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BPGP: Use Go Smile for Pearly Whites

My visits to Sephora always start out as a “quick stop in for shampoo” and turn into a paycheck crippling disaster.  They also tend to take a lot more time that I’ve budgeted because if I see a shopper eyeing a product that I’ve tried, I feel obligated to stop and give them a review. (Yes, I have a disease and this blog is the only cure.)

About two years ago, I started using the Go Smile tooth whitening system and I love it. I stopped using it for a short while, and I can tell you that my teeth started looking a little ruddy, so I switched back.

During my hiatus, I tried every drugstore whiteneing product available but I found the White Strips and the gel trays were too messy.  Plus, most of those products had such a terrible taste that it made me want to sandblast my tongue. They also weren’t nearly as effective as Go Smile.

One of the reasons that I like using Go Smile is that I don’t have to worry about making time to whiten.  With other products you have to find a free half hour to put them on and then wait around for the end of your dental penance.  With Go Smile, I brush my teeth before bed, use the ampoule to brush on the whitener and forget about. Also, Go Smile isn’t messy like gel trays are and it comes in some seriously kickin’ flavors (peach, pear, mint, lemon, etc.) so I don’t spend all day tasting chemical whitener.

The system is a little pricey, a ten day supply costs around $90, but membership sites like Gilt, The Skinny and Rue La La often have the products available for half price.  Plus, once you’ve used Go Smile for a week or two, you only need to touch up occasionally to maintain your pearly gleam.   

While there are cheaper products available, I have tried them all and I think Go Smile is the best.  Plus, with Go smile I can toss an ampoule into my purse and use it to freshen my breath and clean my teeth after a meal.  You know, in case I’m on a date and plan to be making out later (I know, but let’s pretend this is possible; it’s fun.).  You certainly don’t get that benefit from a Whitestrip or messy gel. 

Some things are with a little coin, and a white smile without hassle is definitely one of them.


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  1. A says:

    Agreed. I used Go Smile last year after Sephora had a nice sale. I think I spent around $50 for a kit that came with the 10 day supply and a bunch of extras (toothpaste, touch-up stuff, etc). It was great! Noticed a difference within a couple of days. Great recommendation Belle.

    February 23, 2010/Reply