Faux Pas: Animalia

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Anthropologie blouse with raccoons on it because nothing says style like wild animals who root through your trash and eat your garbage.  Then, a commenter noted that the same retailer is selling a skirt decorated with a troop of monkeys.  Vervets, I think.  But animal inspired design is hardly unique to Anthropologie.  

Marc Jacobs has his mouse flats.  They even come with little ears in case the painted on whiskers weren’t a clue.  Brooks Brothers sells scarves with puppies on them.  And for the man in your life, there’s the ubiquitous critter pant with appliqued crabs.

Yes, it seems that many designers believe that clothing printed with the birds of the air and the beasts of the field is what we should all be wearing.  Including the dear people at Moschino who apparently have a thing for bunnies.

Dear Belle,

When we were in NYC, we walked passed one of those huge department stores and saw this ridiculous dress in the window.  It had rabbits on it.  So we decided to find it to see how much it was.  It was a huge store, where no one knew what was in someone else’s department so it took us about 30 minutes to find.

Who’d believe it cost two weeks pay?

-Mr. JL

Now I suppose that it’s possible, that somewhere in the great world of retail there is a creature printed garment that didn’t make me want to laugh until I turn blue, but it isn’t likely.  Much like the embroidered kitty cat sweaters that the church ladies wear, this look is truly mind boggling.  So please, ladies, leave the animal prints to the little fashionistas who still drink juice boxes and have nap time.