Fitness Fashion Week: Running Style

I’m not what you would call…outdoorsy.  In fact, I moved to the Big City so that I would never again have to breathe fresh air or climb anything more strenuous than a set of stairs.  Thus, I don’t do much running outside.  So for this post, I let my friend CK, President of a running club, triathalete, and Iron Man finisher choose the outfit. 

New Balance Full Zip Running Jacket (Amazon, $49)

While I believe that New Balance is the choice of terrorists (see video evidence), this jacket is pretty cute.  CK likes this one because it wicks away moisture, dries quickly when it rains, and has “thumb holes” so you don’t have to wear gloves.

Mizuno Jinx Sport Top ($37)

CK swears by Mizuno, and since she’s small chested like me a medium compression top like this works fine.  If you’re a C-cup or large B-cup, you need something underneath as well.

Mizuno Split Short ($28)

Garmin Forerunner Heart Monitor/Watch (Best Buy, $99)

According to CK it’s reaaly hard to take your pulse during a strenuous run, so if you care about getting your heart in shape, you need a heart monitor.  She likes Garmin, you can choose a cheaper brand if you want.

Vibram FiveFingers Women Sprint ($80)

When I saw these “shoes,” the conversation went something like this:

Belle: What the hell are those?

CK: They are Ah-May-Zing.

Belle: They look ridiculous.  And how do they provide any support?

CK: Listen daytripper, they’re very supportive. They have cured my low-back pain and I have the best runner’s calves of anyone I know.  Barefoot running, wave of the future. 

Oh, and they’re machine washable, so no more leaving my shoes on the balcony overnight to air out.

Belle: Fine.  But they’re ugly.

CK: Don’t diss my Vibes.



  1. Cori Sue says:

    I’m so pleased you’re doing a fitness series of posts! I’ve always been a runner and always believed in cute, matching, sweat-wicking running attire– since it’s nice to look somewhat put-together when you’re running past hundreds of people in the city.

    Now that I’m training for the marathon and running more, I’ve been looking into more advanced running gear. The watch, shoes, and sports bra tidbits are great and so helpful! Thanks CK and Belle!!

    Cori Sue

    July 22, 2010/Reply
  2. Melissa says:

    LOVE VFFs! I am desperate for a pair of those shoes. I know they are absolutely hideous, but they’re supposed to be incredible feeling. They’re supposed to correct for a lot of problems that people have now, running in overly cushy shoes that force you to run awkwardly (and not in a way that people evolved to move).

    Also, surprised you haven’t debuted any Lululemon stuff here yet. I know their stuff is pricey, but for those of us with boobs, their sports bras are heavenly.

    July 22, 2010/Reply
  3. ali says:

    i had that exact same conversation about those shoes with my boyfriend. he also swears by them!

    July 22, 2010/Reply
  4. Noile says:

    Vibram FiveFingers really ARE amazing — like barefoot, but without any pain. I wrote about them on my blog a couple of years ago, and still love them. (Clicking on my name above will link directly to the post.) I don’t have anything to do with Virbram, and we bought our own, but I can tell you that they are everything those who love them say they are. Ugly? Well, this is a “running” post, not a suggestion to wear then on the legislative floor.

    July 25, 2010/Reply
  5. angie says:

    thank you belle for pointing out that these shoes are in fact a runner’s fashion item, and not a tourist’s. i can see how they are great for the joints, but see too many (clearly non-runners) trolling around in these with blue jean shorts. fashion fail.

    July 27, 2010/Reply