Airplane Style: The Stylish Traveler

While being comfortable is key when traveling, too many Americans use their plane ride as an excuse to wear clothing that I wouldn’t donate to the Salvation Army.  Many travelers also forego personal hygiene and show up at the airport unwashed and unkempt.

Every time I step inside an airport, I come face to face with the decline of Western Civilization.  Crocs, Uggs, Juicy, Vera Bradley, Ed Hardy, slipper socks and college sweatshirts abound, turning the airport into The Land That Fashion Forgot.  The kind of place where the well-dressed and well-coiffed cower in fear.  It’s deeply disturbing.

But you can fight back against the slobification of America, together we can plant the flag of fashion in the well-tread carpet of airports everywhere and say, “I am a highly evolved woman who is capable of being both comfortable and chic.  Worship at my feet.” 

Today, I will be posting two outfits, one for the Stylish Traveler and later on, a Comfortable Chic outfit for you odd ducklings who think jeans are too constraining to be worn on the plane.  (Seriously, these people exist. They send hate mail.)


BCBG Sweater Jacket (Nordstrom, $198)

Ruffled Tuxedo Shirt (J.Crew, $98)

Geometric Belt (Forever 21, $8)

Losing the sash belt and replacing it with a stretch belt like this adds structure to the look. Without it, the sweater above fits like a bathrobe.

Paige Denim Skyline Jean (Piperlime, $179)

Nine West Toreador Boot (Zappos, $169)

Fossil Montreal Hobo (Piperlime, $179)

This bag adds a pop of color, but is also large enough to hold all the travel essentials: iPod, book, bottle of water, wallet, bag of liquids, etc.

This look is stylish enough to take you from the plane to a casual dinner with family and friends or just back to the hotel for a much needed cocktail.  And based on what I have seen flying the friendly skies, you will be the best dressed lady on the plane. 


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  1. Kate says:

    You write what I think. Thank you for saying it out loud!!

    December 18, 2009/Reply
  2. pqresident says:

    so, so true Belle. air travel used to be a real luxury and people would dress *up* for the occasion.

    one point, however, to make is that when you travel on an airplane you have to be able to get those shoes on and off quickly or you risk the ire of those behind you in the security screening line. as a guy, I go with the tieless EZ slip on/slip off Ecco black leather upper loafers. they’re comfortable, look dressy but not too formal and they come off as easy as they go on. paired with jeans…perfect. I don’t know about getting those 9W boots you have posted for the ladies on and off but they don’t have a full length zipper so it doesn’t look tres simple.

    December 18, 2009/Reply
  3. Jessica says:

    Looking forward to the "Comfotable Chic" outfit options, as my flight are often 6+ hours. Thanks!

    December 18, 2009/Reply
  4. Kim says:

    Preach on!

    December 18, 2009/Reply
  5. Capitol Hill Barbie says:

    Yeah, I really don’t understand why Americans seem to find waistbands too binding for travel. I would probably swap the boots for flats, as PQResident suggested, for ease of getting through security. I also recommend having a pair of lightweight black cigarette pants for flying in warmer months.

    December 18, 2009/Reply
  6. Belle says:

    Look at CapHillBarbie and PQ with the helpful tips. Bloggers working together to fight bad fashion!

    December 18, 2009/Reply
  7. Kim A. says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better. Pajamas out in public make me convulse. I’m convinced Uggs are called such because that is the sound I make when I see someone wearing them. It’s onomatopoeia at it’s finest. FAB post!

    December 18, 2009/Reply