An Anthropological Expedition

I am continually impressed by the selection of jewelry at Anthropologie.  The choices are bold and feminine, and can be had for less money than their department store counterparts.  The jewelry being sold at Anthropologie is so special that it can lift even the most mundane outfit.  The kind of jewelry that will have people stopping you in the hallways to ask where you bought it.  And if you’re one of those last minute shoppers still looking for a gift for the lady, daughter or sister in your life, you could do worse.


Glimmer & Glint Necklace ($58)

Coin of the Realm Necklace ($48)


Captured Gems Bracelet ($178)

Toasted Meringue Cuff ($198)


Frenesi Post ($28)

Silver Tatting Drops ($68)

There are few chain retailers who pay as much attention to detail as Anthropologie, and that commitment to being different that makes their products must haves.  And since their products are typically sold in limited ranges, it’s rare that you will find someone wearing the same outfit/necklace/scarf as you are.  When you work in a building with thousands of other women, that is a very good thing.