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Happy Hour: A Sabbath Sparkler

Last week, I dined with some new neighbors who are kosher.  Being from the Wild West, the kosher dietary laws were not something that I encountered very much growing up. Since moving to D.C., I’ve developed a grasp of the basics.  But when my neighbors asked me to be sure and bring a “kosher cocktail,” I was surprised to learn that such a thing existed. 

The resulting champagne cocktail was tasty, refreshing and religiously acceptable so I thought I would share the recipe.  Thank goodness for the Internet.

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A sparkling cocktail demands a shimmery dress.  Though I would have selected different pumps.  A dove grey peep toe perhaps.

Kosher Champagne Cocktail from Gourmet Magazine

Place a Kosher sugar cube in a champagne glass.

Add a dash or two of bitters. 

Once the bitters have been absorbed into the sugar cube, slowly pour well-chilled champagne into the glass.

Twists a curl of lemon peel into the glass for a bit of citrusy kick.