Merci, Danke, Arigato and Thanks

Back in April, I asked my lovely readers to express their gratitude for all that CHS has given them by nominating this humble blog for Washingtonian’s “Best of D.C.” contest in the Best Local Blogger category.  Sure, some people might consider this shameless begging, but I prefer to think of it as light encouragement with only a mild guilt trip attached for good measure.   After all, I went to Catholic school, and I know that guilt is a powerful motivator. *wink*

But at that time, I didn’t think I had a snowball’s chance of actually making the cut because I knew the competition would include local blogs like Prince of Petworth, Fashion is Spinach, Metrocurean, 2Birds1Blog, DCist and the like.  How was my little, one-fashionista show going to compete?  Little did I know that my readers would turn out in droves to support me.

When I started this blog I had five readers, and four of whom were my Mom. (Hi Mom!)  Then a few weeks later, my Dad started reading here.  So that gave me six.  But never did I think I would see six-digit monthly traffic, 1,500 Twitter followers and over 500 feed subscribers.  And all the credit for that accomplishment really belongs to you ladies (and gents) for telling your friends and co-workers about the blog, for commenting on the posts, and for just coming back here every day.  Because if I wasn’t a hopeless site traffic addict producing something that people liked to read, I’d have quit doing this a dozen times by now.

So I just wanted to say thanks for the support, and thank you for taking the time to nominate me, because you certainly didn’t have to.  And to the winners of this competition, Megan and Chris…I’m coming for you, and your little blog too.  (Cue the flying monkeys.)


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    See – told ya ­čÖé XOXO

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