2010 VMAs Fashion: The Pretty & Meaty

The last time that I watched the VMAs, Britney and Justin were still the Hollywood It Couple.  So clearly, I’m a bit behind on the times.  Either way, this year’s white carpet did provide a bit of sartorial inspiration once you sifted through all the fame whore detritus.

Speaking of which…

A dress made out of meat? Seriously?

I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer find Lady Gaga to be an edgy, fashion boundary pusher.  I just find her antics to be tired and in this case, unsanitary.  I’m not interested in what she’s wearing or why she’s wearing it, so much as I am in knowing when her 15 minutes will be up.

Though I will give her brownie points for ticking off the hypocrites at PETA (not that that’s difficult to do).  Thus, a public service announcement: Please do not give money to PETA.  PETA kills animals.  If you want to give to a charity that actually helps animals, ASPCA is the non-profit for you.

Now onto the looks that I actually liked…

I love the black and white combination on this dress, it’s so simple but chic at the same time.  I also love the draped skirt.  And while her hair looks fabulous, I might have gone a little lighter on the spray tan because she’s one spritx away from Dina Lohan territory.

Miranda Cosgrove looks stylish and age appropriate in blue and black sequins.  What a fab combo!  See you can wear blue and black together.

Ciara looked hott in feathers and lace.  Notice the ombre on the skirt? I’m telling you, it’s coming back!

I cannot believe that I am about to speak glowingly about a member of the Pratt family on this site, but I am.  I really like the boho chic/70s glam maxi dress she’s wearing.  And while I understand she was going for the Venus de Milo meets Cali Girl look, there’s never a good reason to wear fake hair.