Faux Pas: The Bermuda Triangle

The vintage styles of the 1940s are everywhere.  Front high waisted pants to tie neck blouses to mid-length skirts, everything old is new again.  Unfortunately, the triangle bra, popular on the lingerie of the early-20th Century, is also having a comeback.

As a lingerie piece for intimate occasions, I love a sheer triangle bra.  It’s sexy and relaxed.  You could even layer the bra at left over a black demi-cup for a little something extra under a v-neck tee or tank top.  But sadly, women are not leaving the triangle bras in the bedroom.

I don’t care if you are an A-cup or a DD, this bra is doing you no favors.  Under clothes, a triangle bra looks like you’re wearing no bra at all.  It provides no support, and no shape.  

And, dammit, I need lift!  You need lift!  For the love of God, lift them up!

It doesn’t matter if it is VPL or droopy breasts, nothing ruins the look of a blouse or a dress faster than terrible undergarments.  This bra belongs in the bedroom and nowhere else.  So if ou’ve embraces this trend, it’s time to re-examine your lingerie choices.

Your breasts deserve to be lifted and separated, not saggy and shapeless.