Fashion Week Highlights: Daniel Vosovic

In 2006, Daniel Vosovic burst onto the fashion scene with a runner-up finish on Bravo’s Project Runway. His freshman collection included my favorite piece produced by any Project Runway participant, a gorgeous ivory military coat with a sculpted collar. Recently, he returned to the runway with a win on the Project Runway All-Star Challenge and a presentation of his Fall 2010 collection.

I hate winter, but I love winter outerwear.  It’s a conundrum from which I shall never recover.  This coat has an incredible draped collar and a lovely embroidered detail on the torso.  And even though I’m not sure how to feel about it, it’s interesting how Vosovic cut the bottom of the coat in a shirt-tail shape instead of straight across.

Because I work on Capitol Hill, I’m always looking for new and interesting suit shapes and styles.  This suit has a beautiful drape to the jacket and a belted waist with a slight peplum.  I also love that the cuffs of the sleeve pull away slightly from the wrist instead of fitting like cloth handcuffs.  But while I love the jacket, I’m not crazy about the pants.  Pleated wide legs would just accentuate my saddle bags–and no one wants that.

I love the soft, mauvey color of this dress.  I think the pattern is water marks instead of a structured print.  After a decade of empire waisted dresses, it’s nice to see a drop waist for a change.  I also love the pleating and draping on the sleeves.  This is a really fresh way to wear a one shoulder that is a bit sexy but also ladylike.

I love this suit.  I would buy it right now and probably wear it way too much.  The jacket has a banded collar, a strong shoulder and interesting details.  The skirt has a layered design and fabulous slit.  And to those of you who think that that slit isn’t appropriate for work, I say p-shaw.  I’m not afraid to show a little leg within reason, and the rest of the suit is so demure that a little thigh isn’t going to kill anyone.

I love this dress.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it’s because only a small chested girl, like myself, could pull it off.

To see the rest of Daniel Vosovic’s Fall 2010 Presentation visit  And to read Wit and Whimsy’s first person account of the show and to see her favorite looks, visit her site.


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  1. Jill says:

    Agree with you, Belle, that the pale gray suit pants are strange. Ill-fitting and as if she neglected to get them hemmed. Too bad, because the jacket is so pretty.

    February 17, 2010/Reply