+ Look for Less

10th Commandment: April 2

If vibrant colors or bold prints don’t tickle your fancy, I recommend that you give textures a try.  Because if you like neutral colors and solids, wearing textured materials like lace, crochet, jacquard, applique, etc. will inject life into your wardrobe. You can also mix textures (chiffon and wool, lace and leather) to create eclectic and fashion-forward combinations.

Elected Official

OdlR Crochet Pencil Skirt (Neiman Marcus, $1,890)

Hill Staffer

Marni Macrame Skirt (Outnet, $175)

Unpaid Intern

Crochet Pencil Skirt (Asos, $57)

How great is this whole outfit (Okay, maybe not the shoes, but the rest of it.)?  So good.