Giveaway: Vichy Skincare Birchbox

Feb 28, 2012


Vichy skincare products were developed in France in 1931. The products use anti-oxidant rich mineral water as well as the latest dermatological ingredients. Vichy provides luxurious, paraben-free, and allergy-tested products that are safe for even the most sensitive skin but show results on all skin types.

This box contains a wealth of face and body products from Vichy in generous sample sizes.  To learn more about the box’s contents, click here.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment listing the one item of clothing that you want to buy for spring.  Remember to use your email address to sign in while commenting or else I won’t be able to contact you.  The winner will be announced early next week.  Good luck!


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  1. A great day to night pair of flats. I just realized that all the shoes I own have very high heels!

  2. Marcy says:

    I want a cotton pencil skirt in a bright print!

  3. Bekki says:

    I want to find a few skinny belts and a few spring appropriate scarves ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. A maternity work suit that doesn't totally suck!

  5. Sarah says:

    I can't wait to buy my first bikini!!!! Finally got myself into shape, and can't WAIT to celebrate my new body in a whole slew of new clothes.

  6. K says:

    A new crisp white t-shirt.

  7. Sarah B says:

    A new trench coat.

  8. TA says:

    I would love to buy new comfortable work shoes and new suits!

  9. Shannon says:

    I would love a crisp, gorgeous sheath dress for the office.

  10. Leslie says:

    A blue and white lightweight striped dress.

  11. Lauryn says:

    I am in need of a Chambray Shirt for spring.

  12. Hannah says:

    A super girlie sundress to prepare for brunches on the patio!

  13. ks says:

    A pair of wedges that will take me though the end of summer

  14. Kw says:

    A grey casual pencil skirt to mix with bright tops

  15. SarahT says:

    On the lookout for the perfect pair of day-to-night nude heels (minimum of 3″ heel height!). Totally open to suggestions!

  16. Jamie says:

    A pleated skirt in a soft shade of pink!

  17. MF says:

    A pair of bright matchstick jeans!

  18. Sarah R. says:

    Bright pencil skirts

  19. BN says:

    A skirt suit that is both whimsical and work appropriate.

  20. CAM says:

    Something hot pink- hopefully a pencil skirt!

  21. KeriM says:

    A trench in either red, orange or a kelly green color. Something to brighten up the day when it is raining!

  22. Aly says:

    Pastel spring dresses!

  23. VA says:

    Peep-toe flats. And maybe one perfect sundress.

  24. Aunt_Pete says:

    I want to treat myself to a pair of peep toe pumps in a bright color. They always make me feel so feminine and pretty.

  25. Angela says:

    I want to get at least one new scarf for spring!

  26. b23 says:

    I already bought a striped nautical dress, which was on my list, so now I am looking for white skinny jeans. The other item I need is a pair of leopard print shoes to replace my six-year-old ones that I love with all my heart but are falling apart (literally). I just haven't found any that I like as much except for a few in your earlier post that were too expensive!

  27. Meg says:

    A brightly colored pair of low-mid height heels to spruce up my work wardrobe for Spring & Summer.

  28. Angela says:

    A patent leather nude skinny belt! I've been looking all over for one that is on the rosy-colored side rather than beige with no luck so far.

  29. zizza says:

    I would love a brightly colored trench, such as mango or canary.

  30. CG says:

    Anything in sorbet hues. Can't wait to start wearing some color again and I will be adding plenty of mint and pastel shaded separates to my wardrobe. White it carries a hefty price tag, I've been drooling over the DVF Daria Top:,default,pd.html

  31. Christina says:

    A light short-sleeve cardigan in white or cream, for those days with unpredictable weather.

  32. CMB says:

    A bright colored sundress I can wear to brunch!

  33. Emily says:

    A trench coat in a bright color

  34. LAG says:

    A silk button down shirt in a fun color to dress up for work or dress down for casual drinks with friends!

  35. Christine says:

    A yellow cardigan to brighten up my work wardrobe!

  36. LL says:

    crisp, white, sleeveless peplum blouse

  37. Shannon says:

    A yellow trench coat

  38. Christine says:

    A nice pair of nude leather pointy-toe pumps to go with all the lovely bright colors coming out for spring.

