+ Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Fruit and Wine

I love sangria. I can’t help it.  The concept of a chilled alcoholic beverage with juice and huge chunks of fruit in it is deeply comforting to me.  It’s the kind of cocktail that just screams summer in a glass.

White Strawberry Lemon Sangria is a flavor that I’ve never tried, but it sounds crisp and refreshing.  A nice compliment to chicken cooked on the grill on a warm Saturday night. 

And the best part about sangria?  No work required.  Just pour the liquor, the juice and the fruit (chopped up or sliced or whatever) into a pitcher and let the flavors meld.  No muddling, no mixing.

Asos Midi Dress with Lace Panelling ($83)

I love the soft, relaxed elegance of this dress.  The light and airy fabric is perfect for warm weather.  The color is so feminine.  And the hint of lace dresses it up just a bit.  It would be a great dress for rehearsal dinners, birthday parties or a warm weather date night.