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An Open Apology to Wonderbar

Last year, I purchase a Wonderbar.  Daily Candy promised that the product would save my skin from the scourge of cystic acne, but after using the product for several weeks, I was unimpressed.  So I took my disappointment to the Interwebs giving the product a less than glowing recommendation.  But now, I’m offering the folks at Wonderbar an apology.  Here’s why:

Size Matters.  My first complaint about the bar was its small size.  I spent $40 on a 25 gram bar not realizing that is roughly the size of hotel bath soap, so when it arrived I was mildly ticked.  However, I retract this complaint because over a year later, and I still have two small remnants of the bar left. 

Sure, I haven’t been using it everyday, but I have been using it with some frequency.  So don’t let the small size fool you: the product really lasts.

Return Customer. Even after I wrote my screed about how disappointed I was, I found myself returning to the product whenever I developed a really awful breakout.  I would wear the mask overnight and wake up the next morning with a noticeably improved skin.  I would also use it as a spot treatment when a painful cystic blemish appeared.

So I retract my previous statements about the Wonderbar.  While I didn’t find it to be a miracle cure, I am happy with the results when I use the product for problem breakouts. 

In fact, last night, after my second of eight plane flights this month, I rushed home an immediately applied the product to a burgeoning breakout.  This morning the bulk of the breakout had been thwarted and the two spots left on my chin were much less sore.  Overall, I’m happy with the Wonderbar and would recommend it to those looking for a product that tones skin, shrinks acne and tightens pores.

The product also helps heal dry cracked feet.  I sometimes rub it on my heels when I can’t afford a pedicure.

Well, that’s enough mea culpa.  Suffice it to say, that while it wasn’t love at first site, Wonderbar is a Belle endorsed product after all.


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  1. A says:

    Helpful. Thanks!

    August 10, 2010/Reply
  2. DC Celine says:

    So far, so good. I am getting some of the noted “toxin flush breakout” and dryness, but am determined to stick with it – my skin is otherwise babybuttsoft.

    October 18, 2010/Reply