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BPGP: Ojon Restorative Treatment

A few weeks ago, I ran out of my usual shampoo, so I switched to a drugstore brand that I had used before and liked.  It worked fine, at first.  But after a few weeks, I noticed that my hair was limp and dull and in need of a good conditioning.

I poured on the Moroccan Oil, but it wan’t enough.  I even tried mayonnaise, but that was an incredibly messy let down.  Finally, I went to Sephora to pick up an old standby Ojon Damage Reverse ($33), a hair masque that really revives my tired locks.  It costs a bit, but it took me about two years to use up the last tub, so I think it’s worth it in the long run.

The treatment comes in solid form.  To scrape a bit into your hands and then warm it into a thick balm.  Then, you apply it liberally to the hair making sure to distribute it evenly.  I usually have to section it with a comb to get even coverage.

I loathe the smell, something between cigar smoke and herbal tea.  But it has to sit on your hair for at least 20 minutes before you can rinse, so I manage.  

To shampoo it out, you need to get a really good lather going, but once your hair is rinsed and conditioned, it really sparks back to life.  

I’ve tried other hair treatments–purchased, gifted, and home made–but this is the one I keep coming back to to solve my hair woes.  Especially in these months of chlorine and windy, humid days, it’s the product that saves me every time.



  1. MT says:

    I got a sample of this with a recent Sephora order, and I absolutely loved it! I agree about the smell – it's kind of gross, but the way your hair looks and feels after you use the product more than makes up for it. Definitely worth the investment, also. Now that my sample has run out, I'll be purchasing this for sure.

    June 14, 2012/Reply
  2. helixy says:

    I received a sample from Ulta once–it DOES smell awful but it works, so it is definitely worth it!

    June 14, 2012/Reply
  3. Lauren says:

    I had forgotten that I also have a sample of this treatment! I am in a wedding this weekend, so will probably give it a go tonight or tomorrow morning to put a little bit of life back into my hair!

    June 14, 2012/Reply
  4. Cate says:

    Try a rinse of white vinegar. If you rinse it out completely the smell doesn't linger. You'll be surprised but it acts as an amazing conditioner and leaves hair very soft and shiny plus gets rid of product buildup. And if you suffer from dandruff it clears that up, too.

    June 14, 2012/Reply
  5. Alex says:

    Coconut oil – nothing better. The commercial products sit mouldering on my shelves. I should throw them out I suppose.

    June 15, 2012/Reply