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Happy Hour: Blue Angel


Layer Petal Dress by Rare (TopShop, $138)

This dress reminds me of Leanne Marshall’s turn on Project Runway with its flowing petals and fluttery aesthetic. Add a simple silver sandal and a chandelier earring and you have the perfect outfit for any Fall cocktail party.  Catch the breeze just right on your way into the party venue and men throughout the bar will start humming “Dream Weaver.” 

This dress also looks more expensive than the price tag would suggest.

Blue Angel Cocktail

As for how to make this cocktail, it couldn’t be simpler.  Just add all of the ingredients to a well chilled cocktail glass and then drink.  Even the most inexperienced mixologist should be able to pull this one off.



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  1. R says:

    Cream and lemon juice? The dress is beautiful though– but I'd probably need a belt.

    September 24, 2010/Reply