Belle's Weekly Reading: Volume V

Define It. Andrea at Wit & Whimsy reviews Maybelline’s new gel eyeliner.  It is my personal belief that gel last longer and looks richer than pencil, and it’s not as messy as liquid.  Maybelline also provides videos to teach you how to get the perfect line every time.

Bejeweled. Most women watch Sex & The City for the shoes or the bawdy humor, but I fell in love with the jewelry that the actresses wore in the film.  Virginia from TheLovely20s has photos and descriptions for many of the drop dead pieces from Rodrigo Otazu.  I die for that shield necklace.  And if you’re dying for more info on SATC2 and its $10 million fashion budget, you can get the scoop straight from the mouth of Pat Field over at FabSugar.

So Twisted. We all know that elastic bands are hard on our hair, but what alternative do we have?  Emily Hsieh over at Lucky Mag wants us all to ditch our Goody hair ties in favor of the follicle friendly Twist Bands.  I’m not sold on the tie-dye colors, but it would be nice to have a ponytail without the fear of breakage.

There’s the Door. The New York Times has decided to make the Critical Shopper column entirely staff written thus, no more Cintra Wilson.  Apparently, the Grey Lady decided that after her negative comments about JCPenney and women’s weight, she had to go.  Really, NYT, really?  Given your poor circulation, you would think that you would be happy for a little controversy to spur sales.

Washed Up? The recession has forced Karl Lagerfeld to shill for a washing machine company.  Or maybe he just really appreciates clean clothes. 

Work It. And in case you missed the show at the Woolly Mammoth, The Glamazon Diaries has  full recap of the Couture for a Cure Event sponsored by DKNY.  It looks like everyone had an incredible time.

Losing It. What happens when a plus sized model loses a little weight? The fashion industry loses its mind.  Crystal Renn drops ten pounds after a vacation and People Magazine requires a comment?  Good to see that the weight obsession goes both ways.


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  1. Rachel says:

    I just bought some gel eyeliner today (although L’Oreal, not Maybelline) and I can’t wait to try it out.

    May 28, 2010/Reply