  39. Montana says:

    A pale lilac lace dress

  40. KC says:

    White trousers and a new white cardigan.

  41. mpg says:

    Sandals with a touch of neon!

  42. Francine says:

    A pair of premium jeans that make my ass look good!

    p.s. Vichy products rock, by the way. My favorite line. The Normaderm exfoliating scrub is like getting a facelift.

  43. SES says:

    Thanks to your blog, I have already purchased a bright orange trench, color blocked shoes, a tribal maxi skirt and bangles. Oh, and red jeans. I think I'm ready for Spring.

  44. Hanna says:

    Cute wedges!

  45. Joanne says:

    J.Crew's Cafe Capri in a spring color. It's airy and appropriate for casual Fridays if worn with pointed flats.

  46. LB says:

    A pair of almond toe wedges and cropped skinny khakis! I couldn't pick just one thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Sunshine says:

    Ahh I'm from the sunshine state and after three years of DC, anything below 60 degrees is too cold for me: ) I always commemorate spring with a new pair of the oh so famous, Jackie o wearing, Jack Rodgers Sandal. This year I'm going to take the time to order a monogrammed pink pair.

    NOTE: No, flip flops are not permissible on capitol hill. Thinking rose garden spring tour, screen on the green!

    Note, to the note: Great excuse for a bright pedicure too!

  48. -Lindsay says:

    Tom's new Ballet Flats in white- with an angled black toe.

  49. Michelle says:

    An orange belt

  50. amy b.s. says:

    a colorful blazer to welcome spring!

  51. kate B. says:

    I'd love to buy a pair of bright skinny jeans. I'm just trying to find a pair that doesn't make me look like a fat Easter egg… the search is on!

  52. Morgan says:

    I want to buy a pencil skirt in a bold color. Probably one of the No. 2 pencil skirts from J Crew. Maybe in a coral or turquoise. Great giveaway!

  53. Emma says:

    A pair of bright colored skinny jeans – just have to decide which color!

  54. CJ says:

    I am wanting to buy a bright colored blazer. I feel like it would be really versatile

  55. A says:

    Dying for some colored denim!

  56. Allison says:

    Something peplum!

  57. HB says:

    A white sundress for my Memorial Day weekend trip!

  58. jen says:

    Metallic cap-toed flats.

  59. tsa says:

    pleated, colorful maxi or midi skirt

  60. Aubrey says:

    leopard print scarf to amp up my basics

  61. Bree says:

    Structured, colorful dresses.

  62. annie says:

    a coral jacket! could go with a multitude of items, dressy or otherwise.

  63. Erica says:

    Would love a bright sundress!

  64. Anna says:

    I need flats or sandals that are very walkable, but cute enough – preferably closed-toe, but that won't get smelly… I need to buy them before I leave for the summer, but I'm worried I won't find anything!

  65. C. says:

    A classic trench.

  66. TScali says:

    It's time to finally break down and buy a maxi dress.

  67. Kelley says:

    Jade colored skinny jeans

  68. CBH says:

    Bright pink kitten heels, for sure!

  69. E.E. says:

    This may be a bit boring, but I cleared out my closets this weekend and realized I have NO well-kept spring works clothes. I'm going to have to do an entire wardrobe overhaul.

  70. Amanda says:

    I really want a nautical striped dress and a bright bubble necklace!

  71. HB says:

    Colorful jeans!

  72. Rose says:

    The perfect wedges!! If only I could find them….

  73. kc says:

    the perfect nude pumps

  74. Jen says:

    Colored skinny jeans!

  75. Sam says:

    Excited to buy and wear pastel nail polishes this Spring!

  76. Amy says:

    I want a maxidress that comes in petite sizes and that actually has a little coverage up top for those of us who aren't A/B cups.

  77. sarahbee says:

    colored skinny jeans! i think they'd be cute with nude heels or sandals and a dressy white tee ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. MidwestChic says:

    Must have a pair of nude pumps for spring!

  79. Katherine says:

    Not terribly exciting, but I'm looking forward to buying some new jeans soon.

  80. Mary says:

    Patent leather nude heels

  81. Liz says:

    A crisp white short sleeved shift dress.

