State of the Blog: Golden Globes and Content Changes

New Features After the backlash from Monday’s post, I felt I should address some of the content changes that are happening.

While this blog’s bread and butter has, and always will be, fashion/beauty/style advice for professional women, Miss M and I have made the decision to try some new things.  For example, Miss M is a skilled cook and homemaker and would like to cover those topics in a regular column.  And believing that the men who read this blog (yes, men read this blog) were deserving of a little airtime, I brought Beau on to write a weekly column on men’s fashion.

These changes are meant to enhance the style content on CHS not detract from it.  Obviously, not all of the things we try will work out.  (Hell, they all might be massive failures.) We welcome your opinions on what kinds of content you would like to see (or not see) but please remember that we created this blog to reflect who we are and we have diverse interests. 

Comments At the end of last year, we switched from WordPress to Squarespace and thus far, we have been very happy with the new software.  The one complaint is that there is no user friendly mechanism for moderating comments.  As a result, there is no computer dependent comment moderation happening on CHS.

While I believe that the comments should be an open forum for discussion of positives and negatives, there are certain things that I won’t tolerate.  Comments laced with profanity, name-calling, spam or general bad manners will be deleted.  These are pretty basic rules and ones that I hope I don’t have to enforce.

Golden Globes Award show season begins in full force on Sunday with the Golden Globes.  As usual, I will be live-blogging the red carpet arrivals here on CHS. 

The coverage will begin at 6:00 PM EST and continue until the show starts.  On Monday, you will be able to see my picks for best and worst dressed beginning at 10:00 AM EST.