Saying Goodbye to eBay Obsessed

As you know, I am an unrepentant eBay addict.  I spend hours per week cruising the auction site for vintage fashions, sold out styles and assorted must haves.  But this was not always the case.  It wasn’t until Jennifer Romolini, a Lucky Magazine contributor, started blogging about all of her fabulous eBay finds that I dove in with both feet. 

Recently, Jennifer announced that she was leaving Lucky to pursue a more challenging career option: motherhood.  As a final thank you to this fabulous fashionista for all her eBay Obsessed tidbits, I thought I would reprint her final bit of eBay advice here on CHS.  Enjoy!

Oh, man. I hate goodbyes. And so, I’ve been sitting here for the past hour, staring at the snow on the fire escape and trying to think of a way to say this that’s not hokey, maudlin or just flat-out lame: This is the last day of my blog. 

I’ve been writing about finding deals on ebay and Etsy in this space for more than two years and, in that time–through some seriously hilarious/tragic trial and error–I have learned a few key lessons about vintage shopping online. I’d like to leave you with them today:

1. Never buy something that looks weird just because it’s a designer name. There’s a reason that other lady is selling it and it’s usually because it is unfathomably bad.

2. Know your measurements–including odd ones like the length of your feet (I keep a measuring tape at my desk, just to double-check)–and follow them strictly as a fit guide. Even if a piece is theoretically gorgeous and a steal, it’s no good to you an inch smaller than your actual waist. But what about that magic juice cleanse/Bikram yoga regimen you plan in 2010? Still, no.

3. Ask for more pictures.

4. Ask about shipping.

5. Establish your monetary limit before the bidding gets heated. Sure, this is kind of boring, but it’s so, so much better to lose a desired item than to spite-win and overpay for a piece you totally can’t afford.

6. Avoid drunk eBaying (and Etsy-ing) at all costs. I’m honestly too embarrassed to explain further.

OK. That’s all, folks. I wish each of you the most awesome, fun, deal-finding and stylish 2010. As for me, I’ll be rocking out in my new black glasses and red-white-and-black-checked Milly cape (found on eBay, $47!), searching for weird/design-y baby items that aren’t too twee, getting fat and preparing to become a hopefully non-jerk mom. For future check-ins, I can be found here. Happy New Year, everyone!