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Need Makeup Tutorials? You Need Keiko Lynn

When I was living the life of a pageant contestant, I was never at a loss for makeup tips.  Trainers, coaches and other contestants could always be counted on for information about the hottest lip color, the best concealer and the latest eye-shadow technique.  But when I hung up my tiara, this information became difficult to come by.

Thank God for Pinterest, and thank God for Keiko Lynn.

Who, you ask?

The lovely lady on the left is Keiko Lynn, and the makeup section of her eponymous blog can only be described as stellar.  Complete with step-by-step instructions, application tips and product recommendations, her site inspired me to start having fun with my makeup again.

By far and away, my favorite tutorial on her site is for the look at left.  The plum-colored smoky eye is perfect for those of us who want a sultry eye look, but don’t want to look like a slightly taller Olsen twin.  Because you can really take a smoky eye too far if you’re not careful.

So if you’re searching for some fresh makeup tips from someone who really knows her stuff, head over to Keiko Lynn’s blog.  Sadly, no tutorial can give me her flawless skin, but we can’t have everything we want in life. 


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  1. Anna Louisa says:

    ok, that's GORGEOUS. thanks for the tip!


    January 3, 2012/Reply
  2. Leigh Ellen says:

    I love her make-up tutorials as well. I actually used her tutorial on red lips today to figure out how to best pull off the look. You both have great sites! Keep up the good work.

    January 3, 2012/Reply