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Polyvore Set Found Here.

A navy pencil skirt is a warm weather necessity.  Here, I paired this basic with a navy and white, micro-striped blazer instead of the matching blazer.  And while the basic, white blouse may not be anything to write home about, it’s the accessories that really make the outfit.

Once you have a wardrobe full of basic, which if your weight stays stable, should take about two to three years to collect, you can add the fun and chic accessories that make a wardrobe great.  Here we have a pair of fabulous sandals in an odd shape, but a neutral color.  We also have a thick belt that can transform everything from a cotton dress to an evening gown into something special.  And as for the ring, yes it’s pricey (just under $400), but it makes every outfit better.

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  1. Montana says:

    Great looking outfit, love the belt with it

    April 4, 2011/Reply
  2. caroline says:

    I need those shoes!!! But $300+ is a but pricey. Any idea how to search for a suitable knock-off?

    April 4, 2011/Reply
  3. R says:

    So torn! Do I hate you for making me dream of $300+ dollar shoes, or love you for giving me such hope??

    April 4, 2011/Reply