  82. Swinny says:

    I know this isn't “clothing” but a statement necklace is always a must right?! I have fallin in LOVE with the J Crew Double-Strand resin link frog necklace in light citron. It will go with SO much!

  83. Caitlin says:

    A pair of pink/coral colored skinny jeans!

  84. Liz says:

    White Skinny Jeans to wear with colorful tops!

  85. rita says:

    a pair of new flats in a fun color

  86. Emily says:

    A new pair of wedges!

  87. Katie says:

    A new pair of sunglasses! I'm thinking it's time to upgrade from the $5 pairs at Forever 21…

  88. J says:

    a pair of neutral wedges that i can wear all summer. but they need to be the kind without an ankle strap since my legs don't need to look any shorter than they already are.

  89. Kelly says:

    I want a new khaki trench coat… or, if I'm feeling adventurous, a coral red one.

  90. espie says:

    An interesting silk top and a killer coral pencil skirt!

  91. CSB says:

    New jeans from Ann Taylor. After trying several different designer pairs, none fit me as well as Ann Taylor.

  92. Lauren T says:

    A classic trench coat. I'm loving the corals and tangerines in stores now, but I'm not convinced I could rock those colors down the line.

  93. MA says:

    A new pair of neutral wedges!

  94. Sarah says:

    a pair of pinky/peachy skinny jeans or pants. must be the perfect shade though!

  95. Nikki says:

    I can't wait to buy the J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Bright Sun Yellow.

  96. Katie says:

    I want a colored pencil skirt, maybe jade green or purple.

  97. XR says:

    A perfectly tailored luxurious white blazer and bright silk blouses!

  98. DallasSkirtEnvy says:

    For Spring I want a pair of the new(ish) Toms flats.

  99. Dee says:

    A flattering maxi-dress for my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico!

  100. Sharon S. says:

    I'm dying to buy a suit (charcoal gray) that has skinny/ankle length pants! I saw an attorney wearing them in Court last week with a fabulous pair of stacked heels and they looked great.

  101. Emily says:

    Shoes or sandals that I can walk miles in that are not sneakers!

  102. R says:

    Bright and casual dresses great for work, play and mostly travel!

  103. Meredith says:

    I would love a blue and white stripe sailor type shirt and some awesome leopard print heels – similar to the ones you posted.

  104. Kristen says:

    a casual and comfortable blazer to wear with jeans

  105. Ashley M. says:

    A neon orange or pink cocktail dress!

  106. Heather says:

    A nice trench coat.

  107. Morgan says:

    Colored jeans! Like you, I'm also on the fence about the color, but am leaning toward a coral/orange. With nude ballet flats, I can't wait!

  108. R says:

    New fun colored ballet flats.

  109. Mae says:

    bright, happy ballet flats to wear on the weekends! ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Kristen says:

    New sunglasses! And quite possibly a pair of peep-toe flats.

  111. In the hunt for a perfect, crisp white dress that will work in the office, Easter Sunday, and a beautiful spring day.

  112. sushi says:

    Inspired by your most recent post, I would like to buy a yellow sweater for spring!

  113. AM says:

    a little black dress!! belive it or not, finding it hard to find the perfect one at the moment, so many crazy colors and designs out there…so if you ladies have suggestions, all welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚ i'm petite, so choices are a bit more limited too

  114. mary says:

    a dress that can go to two weddings in the same family (different accessories…)

  115. Beth says:

    A loose, sheer top that shows just the right amount of skin!

  116. mb says:

    white skinny jeans!

  117. Ali says:

    hot pink pants

  118. Steph Cryder says:

    I'd love to find (& buy!) the perfect spring dress. Something I could wear casually with a jean Oxford shirt tied around my waist, or with my black sparky cardi for an evening ensemble. The perfect catch-all dress!

  119. J says:

    A modern navy blue suit. (I think I'm ready to give suits a chance again after a 2 year hiatus.)

  120. Liz says:

    A striped nautical dress!

  121. Danae says:

    A spring-y yellow pleated long skirt!

  122. RS says:

    A blazer — I wear way too many cardigans to work.

