Online Consignment Shops for Busy Fashionistas

Because I write a fashion blog, people think I spend all of my time shopping.  The truth is that I hate shopping. Or should I say, I hate stores.  Salespeople can be rude.  They may not have the item you wanted, or they may not have it in your size.  The crowds can be a problem, etc., etc., etc. 

This is why I do the vast majority of my shopping online. Well, that, and online shopping comes with great rewards and perks. The one exception to my online shopping love is consignment shopping, but thanks to a few new e-boutiques that may be changing.

SnobSwap is an online luxury consignment shop started by Washingtonians Elise Whang and Emily Dang.  Pick up a French Connection dress for a party or hunt for a designer piece by Chanel or Lanvin.  I’m lusting for this vintage belt with an ornate gold buckle.  It’s sure to jazz up any cocktail dress. 

You can list your items on the site for free and there are several ways you can be compensated when they sell.  You can earn swap coins, basically gift cards to SnobSwap.  You can swap items with other sellers, sort of a barter system.  Or you can take a cash payment either by setting a price for the item or accepting offers.  It all sounds a bit complex, but I’m sure I’ll sort through it.

If you need to part with a few unworn or rarely worn items in your closet and eBay seems overwhelming, try Threadflip. The site allows users to consign items in any price point for any style.  And if you can’t wrap your head around photographing and listing your items, you can take advantage of their “white glove service” where Threadflip will list your items for you.

I have already purchased two barely used items from the site and I love them.  The selection is much better than what I usually find on eBay, probably because this is fashion only, even if the prices are a bit higher.  I am dying for this Marc Jacobs satchel and this cropped chevron blouse.

If you can’t get to the store because of work or there are no good consignment shops near you, give these e-boutiques a try.  And if you have other suggestions for online consignment shopping, leave them in the comments.



  1. S says:

    I bought a Mulberry wallet and card case from Love Handbags ( a couple years ago, and I was absolutely thrilled with their service.

    I have a barely used Mulberry Roxanne that I'm thinking of consigning, since I'm too scared to do eBay, and I've heard great things about Ann's Fabulous Finds (

    April 18, 2012/Reply
  2. Sam says:

    Really appreciate this post. Have a bunch of items I was going to consign in DC, but may give these sites a try instead.

    April 18, 2012/Reply
  3. em says:

    My favorite is Market Publique

    April 19, 2012/Reply