1. Lauren says:

    Can't wait to see what you have to say! Birchbox has become one of the things I look forward to each month… I got my new box yesterday and it was like Christmas! Awesome job in finding this company, Belle!

    October 12, 2011/Reply
  2. amy b.s. says:

    how cool!

    October 12, 2011/Reply
  3. Amy says:

    Belle, you've finally sold me on Birchbox! I'm ready to sign up! I noticed something about earning points for referrals on the website–I'd love for you to get a benefit from my subscription. If that's something worthwhile, please send me an invite. ­čÖé

    October 12, 2011/Reply
  4. Lexi says:

    Belle, I received my second Birchbox today after I read your post about it in August! I am loving it!

    October 13, 2011/Reply
  5. JS says:

    Alright, alright. I finally broke down and subscribed to Birchbox. Now I'm just impatient to receive the first one!!

    October 15, 2011/Reply