Zara Launches U.S. Online Store


After years of waiting, praying, begging, my wish came true.  Today, Zara opened an online store in the US.  

Zara offers customers the hottest trends at affordable prices.  From ankle length pants to collar-less blazers, you can find modern pieces to add style to your wardrobe without taking a big bite out of your wallet.  

The site offers all the pieces you would see in stores (more actually if you’re talking about the not so well stocked Penn Quarter location).  They also offer free standard shipping and free returns and exchanges online or in-store. 

Zara sent me a gift card so that I could peruse their site a day before it opened to the general public (it’s live now), and these are the pieces that I purchased:

Polka Dot Blouse ($59.90)

I loved this blouse the minute that I saw it. I can’t wait to wear it under my black cashmere v-neck, tucked into my black pencil skirt or with my skinny jeans and boots.  It’s a simple basic that I can wear until I wear it out and then toss it into the Goodwill pile when I get bored with it.

Jersey Colorblock Dress ($59.90)

I actually chose this dress over a drop-waisted teal number because it was a more appropriate length for me.  I can wear it with tights and boots on casual Friday.  I can wear it with peep toe flats to a casual dinner.  Or I can wear it over leggings on the airplane with a cream scarf and chunky bangles.

Sure, it’s basic black and white, but the mod styling makes it a bit more interesting.

Palazzo Trousers ($79.90)

I really wanted a pair of palazzo pants for Fall, but I was not about to spend the prices that the retailers were charging for them.  I decided on these ivory ones because I didn’t need black, and the other colors offered weren’t versatile enough.

I’m going to wear them with a long, chunky sweater in heather camel.  I also have a grey silk blouse that they will look great with.  And if you have a sequin sweater from last season or a short or long sleeved sequin top, this would be a good holiday party look.

Lastly, I loved that I could pay for my purchase with PayPal.  No searching for my wallet, no fumbling for my credit card.  It was really convenient and it allowed me to pay cash.  I wish more retailers would offer that feature.

Now that Zara has an online store, you can expect to see their pieces on CHS more often.  I hope you ladies (And gentlemen) find some trendy, stylish pieces at Hill Staffer friendly prices.



  1. Molly says:

    I go to the one at 10th & F! Sometimes I get kinda worried that it might be too Forever21 (fast fashion, cheaply made) but the few items I've bought have held up pretty well.

    September 7, 2011/Reply
  2. amy b.s. says:


    September 7, 2011/Reply
  3. Ellie says:

    Hopefully they will respond to my praying & begging to make more shoe sizes!

    September 7, 2011/Reply
  4. DCGal says:

    Hi Belle, Zara's clothes are pretty but I think it's important to pay attention to labor abuses (to be fair, I'm sure Zara has a lot of company here:

    September 7, 2011/Reply
  5. eg says:

    This may be a silly question, but what exactly are “palazzo” pants?

    September 7, 2011/Reply
  6. katherine says:

    i was super excited that sara has e-commerce now! i ordered the cap-toe heels this morning…i love them! that jersey color block dress is super cute! do you ever share pics of you wearing the clothes (obvi not your face)? i'd be interested to see how it fits.

    September 7, 2011/Reply
  7. Belle says:

    Eg- They are slouchy wide leg trousers. Sweatpants made from crepe, basically.

    September 7, 2011/Reply
  8. Laura says:

    FYI: I tried to make a purchase from the website, and my card was declined. A little later, I received a call from my credit card company (it is a visa card) reporting suspicious activity. Apparently, when you pay by credit card, the charge is made to the company in Dublin. So…maybe better to go with PayPal…

    September 7, 2011/Reply
  9. Kristen says:

    Could you do a post describing how Zara fits compared to other mainstream retailers (Ann Taylor, LOFT, Banana, etc.)? I've never been to Zara (sadly), and I'd like to have a sense of how the clothes fit before I make any purchases. Thanks!

    September 8, 2011/Reply
  10. Ellie says:

    Ugh it messed up my credit card, too.

    Kristen– they have free shipping & returns.

    September 8, 2011/Reply
  11. kelsey says:

    awesome news!!! not sure how i missed this, but i am pumped! i have never been to zara but i love their clothes.

    September 8, 2011/Reply