Belle's Weekly Reading: Volume XV

See Ya Later Alligator. Wearing Crocs is tantamount to committing one of the Seven Deadly Sins, but not even neon-colored, Croslite mules can compare to these shoes.  I have several questions for the designer, beginning with “Alligator or Cayman?” and ending with “What the Hell were you thinking?”  It’s like Stephen King decided to start designing shoes.  Creepy.

If you need a distraction, then visit If Shoes Could Kill for more jaw dropping footwear.  Like a train wreck, you will not be able to look away.

More Fall Fashion Must Haves. While the ladies of CHS posted their Fall Must Have lists last week, Meghan at Wit & Whimsy has posted her list.  I love the metallic dress, however, the rest of the attire is a bit casual for the Hill.  I suggest you consider these to be weekend must haves.

Lucky Lindy. The aviator style leather jacket is hot for Fall.  Rachel Zoe recommends a Burberry Prorsum piece for the wealthy, and a jacket from Express for the working classes.  It’s a cool trend, but a bit Top Gun for me.  And since every jacket is lined with shearling, I think I’ll skip this one entirely.

Hard as Nails. Since my recent manicures have met a rapid demise, I was grateful for Allure’s mani maintenance tips.  Why it had never occurred to me to reapply the top coat every two days is a mystery.  But since I plan to have my nails painted every day this Fall, this revelation couldn’t have come at a better time.

You Meddling Kids.  Students with valid ID now get 20-percent off at Bliss Spas.  That right there is reason enough to go back to school.  Sure law school is expensive, but think of all the money that I’ll be saving on bikini waxes.

On the Catwalk.  New York Fashion Week was all aflutter over yesterday’s Project Runway show.  However, I would still like to know what the hell Jessica Simpson was doing there.  A woman who wears ill-fitting high-waisted jeans and mu mus is not qualified to judge the fashion stylings of others. 

On a related note, do you ever wonder what happened to your favorite Project Runway contestants/winners?  Elle Magazine has at least a few answers for you.  I was just grateful that Daniel Vosovic is still alive and kicking, his Season 2 presentation is still my all time favorite.


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  1. Chris says:

    Those Alligator/Cayman shoes are ridiculous! How could you even walk in those? You'd have to shuffle your feet add to the hilarity of the whole situation.

    September 10, 2010/Reply