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Bobbi Brown Reveals Spring Lip and Eye Palettes

“Bobbi has put together three palettes with pops of colors—plus the perfect neutral that makes them work for everyone.

Each of these three palettes has five Eye Shadows and three shades of Pot Rouge designed to work together beautifully.”

I don’t know how I feel about that brown/metallic palette, but I am in love with the purple palette.  And the blue one would be perfect for ladies with brown eyes.  The palettes cost $60 and last forever, so it’s certainly cheaper than buying them separately.


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  1. dcm58 says:

    the purples are so gorgeous. unfortunately, I have horrible unsightly bags under my eyes. Even after using the bobbi brown under eye stuff, they are still slightly noticible. I wish I knew how to use purples to bring out my blue eyes while not highlighting the bags under my eyes!!!
    If I could figure out how to do that — I’d totally buy this. until then, I will just stick to brown . . .

    February 24, 2010/Reply