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BPGP: Beauty Blender Sponge

The beautyblender makeup sponge promises to “modernize the way you apply makeup” and help you fake a “flawless complexion.”  But does it deliver?

After years of alternating between a foundation brush and disposable sponges, I thought I would try something new.  And while I do notice less whiskering under my eyes, and better blending of blush and shadow, this product has  downsides that I just can’t overlook.

Chief amongst these complaints, daily cleansing.

I am a microphobe of the highest order, and having to wash the sponge everyday is just plain annoying.  And even after the scrubbing and rinsing, I was never confident that the sponge was clean. 

Secondly, I found that the product absorbs a lot of makeup.  This waste of product would probably force me to replace my foundation more frequently.  This is no bueno for the girl on a budget.

Speaking of cost, this product is expensive.  Two sponges will set you back $26–not fiscally responsible.  Even the more reasonably priced Sonia Kashuk sponge costs $9.  This is a big increase in price from the $2 for a bag of 50 disposable sponges that I am currently paying.

While my makeup application was certainly improved with this product, I don’t know if the results justify the increase in price.  And given that my skin is acne prone, I don’t want to use any product that might be harboring bacteria and germs inside of its nooks and crannies.


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  1. Rory says:

    I have the Sonia Kashuk version, and I adore it. I can't see myself ever going back to one of the disposable sponges (and I don't get foundation brushes at all).

    Sephora makes a daily brush cleaner that is also anti-bacterial. I just spray it on my brushes when I'm done using them, and it seems to help keep breakouts at bay:

    November 8, 2010/Reply