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Men's Style: Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Here we thought we had a reprieve from holiday gift giving and it’s already Valentine’s Day. Even though no one will be buying anything for yours truly this Valentine’s Day, Belle asked me to give out some tips on what to buy your favorite man on this day of love. 

For starters ladies, you’re in luck. If your man is worth the plastic his credit card was printed on, then he is of the general mind that Valentine’s Day is your day and he’s much much too worried about messing it up to be all that concerned about what you get him. That being said, men do have feelings – despite reports to the contrary – and we like feeling appreciated too. Here are some easy ideas on what to get your man that won’t break your bank and will let him know you kinda still want him around for the rest of the month.   

Cologne. It sounds like an easy way out, but we like to smell nice just like you like us to smell nice. Guy’s don’t think about the kind of scent they wear much, if at all, and probably wear what their dad does, or bought the first nice smelling thing they found in the store. Plus it’s not a purchase we like making, I’d personally rather spend the money on beer –  I mean my lady J. 

Bonus: Every day he puts it on it gives him a reason to think of you, and you a reason to tell him he smells nice (we like that btw). 

Tickets To His Preferred Sporting Event. Not a lot really needs to go in to this explanation. You want to go to the Opera, Ballet, Theatre? Well, we like to watch our favorite team in person. Plus it’ll be fun for you and you get to spend a little time in “his world”.  

Massage. Your man might be a “macho”  man, but chances are he’s always wanted a professional massage. The catch is he’s never going to buy one for himself. Send him to the Men’s Grooming Lounge so he doesn’t feel too feminine.  

Send Him To the Links with his Friends. Your boy toy might not golf, but if he does, an afternoon out on the course with his best buddies and some brews will sound just about perfect to him. Especially with Spring – hopefully – right around the corner. 

The Gag Gift. If you haven’t been dating very long and still want to get him something, this might be your best bet. Hit up Urban Outfitters or your favorite novelty shop and get him something quirky. Have a laugh about it and feel relieved that you don’t have to think about a “real” gift for another year.