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The 2011 Emmy's: The Runners Up

I was really losing hope for the Emmy’s Red Carpet.  At one point, I was so disgusted by the lack of quality evening attire that I turned off the television.  And if you’ve been to my house, you know that television is never, ever off. 

Luckily, I went back to look through the photos and discovered that there were enough lovely gowns to warrant a Best Dressed List and a Runner-Up List.  Here are the gowns that almost took home the tiara.

Cat Deeley in What I’m guessing is Monique Lhuillier, though I have no proof of that.

I love this gown.  It fits her well.  It looks like it suits her personality.  And it would have made the best dressed list if I hadn’t seen the gold-sequin on tulle look about a dozen times before.

That being said, I love the wild lion’s mane hair and bronze, leather clutch.  It makes a gown that has no right to look casual, look perfectly relaxed.

Jayma Mays in No one seems to know.

I really wanted to love this look in all of its vintage-y glory, but the fact that the sheer overlay looked like it threatened to decapitate her pushed it to runner up status.  But the dress really suits her personality, fits well and has an ethereal look that just captures your heart.

Christine Baranski in Zac Posen

First off, the gown isn’t black, it’s navy.  Better photos here.

Secondly, let me just say that I wish that all actresses over the age of 40 would take this snap to their stylist before the next award show.  Because she is killing it in this gown.

 Christina Hendricks in Johanna Johnson

I want to reward Christina for what an improvement this gown is over some of her previous efforts.  It maximizes her assets without overwhelming you with their amplitude.


Martha Plimpton in Zac Posen

I would like Zac Posen to tailor all of my clothes, because the fit of this gown is just astounding.  It lifts and separates without being vulgar.  Bravo, Martha, bravo.


Minka Kelly in Dior.

I really wanted to love this gown.  The mixing of black and navy.  The lace sleeves.  The deep-V back.  But something just wasn’t quite right, I think it’s the length of the sleeves.


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  1. Kim says:

    I agree with you on most of these. (Hendricks is the one we'll have to agree to disagree on; I just don't think she typically dresses in a way that is flattering on her body, though I agree that this is an improvement.) Martha Plimpton and Minka Kelly were definitely in my top three.

    FYI, you were right on Cat Deely's dress (it is Monique Lhuillier) and Jayma Mays' dress is Zuhair Murad.

    September 19, 2011/Reply
  2. AD says:

    I could see Minka Kelly's dress on Duchess Catherine w/ all the navy, lace & sleeves.

    September 19, 2011/Reply