Fashionistas Unite to Fight the Vera

My hatred of all things Vera Bradley is well documented.  As is the bag’s attempt to kill me in the lunch line.  So when I spotted a post on The Cut Blog expressing their blood-churning hatred for the bags, I just had to share. Because frankly, the rhetoric was too wonderful to keep to myself.

The Cut Blog unsheathed its rapier wit to contend with a New York Post article extolling the virtues of the paisley printed, quilted nightmares. How anyone could believe that their inexpensive price makes them fashionable and lovely is beyond me, but alas, this is Rupert Murdoch we’re talking about here.  Here is the post from The Cut Blog:

This seems to us like just another reason to avoid the weekend trips, but then again, the Vera Bradley bag has never been one of our favorite things. Everything’s normal in your line of vision, and then all of a sudden you notice someone brought a little piece of their grandmother’s bedspread onto the subway — or into the bar, or onto the street, or wherever in public they may be — and then you realize that it’s not an oversize, extra-fancy neck pillow, but something someone saw fit to pair with an outfit probably involving flats with a decorative metal plate on the toe.

Awesome.  I will probably print this off and carry it with me on the plane next week distributing copies to the Vera followers on each of my flights.  You know, just doing my part for America.


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  1. Rachel says:


    I’m assuming you wouldn’t let me post the Vera Bradley bag that was a gift from my MIL in the Resale Salon? ­čÖé

    June 28, 2010/Reply
  2. GvZ says:

    Amen Belle… Vera is the worst!! Almost as bad as rompers, if not worse!

    June 28, 2010/Reply
  3. Meghan says:

    i totally & utterly LOATHE vera. AMEN, belle!!

    July 22, 2010/Reply