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Belle's Weekly Reading: The How-To Edition

I like to do things myself.  I paint my own nails.  I shape my own eyebrows.  I shine my own shoes.  And I also care for my own clothes whenever possible.  

Not only does it save money, but it allows you a level of control.  If someone ruins my new silk jacket, I want it to be me.  If I over exfoliate my face, I don’t want to be angry with anyone but myself.  I guess you could say, the buck stops here.

In this vain, here is a beauty and style how-to guide for those of you who like DIY, need to cut costs or, like myself, are A-plus-plus-type control freaks.  

All Hail.  This Pinterest post from WonderHowTo encompasses a lot of the fashion and jewelry DIY basics.  How to remove tarnish from jewelry, how to remove smells from clothing, etc.  So definitely, stop here first.

A Bit Flakey.  If you suffer from dandruff or if the change in seasons is causing some scalp dryness, there is a cure.  And would you believe that it’s found in the dental care aisle?  The Beauty Department has a tutorial for how to use original Listerine and baby oil to chase those flakes away.

Washer Woman.  Thanks to dry cleaners, washing machines and other modern conveniences, most women don’t have the foggiest idea about how to wash their clothes properly.  If you’ve been bowing down to the GE/Kenmore altar, here are some tips that you need to know from Lifehacker.

How to properly handwash your clothes.  How to keep colors bright with black pepper.  How to remove a host of common stains.  And how to properly iron your clothes.

She’s a Pill.  As you pull your sweaters out of storage, you’re probably noticing a bit of pilling on your knits and cashmeres.  How to remove it?  Sure, you could buy one of those fancy machines from sharper image.  Or as Lifehacker explains, you could buy a $3 Bic razor.

Storage Wars.  Caring for your clothes also means storing them properly.  You need to beat back pests, mold and humidity with a whip and a chair.  Here are some tips for storing your clothes that will keep them fresh as a daisy for the season.