The Floor Report: The Holy Grail

No, Miss M won’t be writing this Floor Report.  But she did inspire it, and it will contain a great deal of content straight from her lips.  So it’s as close to a real Floor Report as we’re going to get until her wedding and honeymoon are over.  Because, let’s face it, those invitations don’t stamp themselves.

Awhile back, Miss M and I met for dinner.  It was a lot of champagne, a lot of dessert (Poste, so good), and a lot of talk about fashion.  Half way through dinner, she stops the show and says, “Oh, I forgot to tell you, I found the Holy Grail.”  

Puzzled, I inquired as to whether the Grail was a wooden Carpernter’s cup or a golden chalice or a girl named Sarah (for you Dan Brown fans).  This response got me one raised eyebrow, one half, “This is why she doesn’t have a boyfriend” sigh and a fifteen second pause.  

But finally, Miss M decided to ignore my witty comeback and give me the scoop,” No, I found these in-cre-di-ble shoes at Daisy Too.  They’re from a company called Chie Mihara, and I need them in every color.  So do that thing you do where you turn the Internet into a crystal ball and find them for me.”  (Okay, she didn’t say that last part, but it was implied.)

Miss M went on to describe how these somewhat pricey shoes made her a believer in love, God and the life-saving power of a Visa card.  

As Miss M stands for ten hours per day on a hard wood floor, she needs a comfortable shoe like the rest of us need air.  And being the original inspiration for this blog (seriously, I’d be nothing without this woman), she can’t wear just any old comfortable shoe, it has to be a fabulous comfortable shoe.

She claims, and I have no reason to doubt this claim, that if you buy a pair of Chie Mihara shoes, you will soon be selling your first-born child to a small man with a funny name in exchange for more Chie Mihara shoes.  

Guess I’ll be godmother to the second child then.

After scoping out the shoes for myself, I picked a few pair that I adore and thought that you might too.  If any of you have tried the Chie Mihara life-altering, must have shoes leave opinions in the comments.  Also, keep in mind that I never said that the shoes were cheap.

Omizu in Peach (Simply Soles, $370)

Love these.  Like every summer dress in my closet is calling out for these shoes.  So pretty.

Strappy Flat Sandal (Saks, $335)

I have high arches, so I can’t wear traditional flip-flops without crippling myself.  These metallic sandals would be good for my feet and versatile enough to wear all summer long.

Cunsi Boot from Chie Mihara (Barefoot Tess, $350)

The Good News: These cognac boots are knocked-off from $600.  The Bad News: They’re from a store that only sells shoes for women with feet bigger than size 10.  I guess that’s good news if you have bigger feet.  Sadly, I’m only a 9.  

Erica Sandal (Piperlime, $375)

Truth be told, these heels are a little on the chunky side for me.  But if a little chunkiness is the key to being comfortable, then a little chunkiness might not be so bad.  Emphasis on little.

Purple Heels with Floral Mums (Simply Soles, $225)

One pair left, I’ll race you there!  There must be a reason these shoes are sold out everywhere right?



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  1. KLo says:

    I fell in love with a pair of grey suede Mary Janes by Chie Mihara about a year and a half ago, but they were incredibly expensive and I couldn’t justify them. Knowing that they are the Holy Grail of comfort, I’ll be saving up. Thanks Belle!!

    May 26, 2010/Reply
  2. Bianca says:

    what no birthday wish list today? my birthday is friday and i’ve been bumming off your list ideas every time someone asks what i want!

    May 27, 2010/Reply