+ Happy Hour

Happy Hour: The Natural Disaster

I was going to be clever and serve up a Hurricane cocktail in celebration of Irene’s visit to the Mid-Atlantic shores.  Sadly, I already did that last year for Hurricane Earl.  But never fear, Washington, D.C. was served up not one, but two natural disasters this week.  So I will retreat to my fall back position.

The Earthquake by Toulouse Lautrec

3 Parts Cognac 

3 Parts Absinthe

Shake vigorously with ice.  Pour into a chilled wine glass.  Serve with a sugar cube to balance the bitter taste of the wormwood in the absinthe.


Gathered Skirt Dress (Zara, $80)

This dress is comfortable enough for daytime wear, but with the right accessories it would be lovely for cocktails with friends.  And, conviently, it looks comfortable enough to sleep in.  You know, for when the Absinthe and Cognac cocktail knocks you on your ass and you lose the energy to even put on pajamas.  Or the ability to even identiy pajamas.

Seriously, if you’re going to drink that, forget the sugar cube and serve with bottles of Aspirin.  That cocktail sounds like a frightening foray into the addled mind of Toulouse Lautrec, drink with caution.  Tremblement de Terre, indeed.