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Happy Hour: Breezy Cotton

I believe that every woman will need a white dress this summer.  And since I feel like giving today’s forecast the finger, I’ve decided to pretend like it’s summer and post one of my favorites.

Doree Shift Dress (BCBG, $228)

This dress, in a crisp poplin, is perfect for the warm weather months (if they ever get here).  You can dress it up for dinner with gold jewelry, or dress it down with flat sandals and a belt.  It’s definitely one of those pieces that you end up wearing way too often because every time that you don’t know what to wear, you end up wearing it.

El Diablo Cocktail

Every time I serve Mexican food at home, I skip the margaritas for this delicious cocktail.  But unlike the common variety, which uses ginger ale and cranberry juice, I prefer to use ginger beer and pomegranate liqueur.  I think it gives it a deeper but equally refreshing flavor.

Fill a tall glass with ice.  Add 2 oz of Patron Respasado Tequila, this will fill 1/3 of the glass. 

Pour in ginger beer (I like Bundaberg, but any brand will do.) until the glass is 3/4 full.  Slowly add the pomegranate liqueur.  Stir gently with chopstick or cocktail spoon.

Garnish with lime wedge.

I caution you to only make this cocktail, however, if you’re planning a lazy day of backyard picnics or nights shooting the breeze on the patio because it’s a bit strong.  You won’t notice it at first, but it sneaks up on you.  When your friends start claiming spare bedrooms for the sleepover, you’ll start to wonder if you should have just served Corona.


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  1. EG says:

    Something about beautiful white dress + red cocktail looks like a disaster waiting to happen for me ­čÖé

    They sound wonderful separately though…

    April 2, 2011/Reply