps they are back? Trends change, and we should change with them. But what do you do when you have a closet full of skinny jeans in a wide leg world?



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The Find: An Affordable Work Dress

This winter was particularly hard on my psyche, on my self-esteem, and on my waistline. As we move into spring, I need to make a plan for how I am going to dress this additional weight over the months of work that it will likely take to shed it. So I was so glad to […]



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Ask the Editor: Vol. IV, No. Seventeen

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