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Ask Belle: Election Trail Style


In a couple of weeks, I will be sent to work an election on the other side of the Mississippi.  The other employees tell me that the weather in the CD will stay cool until June.  Any ideas for a casual outfit that won’t put off the blue collar voters but will still look professional?  I don’t want to wear my suits but I don’t own anything else suitable for the weather.

On the Road

Cold until June? Boy, that sucks.  Too bad you couldn’t get a job doing GOTV in San Diego or Honolulu.  At least that way you could work on your tan while you promote a healthy democracy.  

A good pair of denim jeans is a campaign essential.  Also on the list is a pair of comfortable shoes.  After all, going door-to-door is hard on the feet.  Pulling these elements together in a stylish way can be tough, especially when the only clean shirt in your closet is a campaign t-shirt.  But let’s give it a try, shall we?


First Kiss Faux Leather Bomber (Kohl’s, $100)

A leather jacket is good in all seasons.  You can wear it with jeans when it’s cool and with sun dresses when it warms up.

BP Printed Tank (Nordstrom, $18)

Even though it’s chilly, it’s still Spring.  Add a little freshness to your wardrobe by mixing in a printed tank.

LoveQuotes Scarf in Beach (Revolve, $95)

Even if all your wearing is a Gap t-shirt and a pair of jeans, a scarf adds warmth and style.

Paige Denim Laurel Canyon (ShopBop, $189)

A medium wash flare jean can be worn day or evening.  Just make sure that they are comfortable and not too tight.  Everyone gains a little weight on the trail and you don’t want to be muffin-topping after a week’s worth of pizza and beer dinners.

Cole Haan Air Juliette Skimmers (6PM, $77)

Nike Air technology in a sleek skimmer.  Cole Haan makes a number of comfortable sneakers that don’t look like sneakers.  This pair are stylish enough that you could wear them with a summer dress or a skirt.