Belle's Fall Five: Accessories

If you don’t have the funds to make over your closet each season (and really who does?), you can freshen your wardrobe with new jewelry, scarves, belts and bags.  

Anya Hindmarch Carker Metallic Bag (Net-a-Porter, $995)

I love metallic shoes, so why not a metallic bag?  I greatly prefer this muted gold color to the brighter shinier metallics.  If you’d like something a little less expensive, this Murval metallic tote is similar.

 Men’s Plaque Belt (J.Crew, $49.50)

I own this belt, and I love it.  Because it’s a men’s belt, it easily wraps around your waist multiple times.  Also, the belt has aged beautifully developing a worn, vintagey appearance.  Frankly, the belt goes with everything from a breezy cotton tunic dress to a silk blouse and pencil skirt.

Burberry Ruched Opera Gloves ($595)

Opera length gloves have long held and a special place in my heart, and I suppose I have Mad Men to thank for this Fall’s abundance of gloves.  Be on the lookout for gloves with ruching, lace, button-details, and even sheer gloves this season.  And while you can find gorgeous gloves like these in retail stores, your best bet for finding inexpensive gloves is vintage stores and Grandma’s closet.

Paper Chain Bracelet (J.Crew, $79)

I love when a high fashion trend trickles down to the masses.  Paper chain necklaces and bracelets by Lanvin and others were huge last season, and they have finally crept down into my price point.  This bracelet is simple, chic and subtly cool, it will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.

Missoni Zig Zag Knee Socks (ShopBop, $58)

Knee socks and thigh-highs are huge this Fall.  Wear them with tall boots or ankle booties to give your pencil skirt or LBD a little boost.  If the zig zag pattern isn’t for you, try a jewel tone, a neutral or a lace stocking.  


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  1. Leila says:

    Belle–I dont think that there is any way to be able to pull off thigh-highs as a hill staffer. I presume this accesory is suggested for the weekend or mid-week date?

    August 25, 2010/Reply
  2. Hm says:


    Let's start posting things I can actually afford!


    August 25, 2010/Reply
  3. Belle says:

    The thigh highs are certainly more for fun than for work.

    Also, we've been through this a hundred times, the items posted on the blog are meant to be inspirational. The two items that I posted that were not affordable contained suggestions for other more affordable pieces. Feel free to google until you find a more affordable option.

    August 25, 2010/Reply
  4. Stephanie says:

    My husband has that belt! I'll have to try borrowing it from him. Thanks for the idea! ­čÖé

    August 25, 2010/Reply
  5. The Slapdash Sewist says:

    I like this selection–I'm probably too old for knee socks but am looking forward to the appearance of a nice selection of gloves.

    August 26, 2010/Reply