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Happy Hour: The Blushing Bride

This morning we talked about bachelorette parties, so I thought that it was a good time to feature the Blushing Bride cocktail.  The Blushing Bride has many iterations.  I’ve seen it made with everything from grenadine to raspberry puree.  But I prefer the classic because it has only three ingredients.  

I find that the simplicity of the recipe makes it easier to make large batches, which makes this a good drink to serve at weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties and the like.  A good-quality, complex cocktail with multiple liqueurs can be lovely too, but sometimes, you just want a libation that can be multiplied to serve 50 people without taking out a home loan to cover the cost.


4oz of Champagne/Prosecco/Pink Champagne

1oz Peach Schnapps

1oz Grenadine

Pour the Schnapps and grenadine into the bottom of a champagne flute.  Pour chilled champagne into the glass.  

If you’re feeling fancy, you can curl a piece of peach or peach skin into the flute.  Some women like to sugar the rim with pink sugar, I think that’s unnecessary, but to each, her own.

3.1 Phillip Lim Blush Sleeveless Draped Dress (My-Wardrobe, $1,031)

This dress is just beautiful.  The color.  The shine.  The subtle but sparkling crystal detail at the neck.  The feeling that wherever you wear it, you will be the most beautiful woman in the room.

It is very likely that you could find this dress at a lower price in a U.S. store.  Probably in the $600-700 range.  Not cheap, but when you look at the dress, you can see why.



  1. Ms. B says:

    Oh that dress! Bet it is a piece of art in the construction as well. Simple line, jeweled neckline, crisp detail…lovely.

    July 23, 2011/Reply
  2. Meri says:

    This is the perfect easy-to-make cocktail for bridal shower and bachelorettes (or a ladies’ brunch!) I shared with my readers here: https://seektobemerry.blogspot.com/2014/04/sip-on-spring.html Thanks for the inspiration!

    April 15, 2014/Reply
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