Belle's B-Day Wish List: Part II

Yesterday, I showed you five jackets that I would be more than happy to own.  For the rest of the week, we’ll be working our way through Belle’s Birthday Wish List with different items of clothing and accessories.  Today, we have one of my many fashion obsessions: rings.

Citrine and Diamond Ring (Ben Bridge, $699)

At one-half inch wide, this ring certainly makes a statement.  If you want a ring that’s just as loud but 1/5 price, the retailer offers another version in sterling silver.

Arcatus Sofie Ring (Max&Chloe, $113)

I love the faceted briolettes on this ring, and the wiring is very modern.  

Blu Bijoux Forget-Me-Not ring, (Max&Chloe, $16)

This delicate rose gold ring is adorable for those who want something pretty and understated.

Yves Saint Laurent Aco Flower Ring (Saks, $195)

I says that it’s a flower ring, but there’s nothing floral about it.  This ring is more like a piece of art than jewelry, but what would you expect from Yves Saint Laurent?

Star Sapphire Ring (Overstock, $1,542)

I always felt that lab created star sapphires with their other-worldly blue hue and flashy white streaks were pretty awful.  Even the real ones look like something out of a 1980s arcade game, but this ring has subtle smokiness to its pale lilac color that I really like.  No Tron inspired jewelry here.



  1. Barbara says:

    The YSL ring appears to be channeling the flowers of the Art Nouveau era, simple (out)line renderings. Either that or the soon to be extinct Gulf oyster beds.

    May 25, 2010/Reply
  2. Pelty Winston Churchill says:

    OMG, that YSL one is gorge. Sigh. Am trying to get my spending under control, or I’d snatch that right up.

    May 25, 2010/Reply