Five Summer Dress Trends

Polyvore Set Found Here.

If you’re wearing the same sundresses summer after summer, it’s time for an upgrade.  This season, several lovely trends are trickling into every price point.  And these dresses are guaranteed to give your wardrobe a boost.

Florals: A long term summer staple, florals are being reimagined in all shapes, sizes and colors this season.  From vibrant prints, like this dress from Reiss, to this tonal, white print from Marc Jacobs. So if you haven’t jumped into the floral thing yet, now is the time. 

Colorblock: For the mod, 60s girl in all of us, this colorblock shift dress from Topshop is a great find.  Belt it to emphasize your waist or wear it with a long, chunky necklace or stacked bangles, but not both.

Chambray:  No, it’s not denim.  Do I seem like the kind of girl who advocates the wearing of denim dresses?  While it may be dyed blue, chambray or cambric is lightweight cotton long used in men’s work shirts (hence the term blue collar).  This dress has a modern shape in a classic fabric.  However, unless you plan to wear a cardigan over it all day, it is not work appropriate.  And if you do wear a dress like this, please, no bra straps.  You’ll just ruin it.

Stripes: Like florals, stripes have been at the top of the trend list for a few years now, but some of you are still afraid of them.  The truth about horizontal stripes is this, if you’re afraid of looking fat in them, stick with a boatneck or v-neck blouse.  If you’re pear shaped, make sure you buy an A-line shift.  And if you have an hour glass figure, buy the dress a little bigger than you need and belt it. 

Stripes are nothing to be afraid of, but if you aren’t proportional (who is?), it might take a few trips to the mall before you find a dress that you like.

Lace: For some reason, a lot of women are afraid of lace.  It’s too girly, too frilly, too delicate.  But it’s easy to make a lace dress, even one as prim as the dress about a little less so. 

Add a strong belt like this wide, cognac one by Linea Pelle.  You can also wear it with a leather jacket. Or add black tights and black booties in the winter months. 

Basically, if you’ve been sporting the same cotton, jersey dresses for more than one year, it’s time to branch out.  So pick a trend, and if you’re not willing to spend the big bucks on it, go to Zara/H&M/Topshop/Forever21 and embrace it!


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