  123. Ann says:

    Orange jeans

  124. CynthiaW says:

    I want to buy a bright skirt and try my hand at color blocking.

  125. Courtney says:

    Mint colored jeans!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Would love to win this giveaway and try a great new product!

  126. lesley says:

    a bright (maybe neon?) pencil skirt

  127. Trezlen says:

    A new trench coat. You can't have too many!

  128. Anie says:

    The perfect pair of kitten heels, so that I can teach without my feet aching at the end of the day.

    (And maybe a new pair of workout shoes, too.)

  129. AG says:

    Oversized sunglasses! I really want some cat-eye ones but haven't quite found ones that are big enough for my taste.

  130. Kia says:

    A rose colored pair of jeans…rose, my new neutral for spring.

  131. ECD says:

    I'm looking for the perfect stone/bone colored cotton blazer.

    I have one from many, many, many seasons ago…and it's about time for a new one. I feel it is a nice spring change from my usual black cardigan over bright colored dresses.

  132. Kristen says:

    dying for a high/low hem skirt (also known as a mullet skirt)
    Kristen (

  133. Sarah says:

    I just bought my first suit for a new job, and for spring I am looking for interesting tops to layer under it!

  134. Katie says:

    A coral work dress and a gold belt with opaque white or cream stones. ALSO– enamel bangles. I'm obsessed.

  135. meg says:

    new sunglasses – tory burch!

  136. K says:

    colored jeans from J.Crew!

  137. Stephanie says:

    I want a bright colored strapless dress. I live in Chicago and all we wear in the winter is black and grey.

  138. Erin says:

    I would love to get a great new trench coat- too bad I gave up buying things for Lent.

  139. Moose says:

    Office-appropriate yet versatile spring wedges. I am thinking patent nude peep-toe.

  140. Nora says:

    This spring I want to find the perfect rain boots – cute enough to wear to work in New York!

  141. Jillian says:

    A spring-weight sundress that fits!

  142. Ishtar says:

    I usually hate wearing loads of color, which makes me always invest in a few staple pieces of color. This spring I want to buy a baby breathe yellow and white knee length, semi-full skirt. That's what I dream for my spring fashion piece.

  143. Morgan says:

    A Carolina blue dress I can wear to work and a great pair of white jeans

  144. Erin says:

    Leopard heels! I've been wanting them forever.

  145. Steen says:

    What I want to buy for the spring — a raspberry colored short trench!

  146. FrenchTwistDC says:

    A bright colored trench coach. I already have a nude burberry one and a black one… but I need some colour in my closet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  147. meredith says:

    a pretty new dress! to me that is what spring is all about

  148. Rebecca says:

    I want to buy some new tops in pastels! I sometimes have a hard time with pastels since I'm a pale redhead and pastels sometime make me look too washed out, but I'm excited for some of the new trends this spring!

  149. jlg says:

    I would really love to find some awesome leopard print flats like you mentioned in your 2/22 post…and the confidence to wear them.

  150. Kelly says:

    A decent pair of nude suede pumps! IMPOSSIBLE to find, or maybe I'm just very picky.

  151. Katie says:

    A pair of silver ballet flats.

  152. Kellie says:

    I really want patent nude flats for spring.

  153. Stephanie says:

    I would love to find a new summer dress that is NOT like everything else in my closet.

  154. Brigid says:

    A bright spring dress for patios and walking around the city!

  155. SD says:

    A comfortable pair of brown and black flats. My brown flats have a hole in the bottom & my black flats are too casual to wear with a suit.

  156. Tessa says:

    I can't wait to pick up a light spring anorak in a pastel or bright รขโ‚ฌโ€ I'm thinking peach or orange รขโ‚ฌโ€ for rainy days and Saturday walks on the Mall.

  157. Era says:

    The perfect pair of taupe heels that can transition day to night: found them at Ann Taylor and am now eyeing up my spare change! 3 1/4″ heel, taupe with pointed heel and faint snakeskin pattern for some texture.

  158. Theresa says:

    It's simple, but I really want a pretty navy blazer to wear over dresses on cooler days. My black one is just too harsh for spring dresses. Speaking of which, I'll probably add some of those as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  159. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    a cute pastel fitted jacket.

  160. Belle says:


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