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Sophisticated Sunglasses, Under $100


Polyvore Set Found Here.

Yesterday, the blistering heat and intense sunshine reminded me that I need to buy a new pair of sunglasses.  Because I can be a little hard on my sunnies, I like to keep them under $100.  But thanks to Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, I can buy a stylish pair of sunglasses that will protect my eyes while I look chic.

You’ll notice that all the sunglasses featured in this set are brown or tortoise shell, no black. Black sunglasses can look too dramatic and and even a bit severe.  This can make a woman seem unapproachable.  Brown is softer and more relaxed.  I also find that brown-tinted shades are more flattering on most skin tones and hair colors.

The first pair (top left) are MICHAEL Michael Kors Drake Oversized Sunglasses.  These are the classic Jackie O shape in a soft chocolate brown.  These are great for women with strong cheekbones and a long nose with a solid bridge.  If you have a wider nose or a flatter bridge, skip these frames.  They’ll only make your face and your features look wider and rounder.

If you have a rounder face or wider features (I myself have a slightly bigger nose, so I know these things.) but still want the large, dramatic frames, try a square shape.  The clean lines will balance out a rounder face and give you enough definition.  Just make sure that they don’t completely cover your eyebrows.  If you can’t at least see a few millimeters of eyelid, then these are not the sunnies for you.

In the bottom left hand corner, we have the pair that I will be purchasing the Cheshire also from MICHAEL Michael Kors.  These refined cat-eye sunglasses have all the classic appeal of a wayfarer but with a softer shape and vintage feel.  But these particular frames are not for everyone, ladies with long or angular faces need to be careful before they buy a defined round shape.  They can look like bug eyes, or a bad John Lennon impression, if you’re not careful.

If you’re at a loss for which style to choose, Aviators look great on just about everyone.  They’re classic and yet, somehow, a bit trendy.  They’re for a woman who wants to choose eyewear that is a bit edgier.  

Buying sunglasses is like purchasing a swimsuit or jeans.  Though not as devastating to the self-esteem, you’ll need to try on dozens of pairs before you get it just right.  So take a little time, bring a friend and choose the best pair for you.  And if you choose to invest in a pair from Prada, Fendi, Gucci or another luxury brand, make sure to choose a pair that you can wear for years to come.  There’s no reason to drop that kind of coin on a pair that will only look chic for one season.  



  1. k-t says:

    for those who don't have time to go shopping during normal hours, but rely on online retailers, Zappos has a decent selection with free shipping and free returns. I was able to get some nice shades that were 100% UVA/UVB, polarized, looked decent on me, shatter-resistant and were comfortable with a ski or bike helmet or a sun hat. And at a price I could live with if I lost them, scratched them, or broke them somehow.

    May 31, 2011/Reply
  2. Ash says:

    Also, check out NordstromRack, the bloomingdales outlet, etc. Thats where I found my kate spade Shoshana's for less than $100. I'm a huge fan, even if they are black ­čÖé

    May 31, 2011/Reply