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Inside Belle's Makeup Bag

Like many women, my skincare routine changes often.  I bring in new products almost weekly in search of the Miracle Cure.  But while my medicine cabinet is a revolving door of Sephora purchases, my makeup bag is a stalwart of consistency.  I’ve been using many of these products for more than a decade, and I see no reason to change.

Products and links can be found in the Polyvore set, here.

On the Face. Two years ago, I switched from MAC products to Laura Mercier, and I am never going back.  The foundation primer holds makeup with an almost heavenly power but doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.  Because I have pores and acne, I use the silk crème foundation, which you stipple on like spackle.  It’s the only foundation I’ve ever found with enough juice to cover a breakout without looking like you applied your makeup with a trowel.  However, most women would do very well with just her tinted moisturizer.

As for concealer, I like her Secret Camouflage, but what really makes this concealer great isn’t the formulation, it’s the brush.  The tiny brush head is like a lazer, pinpointing the blemish so you never over-apply. 

If you’d like to try the primer, tinted moisturizer and concealer (with brushes), you can purchase a very generous trial kit for just $60. 

On top of all of this, I apply a light dusting of Laura Mercier translucent powder using Sephora’s complexion perfecting brush.  It’s a puffy, soft powder brush that never deposits too much product.  And that is a very good thing.

On the Cheeks.  I use two products.  First, I brush Benefit’s Dandelion onto my cheekbones.  And then, for a pop of color, I apply Bobbi Brown’s pale pink blush to my cheeks.  This product looks REALLY bright in the package, but it’s actually quite perfect in its soft pinkness.

I use a soft angle blush brush from Sephora for this, but you could also use a fan brush. 

On the Eyes.  I’ve been wearing Stila Oasis for a decade of more.  It’s the perfect pale gold shade for eyes.  So every morning, I apply a bit with the tip of my ring finger and then add a muted taupe or mauve to the corners of my lids for extra pop.

As for eyeliner, I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Gel Liner.  It comes in a lot of great shades (I find Violet Ink and Black Mauve Shimmer perfect for everyday use), and it really lasts.  Unlike Bobbi, who uses a special brush to apply it, I like to wing out the ends, so I use an angled eyebrow brush.  And speaking of eyebrows, you should ALWAYS fill yours in, even if you think that they are dark enough on their own.  For this task, I use a simple drugstore brown pencil.  

On the Lips.  You’ll notice that there’s no lip gloss in the photo.  That’s because I don’t wear any.  When I do wear lip color (special occasions only), I wear Clinique Black Honey.  Otherwise, I’m good with chapstick. 

As for the makeup bag, I think it’s important that women have a sturdy makeup case that’s easy to keep clean.  You have no idea the kinds of bacteria that will grow in there if you don’t.  A Lysol disinfecting wipe once a week or so will do the trick. 

Likewise, it’s important to keep your brushes really clean.  I use an alcohol based spray for every day, and on Sundays I wash everything with natural baby shampoo



  1. megan says:

    Couldn't agree more on the Laura Mercier products. I've been using the primer, tinted moisturizer and secret camo for years — and you're right on about the secret camo brush. It's a must-own. Also going to scoop the gold Stila shadow — thanks for the tip!

    February 10, 2011/Reply
  2. prosecutordc says:

    I love the Laura Mercier products…but I'd recommend using their SPF version…you should have something with spf on your face every day (it'll keep you young!) and their tinted moisturizer with spf does the trick!

    February 10, 2011/Reply
  3. Rose says:

    With my recently re-developing acne…I just ordered the trial kit and the Sephora brush – here's hoping it works well for me too!

    February 10, 2011/Reply
  4. whattokeep says:

    Belle, thanks for posting this! I've been looking for a pink blush for Spring, and I think I will give the Bobbi Brown blush a try. I use Nars Orgasm right now, but it is peach, and I really am in the mood for pink, for some reason. Thanks for the tip on eyebrows! I never considered it before. Tips?


    February 10, 2011/Reply
  5. R says:

    I use Stila Oasis every day also! It holds up great, and it's a perfect color and easy to apply.

    February 11, 2011/Reply